Lt. of Trickery of the 8th Lower Plane


“My lord Balore El’efa Nemro would like this back.”
“I wish to stick to the Politics of the Lower Planes.”


Posing as a Boullini diplomat named Fernado whom is deceased, the fiend infiltrated Milf Money with mistrust on their way to Skimberii, to ‘take back’ something from Kiana Kalesbane.

Not much is known about this Lt. as he operates the most in secret. Though, he is often seen eccentric in how he enacts and preforms his tactics.

After a natural d20, Gar had cut off his hand in their first combat encounter.

He also attempted to kill them in the Lapis Mines by trapping them in there as the portal sprung open there.

In the underground dwarven city, he attempted to play both Milf and Balore and pit them agaisnt eachother to come out ontop. However, he overestimated what could happen and ended up being evicarated by Gar with a nat d20. Weakened, he was carried by Drukkor into the material plane and convinced a cleric to heal him, before savagely killing him.

However, he could not escape the wrath of both Milf and Baalore as ice shards pierced through him as he cowered on the floor.


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