A Citizen/Diplomat from Viewer's Rest


“One day I’ll go back and right my people’s ill conceptions, however far off that day may be.”


Delilah at heart is an activist. Her father went missing in the Sleepless Jungle, someone who attempted to fill her head with many ideas of hate towards other humanoids who werent human. It did not last much long after, as she realized from her encounters with the small sights that they were humans too. She did not find the gladiator fights that the Arndell Rest sported amusing like the jeering crowds around her. Instead, she would stealthy fight back and free some when the opportunity arose.

After she saw Bruce refuse to fight and jump towards saftey in the Sleepless Jungle, she knew that there must be a world out there that was so much more accepting, so different and so widely deviant from hers. Following the trail of Goliath, she rode with him out of the jungle so they could both escape the ferocity of the humans.


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