Baloré El'efa Nemro

Lord of the 8th Lower Plane


With his first incursion set against Skimberi with a deal with a man named Brinil who’s daughter was dying of an unknown disease.

His second incursion of the material plane was in Boullini with a man named Ruman Talhini.

- Am’Rafukula of Trickery
- Misdreekus of Gates
- Isiant of Force
- Zartare of Insight


Balore sees the other hells of not truly seeking and living the way Shivrat, the mother of hells determined. He will often ask permission before he invades a realm or use guest rights as a way to transport between places. His agenda goes beyond chaos like those of demons of the abyss. Balore focuses on a shift in the systematic structures of the world, to be more aligned and consumed with his plane. He wishes to do this by merging the material plane and 8th lower plane, to spread and expand them.

Baloré El'efa Nemro

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