The Blue Curtain


“This will be my finest performance.”


Ignatia, the Blue Curtain is grandiose in her performance. As a masked Cloud Giant, she saw preformance as the virtue and art more value than Gold. In order to properly express herself, she developed a following that was loyal to her wishes, a sea roaming minatour clan. They acted as her audience, and they were always pleased. She assumed that she always was masterpieces as they always reacted in applause by the end. These minatours however, were the only ones willing to do the hard work to make her plays as ‘spontaneous’ as they were.

In her grandest and downfall of a spectacle, she got them to capture and depower Cerisbla the Younger and awaited the right performers to challenge him. Ignatia was defeated by Milf Money in Cerisblas abode.


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