Ruman Talhini

Former Boullinian officer of Spirituality


“I only wanted to be remembered. I didn’t want this.”


Ruman Talhini had requested a nobility agent Robart Frostfang to organise a group of individuals of an varying status and affiliation to help investigate the threats on his life. This resulted in the forming of the current group, or rather Milf Money with originally Avon, Ko’viel, Drukkor, Gar, and the unknown named Speech Bubble. He was the leader of spirituality in Boullini.

He was later revealed to have using this team as a disguise to shroud the fact he was making pact with devils, specifically Balore, to prolong his legacy and to be remembered. Ruman Talhini fleed the city back to his home town of Old Way where Milf Money eventually caught up to him and took him back to the city, as a protection envoy as multitude of people wanted him for various reasons.

eg. Taxman and Tiefling Alliance for what happened to the tiefling name specifically in the Giaza district, the new frontier for what powers he possessed, Misdreekus to steal him back for the 8th Lower Plane, Old Way to sentence him to death for the enslavement of the whole settlement.

When they reached back to, he was sentenced to 500 years of jail, or his death, whichever came first by Justinian Fare.

Ruman Talhini

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