Baloré El'efa Nemro

Lord of the 8th Lower Plane


With his first incursion set against Skimberi with a deal with a man named Brinil who’s daughter was dying of an unknown disease.

His second incursion of the material plane was in Boullini with a man named Ruman Talhini.

- Am’Rafukula of Trickery
- Misdreekus of Gates
- Isiant of Force
- Zartare of Insight


Balore sees the other hells of not truly seeking and living the way Shivrat, the mother of hells determined. He will often ask permission before he invades a realm or use guest rights as a way to transport between places. His agenda goes beyond chaos like those of demons of the abyss. Balore focuses on a shift in the systematic structures of the world, to be more aligned and consumed with his plane.

Baloré El'efa Nemro

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