Kiana Kalesbane

The Rejector of Devils


“For Skimberi’s sake, for Boullini’s sake, and for Illiam’s sake. May I solve this, for the second and final time.”


Kiana has lived a long life and experienced many calamities in her time. What she lacks in her academic approach to magic is often made up by the assistances she has under her wing whom document and research for her. She is more often a practical and experienced mage whom stopped the incursion of Balore El’efa Nemro in Skimberii some centuries ago.

In her youthful elven years, her practice of magic uncontrolled and her pact with the diety within Canala led to her killing her family in an accident and being tried for their murders. She became an outcast from Canala and fled to Skimberi where she continued to explore in a controlled environment.

Now at his second incursion at Boullini, Kiana was met by Milf Money in Stoneregard where she had allowed her self to be imprisoned by her daughter She’lbo. It was revealed that it was to ensure Kiana didn’t seek into the temptation of looking at her daughter’s eyes.

Avon had given Kiana his dagger so that she may strike out her eyes. Kiana now wears a cloth over her eyes and sees through undocumented means. As of Milfs encoutners with her in Mt. Celestia, she has regained the use of her eyes, though her eye llids are scarred.

Kiana Kalesbane left Skimberi to help with the invasion of Balore secretly with milf money which created tension between the two cities briefly. Kiana succumbed to a wound from Am’rafukula who ‘took’ something from her, a dark shadow from within her which was perhaps responsible for causing Shel’bo’s curse. However, there after Kiana experienced some loss of control over herself such as on the road back to Boullini and leaving Mt Celestia where she was questioned by Illiam and the gods themselves.

Kiana has since been appointed the head of Magic in Boullini, which she now oversees magical occurrences pertaining to organised magical use in Boullini and the growing threat of the new frontier..

Kiana Kalesbane

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