Aristen Fern

Former Leader of the Cult of Imbris Yumen


“This is all for Imbris Yumen.”


A fallen noble from the Fern house of Ericsa, Aristen has abandoned his nobility in order to please Imbris Yumen, a goddess of the night.

The stories say he wasn’t infected. He directly communed with the goddess Imbris Yumen and was granted with the blessing of Lycanthrope. He has no physical marks of infection apparently.

In encountering Milf money, he sent a note via Candi Briars to milf money to expose Ruman Talhini, to initiate an investigation against him and to put Sevran Ironfang on the boullini council. He took control of Ruman Talhinis doppelganger after and met with milf money after their second debrief with Ruman Talhini.

He asssited Milf Money in their endeavors by providing information, and gleaming an insight into their and other cult. As Talmain stated, he became overwhelmed by greed and his advancement of the cult. This led to him ignoring Morris a member of his cult about the moon cycle. He became overwhelmed with scheming as he On the night the milf money and Imbris Yumen confronted the halfling mafia, the full moon aroused the transformation. Aristern Fern lost control killing Clarence and the rest of the halfling mafia.

His current wearabouts are unknown.
Until recently however, as they were in the scatter heights district, a large werewolf creature with machines and pumps intersecting the body fuelling this beast attacked the group, only stopped by a ballista where the creature was not seen again. The group assumed this to be Aristen Fern.

Aristen Fern

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