Kapri Fillhorn

Leader of Military in Boullini


“No antics, no politics, no bullshit. Just ensure Boullini is kept safe.”


Kapri Fillhorn was not always such a respected member of the Boullini council. She worked tirelessly to become the woman who now operates the Boullini military. She had faced much ridicule, and eleveated to her position due to people who believed in her such as Jasmine Freelo (whom the grop was questioned by after the Ruman Talhini incident).

It is common knowledge that in one of her years of being a normal soilder, she felt so overwhelmed and exiled herself to The Eno. There she wrestled down and tamed her dinosaur, Nibbles. She also understood the value of The Eno for much more than was known and initiated the militarisation of animals and exotic beasts from the Eno for Boullini.

Kapri Fillhorn

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