Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 16 - No Object
The Gang goes to University

Previously on Milf$:

With the angels defeated, they had to retake Artemis from the town doctor Dalek who suggested the medical district as a point of call for complete recovery. Leaving Norehire in the middle of the night, Speech Bubblr took watch for most of the night, gaining the feeling as if he was being watched. In the morning they were stopped by a tabaxi named Tabrax who was a part of the Hellenic group. On arriving back to Boullini, they saw the highly secured state the city was in. they talked to Lt. Jenni who offered to pay for the expenses via the military for Artemis. Bruce, Drukkor, Phenrir, and Gar went to the medical district with Twain moving towards she departed the group after a man fell from a building and a bundle of coins splattered beneath him, with him dead. That person was Randal Fuller, Brian Fullers boyfriend.

Ko’viel and Avon returned to Milf Money mansion to check up on sparky to find the mansion still intact and the room’s fine, though a pile of dust on the floor boards in the entrance of the house. They allowed Carl to take up residency and Avon perused a bird bath. They went to Sevran Ironfnags office with Kiana and told Milf money of the rewards that would be granted. He gave them a list of three things to do, one was speak to Alonso about the Foreign affairs in Skimberii and events that happened. One was to speak to Robart Frostfang about Ruman Talhinis position. And one was to talk to the noble families’ council.

At the Medical district, they turned Artemis into the northern ward where Snek was hesitant to leave the injured Halfling. Dorothy the clinician assured the group of the quarantine bells saying they happened constantly and is nothing to be worried about. They saw firsthand what a supposed creature lurking in the eastern districts was doing to people, such as the Goliath they found. On their way out, they fought a creature which self-proclaimed itself to be the Kenku Supreme, a horrible formation of bodies of kenkus in the power of flight. On returning to the mansions, hilarities ensued and Sparky almost disintegrated Drukkor who pretended to be Priscillia. Drukkor also touched the orb in the shadow room which led him to images of a burnt down town, a wolf being killed and a woman crying at a grave stone.

At the northern family council, Breadgar impressed the noble family council to provide funds to the government and allow access to private property in search of emerging portals. They also went to the Amerea Magic University where Drukkor and Speech Bubble attended a lecture of Transumation. While this happened, Avon went on a rampage through the university and found more about who Titania was. Speech Bubble was hesitant to the idea that the Hellenics closed down the four elements discipline area and saw a man in a robe, clench his fist in flames. They also attended a cult meeting enabled by Cicero who informed the group of the New more welcoming Imbris Yumen. Talmain also approached the group after they left, concerned with Gar. Both these asked Gar if he would like to open up his abilities. At the Robart Frostfang state, he informed the group that Talhini had a secret place called Old Way he used to retreat too.

They stood precession for Rabernica and the faith of Illiam making the arrival into Illiam through the southern docks. Rabernica asked the group who their gods were.. They bumped into a follower of Silvanus and the followers of Bonsiar who insulted Artemis. At the foreign embassy district they informed Alonso of what happened to Skimberi and the part they played, while Juniper and Twain offered their allegiance to Milf Money. Breadgar went to visit Rabernica who offered him how to follow in the faith of Illiam. He went to visit, without the party and has not returned through the night.

Session 15 - The Girl and Her Snake, The Lady and Her Friends
Artemis Loses her Mind

Previously on Milf$:

After watching the vines entrap the young Avant, who was welcomed by a woman in spectral light, Milf money returned suspicious and questioning of what had occurred. On the journey back along with Twain and Juniper originally came Kiana, Delilah and Malvodo. Attitl approached you group and handed you with an orb that reflected on past magical incidents, and the hand of Am’Rafukula that Gar had cut off. On the road out in the initial days, hilarities ensued with Speech bubble and Drukkor initiating different phases. Kiana suggested to Ko’viel that the Amerea magical university will have answers to whatever the new frontier book has in store. Malvodo trained Breadgar little by little on how to use his vest. Snek was a little bit restless as if he sensed danger coming their way.

Kiana discussed with the party what Boullini was like, and what she had previously done to stop the incursion of Skimberii. In the middle of her discussion, she blacked out and set things alike. At the same time emerging on top of the caravan was Carl whom claimed he was being chased by mages. Sure enough emerging from the tree tops where mages on broom sticks. As they chased, one of the mages with eletrcity around him swerved to the side and descending from the sky was the rolling thunder, Cerisbla. Cerisbla helped finish the fight and talked to the group a little, before shooting off electricity towards the treeline where it was reflected and challenged by Ko’viels former friend, Thomar who had been radicalised by The new frontier with what the purpose of magic was. Considering what Ko’viel had send, and not wishing to inflict further harm, Thomar exited a portal that emerged from behind him. Ko’viel proceeded to break down. And carl joined the carriage.

Soon after, Cerisbla followed the party to the town of Lewgale burnt down and Juniper viewed the orb to see a woman named Scarlet and the old man they had rescued talking and trying to decide on where to go. Before they could get an answer, a bright flash consumed them and blew the man away. Cerisbla then showed milf money his work at Ignatia’s old camp with slaughtered minatours, with a note that some bodies were missing. He bid them farewell and told them to remember Cerisbla the Younger, the rolling thunder of the thermopine path.

The day after they were on the road and outlining the road were a series of bodies. After a initial investigation, they all heard in their minds a voice “What lies in the corners of the minds. What parts may HE use.” In the battle with the mindflayer Yehthrall, he used the corpses on the road and took a hold of Artemis. In the ensuing fight, he wrapped the tentacles around Artemis skull and crushed leaving the Halfling brain dead essentially. After defeating the bodies, the others took the mindflayer as coordinated by Avon to an open field where all members of Milf money including Malvodo, Juniper and Kiana and focused fire leaving a bloody mush in avenging Artemis.

Rushing to the nearest town of Norehire, there was a doctor who Morris wanted to visit that  Twain recalled in the initial passing by of the town. The doctor instead of typical payment asked the group to deal with a threat to the town, the four angels: of lust, wrath, vice and farce. Another was hunting them down for a undefined reward, and the group thus met a new party member Phenrir Damakos, who decided to go along with the group casually in exchange for travels. With an elaborate plan consisting of a horn and Breadgar and Gar, luring them out as they reacted to noise. The gang put rest to the angels as ghostly spirits escaped their bodies, akin to the Urn Speechbubble broke in the first episode. After the last angel is defeated, Milf are left to collect the reward.

Session 14 - Titania, Titania, Titania
The Gang does a Jailbreak

Previously on Milf$:

After Kiana Kalesbane casted her spell, she became exhausted. Avon grabbed a root of Emmanuel.  Coming from the shadows and smoke afore, returned Drukkor, more readied. Kyle approached Milf money in needing assistance at the one of the key generators. There Avon lulled a roc while Milf money had to defeat oncoming mages as a bird rider was left tired. After Avon took flight and Drukkor showed off some cool new moves sets, the group had to keep watch. There Ko’viel picked up a book and the gang had Speech Bubble on watch with Fernado who came after the battle.  Fernado asked speech bubble what it was felt like to come face to face with a Lt. of Balore. In the following morning the group went to a procession that was hauling members in of The New Frontier. Ko’viel was approached by Juniper who asked if the new frontier all deserved to die. She took a flask of some acidic formula and threw it towards the crowd of the new frontier. As it burnt them alive, Juniper was shot by an arrow and tackled to the ground and taken to the holding cell where she was to be reclaimed later. After, Breadgar was taken by Anino to help with a bakery that was hit and let him discover a secret to her success in skimberii. While there, they received word that Fernado was not to be trusted as his body was found. And as such, Bredgar and Speech bubble raced back to the senate building.

At the senate building, discussions about the potential new frontier link to Caplan through the goblin you kept seeing was an issue, the damages of the new frontier, and the state of Kiana kalesbane. Interrupting however Fernado changed his form to Am’Rafukula, the Lt. of trickery for Balore. He took a shadow substance out of Kiana and told her to have this instead as she fell to the ground unconscious. In the ensuing battle, Kyle destabilised he magic barrier so all spell levels could be casted within the room as speech bubble and Breadgar joined the fight. Gar dealt tonnes of damage to the Am’rafukula and sliced off his right forearm. After an ordeal with the chain devil, Kiana tricked the senate into thinking she was staying; she told Milf money in their minds that they were leaving tomorrow at midnight. They returned to her place and she ensured that they weren’t apart of some larger plan to get back at Kiana. As well, she went through the magical items to check their resilience and came across the amulet of the beholder, and got concerned at how much the amulet may have known. Appearing in the middle of the room was a creature much like Sparky, but only larger in magnitude and scale of its eyes sockets. Out of those who touched it such as Ko’viel, Drukkor sought a gleam into their purpose and the formation of Milf money.

At the rest of the day, some shopping was done and twain offered a way to ko’viel, gar to break free juniper, utilising Avon’s titania faint so the guards would help him. As per classic Milf money, Avon went into a kneeling form and a bright light emerged from him manifesting in a woman wrapped with vines, whom identified as Titania. This allowed a few such as koviel to rescue juniper but some left stunned at her magnificence. After rescuing juniper, they went to the cemetery they emerged from before with the Child Avant with the sword to sort out the Oni problem. After some searching the oni revealed itself, with two dead children by his side signing lullabies, attempting to drag members into the ground. During the fight, the child Avant was drawn to a field of mushrooms. After killing the oni, Avon did not try to stop the child, as the child went into the embrace of a white light of a figure of a woman in the fae crossing of mushrooms, as vines closed a wall between their sight.

Session 13 - The Battle For Skimberi
Ko'viel is a Motherfucker

Previously on Milf$:

After finding Kiana Kalesbane, she lead you through the mansion so she could confront her daughter Shelbo.

After an arduous battle with the defeat of the emerald lady and she’lbo, the mountain started to give way. Pressing through the way was blocked to outside the cavern and kiana told you of a way different.

Thus you ended up in shadowfell through a large gorge in the cavern. You came across the Shadar-kai, the denizens of this world. One elder guided you, at a price. She pointed at drukkor as what she wants as payment. Kiana explained they had an interest in shadowfell items seeking a natural attune to others from the material plane who had committed attrocities. Thus Drukkor said yes and was dragged down. She guided you and you came across in the distance, morris, albeit an undead morris with horses, still riding into the Shadowfell Skimberi.

When you came back into the material plane, you all were kept with Kiana Kalesbane for 24 hours to detox the stress induced by the shadow fell and awakening madness.

After, you guys left and came across the boy with the wooden sword. Asking for your help with the oni situation.

You then saw juniper rallying the people to beware of the new frontier. She was relieved to confirm that you were alive, via twain. Twain was also glad, to confirm he was not going insane. You also communicated with Sevran Ironfang, who informed you that the military garrison district was attacked in another more uprfront incursion

As the night progressed, Porgi asked ko’viel to go and have a talk with him on the wall. As you walked the wall porgi was killed by a blast of energy and you saw coming an army of the new frontier appearing in small groups, one of which that jumped over the wall and came face to face with ko’viel. The group easily dispatched them with juniper joining and finishing off the main mage.

The gang proceeded to kiana kalesbane houses where they saved the boy with the sword from his own heroism and were almost tricked by a woman running at them in danger, if it wasn’t for Avon’s apathy.

At kiana kalesbane house they witnessed her entrance as mages came and lugged fireballs at the place, she threw them back with Nreadgar throwing a dagger at one particular to which Kiana Kalesbane responded she knew someone for that.T he tree which you met on the way also named Emanuel also crushed one of the runners

You came to the Skimberi senate building as a massive Gatling gun emerged and gunned down a whole sector of mages. Coming out the front was man in a dark robe, bald and sealing all the bullets together whom Speech Bubble recognised and releasing them, killed many of the members.

Kiana prepared a spell to wash them out of Skimberi, as milf money rejected the attack and came to the top of the steps, as a damaged Skimberi lies all around them.

Session 12 - The City of Gnomes
Breadgar Sees Himself

Previously on Milf$:

After arriving in Skimberii as per assigned to bring back Kiana Kalesbane to Boullini, the group checked in at the magical embassy and Bearmy was declared alright to bring in.

Juniper got drunk, which ko’viel attended too and Twain went out to buy some horses, later asking what to do with the mammoth.

You explored the city, gaining an insight into the divide between new and old skimberii before heading to the East Wall inn. They also met a few children and some squirrels, one child complaining about creatures called Oni in the night. They also met Anino, breadgars aunty who’s child, Brix, is being salty with the family business. Also saw a golbin with a feather in his hat who said he was from another city of technology.

In the next day you went around and met whats the assistant to Kiana kalebsane who said that kiana is in an reserved site named Stoneregard. And that you need access to them from the skimberi senate. So milf money went towards the skimberii senate and were told that there was no bookings, on the way in however they bumped into Atitil who was able to push the agenda more so.

There a debate spawned between members who opposed the idea such as Porgi and Kyle of letting them into a reserved site and taking kiana kalesbane back to boullini, while also others such as Callice who supported milf money’s claims. Milf money brought their point to the senate, and Galivana called for a decree, which the senate lead in favour of milf money.

So after they headed towards the emerald pass, where they encountered a tree that kept coming from the distance who was there to help kiana. They fought off the emerald lady whom blocked their path and went into the emerald path, eventually leading to the underground city of stoneregard. They followed a moss trail which led them to a mansion at the peak of the inside hill, which was illuminated by a diming sun above. They entered the cellar where they found kiana kalesbane in a cell. She told the group of shelbos and her story, revealing that shelbo was her daughter and that she was here to end her misery, as shelbo was now a centuries old medusa child and asked if someone would give her a dagger. Avon said yes and kiana is now blinded and is leading the charge upstairs  to go and confront Shelbo.

Session 11 - Art is Forever
The Gang almost Waterboard Polus Ruf

Previously on Milf$:

On this immediate follow up session, Ignatia stepped on Morris, whom was attempted to be protected by Gar. In this, morris was left un conscious and a battle occurred, which saw many near deaths for our beloved milf money, including gar more than once falling unconscious. As the battle raged on Cerisbla assited milf money in getting them rid from his cavern. In this, a hill giant came from an opening in the ceiling and crashed into Ignatia as the ceiling tumbeled down. In the wake of this, Morris was killed.

They were rewarded by Cerisbla and went outside to see the horses slaughtered. Onion was missing. After riding ahead with a mammoth that was brought by Ignatia, they were stopped by a group of bandits who asked to make their jobs easier and were supposedly under the contract of a certain polus ruf. As they made their way, a wacky zany character named carl approached the group. He said he was on his way to the Acline path. the group came over a hill the next day and found onion at a stable. Polus ruf was in there. They used Carl who had been hired by polus ruf to set up a bakery in a burnt down village to lure him into their cart and intterogate him. As this happened they heard form polus ruf that he supposedly did not hire anyone.

As they moed forwards, Carl left them from the Acline path and jumped away. From a cliff/hill slide slope, they saw Speech Bubble and Deliliah being chased. As they started to move to speech bubbles rescue, they saw him blast the persuers away. On the night, the one they capotured they let go with a warning, as interesting named stir the groups party. The next day they  went off to skimberi, seeing a sign, seeing a roc in the sky and encountering a military group who asked for tribute, whom Fernado was with and thus rejoined the group. They moved into skimberi customs, and examined by magical officers, with one saying that Bearmy will need a sticker.

Session 10 - Curtains, Please
The Gang Puts on a Killer Show

Previously on:

The minatour rohnin pulled out a battle axe, and cut into a horse. He was told to become vegan gluten free, and they travelled with her for abit. The also witnessed Twain breaking down complaining about his family in the western medical district, and asks the groups help when they get back to boullini. As they kept travelling they were blocked by a tree in their path, and morris suggested to take a detour into a town but scout out first. Upon coming to the town, there was a herd of dazed sheep., as the group hid, they saw the sheep getting slaughtered and a man being picked up and brain surrounded by tentacles of another humanoid who picked him up in a white armour encrusted with black skulls. Gar ultimately supermanned the carvarn over the tree. 

They then met a cloud giant named Ignatia, the Blue Curtain who invited them to the show and requested Fernado, Gar, and Artemis play on stage whilst breadgar was the opening act, rewarded immediately by Ignatia. As the play went on Breadgar opened spectacularly being payed up front, a stunning performance occurred by gar but not so much Artemis and  Fernado. Afterwards Ignatia unvealed the true purpose of the show, with Cerisbla the younger coming out of the curtains.  Cerisbla directed them to move towards the tree lines to escape. As they got to the carvarn they swiftly left. On the following day they encountered a burnt down village which juniper said she was from. Distraught, the party went through the town and found an old man in the rubble, weezing terribly, with a message to Atil of the Skimberi Senate about the new frontier. They passed by Giant civilization structures and during the night Twain suggested that, it may be best to end the mans suffering as he is  suffering. The group decided against the notion.  The next day the group on the road were approached by Cerisbla and asked to retake his home taken over by Ignatia’s minatours. The group made a deal that he would go and scout out skimberii to see if any large forces were going, he reported back with no sign of that. After Milf money took out the group of minatours, he strutted in and gave permission to milf money to leave, no message of a reward. As they started to leave, turning from the cavern, Ignatia introduced herself. She had a half a dozen or so minatours with her, and also had Morris in chains afore her and Twain in one hand and Juniper in the other. She gave a monologue that ko’viel interrupted and has given the group the choice between Twain and Juniper, of whom has as she put it “the least value.” As the group, specifically Ko’viel tried to stop this by blinding her, she put the decision in her own hands

Session 9 - A Milf Divided
Bruce has to Vent

Previously on Milf$:

They set off on their quest to see Kiana Kalesbane and bring her back to Sevran Ironfang.

Breadgar told of his ancestor bredgar the second who fell to a dragon in the thermondine path named cerisbla. They first encountered a Thri-keen mantis humanoid who they escorted back to a camp which ahd been burnt down. There at the Nalia’s temple they returned the insect humanoid to members of it’s tribe.

Afterwards, they went back to the pyramid and saw a corpse rapped in bandages at the front of the temple wave at them. Though after not recognizing the wave the creature went back inside. A few minutes later milf money went into the pyramid and avon and gar almost got wrapped up in banadages before they left the temple.

A day after they left, they came across a holes in the ground. As morris called artemis, a giant creature commonly known as a ‘land shark’ or bullete came bursting through the ground. The group swiftly killed it. They learned about Twain’s large family and juniper is interested in a business venture. Morris trains avon in onion ways of the horse for a bit.

At dusk the following day, from the horizon behind them a lieutenant of Baalor was seen in the and fired a volley of arrows as his imps went and tried to stop the carriage. Speech bubble jumped high in the air to hit the creature, and was stopped as the fiend grapped him in the air. The winged armoured creature threw him down and fired another volley of arrows, which inturn knocked him unconscious leading to the rescue from onion and avon. Gar asked if this was a dire situation and as he threw out a bead, an explosion occurred which sent out creatures known as Modrons from the realm of order in a flurry towards the pursuers. They were stopped as the winged creature watchted the van go away into the horizon.

The next day they met up with a travelling caravan who were heading to skimberii and offered to play a bit to practice their skills. As the name titania came out a few times, Avon fell unconscious, with those around him having a hallucination of sorts of a white lady. Speechbubble was quiet for these few days until you approached the town of norehire where he went into the woods with frustration and attempted to burn down the surrounding vegetation. They fire was put out and Speechbubble and ko’viel had a DNM before speechbubble headed for the moutains to the side, leaving the group.

Further in norehire, they heard of statues that had been in the town centre which had gone missing, which came alive when not being looked at from what they heard. During the night, they prevented this from happening with fernado making an illusonary appearance of someone looking at the statue. The group then kept going and came across a mammoth being led by a minatour. The minatour offered to join the group to the end of the thermondine path, if they helped him with killing the mammoth.

And now Avon has stunned Gar, Ko’viel, and Drukkor and has moved away towards artemis as she rides the mammoth and leads the creature away. The minatour, last heard through ko’viel and gar’s state said “I guess I can supplement mammoth meat for something else.”

Session 8 - All for a Knife
Gar Goes Bear

Previously on Milf$:

Dandrice Held down Ko’viel and Ko’viel pointed him in a direction while a really one sided duet at a tavern between artemis and drukkor occurred.

They spoke to Aristarn Fern about how things were going down at that night. They also spent the day preparing for the night.

When night occurred, you met up with the Halfling mafia. The leader, Clarence, discussed the terms with Ko’viel as appointed by Breadgar. After swearing fielty and laying the terms down, another Clarence appearead and the two bantered as Milf Money backed away.

With pride and success in his step Aristarn Fern walked away with confidence. Morris, someone trying to get Aristarn Fern’s attention finally got his attention by getting him to look up, to see the fullmoon. Talmain took a cowl from Morris and apologised for abandoning milf money with a Garr ready to turn and Aristarn Fern with a gaze stuck to the moon. The milf money hide garr away, as Aristarn Fern transforms in the alleyway and halfing mafia fighthing amongst themselves in a clash of swords.

On the rooftop, Drukkor’s life was attempted by Dandrice whom failed to push the dragonborn off the tower.

After an arduous night where Drukkor discovered the corpse of a halfing lady surrounded by coins, milf money was exhausted as they returned back to their milf money mansion.

Drukkor went to the ameria university with Artemis to get the weapons and dug another pit of lies.

On the final day before leaving for Skimberii and seeking out the help of Kiana Kalesbane,

Drukkor and Artemis went to assist the carvarn get saftely to the Killian Gyser, the rondevu point.

Nick bought a staff and used it on a random elf in the western districts whom divulged his mission to him, requesting assiantce and he , also visiting the dryad.

Speech bubble went to talk to Taxman at the Tavern Brawler in and witnessed the unsavoury nature of the place, and where unrequited strength did to a person.

Ko’viel went back to a burnt down building where a man with a tattoo on his neck watched from a far.

Gar taught Bearmy how to be a bear just a little more.

They all visited the cult of Imbris Yumen and devised a master plan to steal a cowl. When they arrived, the place was set set off with black smoke, the words “For Ingriss” painted in graffiti on the walls, and the statement from Talmain “The cult of Imbris Yumen is dead” was also what they discovered. Aristarn fern was not found and the Halfling mafia is depleted.

At the killian gyser, Artemis and Drukkor were attacked by Gnolls, knocking Drukkor out and leaving it up to Artemis to hold up inside the hut nearby.

As milf money killed them, a man unkown to them named Fernado came exhausted out of the desert, claiming that he is to also see Kiana Kalesbane about a new an upcoming position in Boullini called the magical officer. The long road to skimberi now awaits our milf money crew.

Session 7 - Where It Calls
The Gang and Sparky vs. The World

Previously on Milf$:

You went to see Sevran iron fang.

Luthor Hellon, father of lenina was there demanding an audience for her daughter

You retrived sparky where brian fuller was approached by the half orc who presumably by the group ate her baby.

Aristarn fern asked for sparky once again.

Fought off dwarfs and gargoyle whom pledged allegiance to the beholde.r went to ruman talhini’s estate. The gargoyle’s ruinic tattoos look liked a mockery of imbris Yumen

A lot of miscellaneous stuff like shopping and stealing the neihgbours  dog.

Bought a magical bead by an old lady.

Koviel, bredgar and speech bubble went to talk to aristarn fern aobut the options,

                He said kill them or threaten them

                Whilst talmain said to either strike a deal or simply apologise

And the first night they had to keep gar in on supervision

First went to Lt. Jenni, no idea where she was, sent them to robart frostfang.

Frostfang uncovered things about beholders and allowed, due to charm, you guys to use the residence.

Now Gar being watched, whilst Dandrice Brairs, father of Candi Briars is holding down Ko’viel  in the middle of the night for answers of his daughter’s whereabouts.


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