Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 34 - The Dragon, the Owl and the Jungle
This is so sad, Logos play despacito / Racism is bad

Previously  on Milf$:

On entering the sleepless jungle, the group were reminded of the general purpose: to go to each individual rest of the sleepless jungle and try to promote diplomatic relationships. They first came across tribal warriors who were from the horizons rest, giving them permission to enter the sleepless jungle. Delilah advised to go to Viewers rest last due to her personal attachment and Arndell rest in two weeks, due to Bruce’s upcoming battle.

They first arrived at Levert’s rest, a village made out of cobble stone adorned and welcomed by a marble white statue of the man the village was named after. They still held his traditions firm by asking the group questions about their home, Boullini, who they are, and how unhuman they all are. They found it quite fascinating, especially Drukkors monologue. The rest agreed to consider aligning and learning with the city state of Boullini.

On the road to Horizons rest, the night was greeted by an owl who watched the group and flew off after being noticed. They entered Horizon’s rest, being flown up in the out let in the mountain by giant eagles. There, Delilah and Crenlin (Protégé to foreign affairs) discussed with the leader, a frail old man, about what to do stepping forward with Boullini. While there, the group had some run in with the locals, which eventuated to Avon telling a man to do a handstand against a wall. The members returned and the old man announced an allegiance to learning and opening the borders to the sleepless jungle with Boullini.

On the road the night after, Delilah was having a dnm with the group, telling everyone about what she wanted to happen for the sleepless jungle and the relationship between Boullini. As she was becoming filled with optimism about what they were doing here, an arrow flung into her chest. Delilah died instantly. As a bombardment of arrows rained down on the group. They were able to catch one of the men who caught them, and he was told there were orders from the Viewers Rest. Having this conversation, an owl watched and Drukkor was peeved at this display and tried to attack the owl. But as he did and they confuffled, the owl grew bigger and took him into the air, advising him “you should be kind to animals.”” Before dropping him above the thick canopy. Breadgar revived Delilah.

The next destination was Arcadia’s rest a shrouded and walled complex outlined by a thick hedge on the mountain, and they were very tenacious of the diplomats, not letting them into boullini. The woman however with a sunflower approached the group after being declined and told them she was the leader in charge of how knowledge is passed on and wanted help going to a place called the shadow pond, to find out information of a Rest that was erased from existence.

At the shadow pond, the group came across a shadar-kai woman, one  of the locals from  the realm of shadow fell and had the book in her grasp, that seemed to contain information about the realm. She referred to Drukkor as a failure and asked for individuals, such as Gar and Bruce to pop their heads into the murky water. When they did, mud like moulds of them appeared in a village of mould and dirt, and the woman exchanged the book, after much negotiation to get to that point. the woman with the sunflower headdress advised that though change may not happen immediately, that it was a process and the next generation would consider opening their eyes to the outside world.

Ko’viel, along with Garth, made the decision to stop in a town for supplies.

As the date of the arena battle was drawing nearer, the group went down towards the Arndells rest to get Bruce to fight in the arena. Travelling through the jungle, a huge thunder storm swept by, spawning instantly on a sunny day and then fading.

When they arrived at the Arndell rest, they found it was more open to walk in and met their game adviser who told them of the structure and where to go. Before the battle, the group supported Bruce, including giving him a pep rally and hyping him up. He was announced in strutting into the giant sandstone colosseum and stood in the middle. As his opponent was being announced, the grow slowly realised and then confirmed that it was Ignatia, the Blue Curtain who was the challenger as she appeared from invisibility over Bruce, who was half her height.

Ignatia looked beaten and battered, bruised and sore. She had a mask on her face, reminiscent to the mask that fluctuated from sadness to happiness but this one seemed to be in a constant state of anger. As the battle was about to start, the group heard a thunderstorm start to get picked up and cutting through the clouds, Cerisbla the rolling thunder swooped in with a storm approaching behind him, cracking the stone and landed on the noble box. He winked at the group, before letting out a bellowing lightning.

Ignatia took this opportunity and scrambled together a performance, by creating madness amongst the citizens and forcing them to attack Milf Money. The group fought them, finally putting down Ignatia. Breadgar was almost taken by Cerisbla but eventually he was brought down.

Now separated from Delilah, Major Delaphy and Crenlin, leaving the Arndell rest which is in panic, the group must head to Prospect Rest which was their meet up point after helping the citizens.

Session 35 - The Owl, the Soldier and the Rest
Gar's Talkshow

The group found Delilah, and traversed with the refuges from Arndell Rest towards Prospect’s Rest. They were denied entry into the rest but were assured that their help to the refuges would not be an idle or forgotten. During their travel, Gar was approached by a bear when guarding the rear side of the group. Tenaciously, he approached and spoke with it. The bear alluded to familiarity, a sense of distance and recognised many of their kin had gone missing, to the hands of a Circus. Bearmy confirmed this by revealing the Boullinian Circus had taken him from the Sleepless jungle, a long long time ago.  Bearmy jumped from Gar’s shoulder and was confronted with following the bear or staying with Gar. After a heart felt decision, gar thought it best to continue Bearmy’s journey with him and then eventually return him back to the jungle.

The group, while waiting for Delilah, were escorted by the Giant Owl to a hollowed out tree stump. He asked for assistance. They were teleported to a part of the jungle, unknown where it was. The owl’s eyes darted towards the members of the Sylvan Combine, a faction that is driven by both the unseelie court of the fey wild, and by the large ideologies presented by the new frontier in the material plain. They unleashed an attack almost destroying the pillar. Avon was kept in a conversation with Titania. The one surviving member who attacked the group was a changeling who attacked Breadgar in his time at the Vintrulitri Septim. The changeling was trapped by rope and then asked to be put down, for Titania offered a crueller fate than death. But Titania used the grass and roots beneath the changeling and dragged him into the dirt, and presumably into a torturous fate.

They arrived at the Smith’s rest after collecting Delilah, Major Delpahy and Crenlin Marximoff. The Smith’s rest reufsed dialogue and warned them off imminent death if they did not leave the mountain. That night a man named Hux approached the group and asked if they would like to be a part of a violent revolution to upend the rulers there. The group came to a decision to decline, with the guidance of Delilah.

The next day the group travelled to the Endeavours rest and approached the leader there. The endeavours rest was a more magically inclined village that relied heavily on the magical properties of a nearby artefact, a monumental and gigantic hedron that was embedded into the dirt and mountain side. However, some mages were messing around with it, and it was revealed to be the new frontier related. When they arrived, they came across a goblin with a feathered hat, that was the same goblin that ran around skimberii and was thought to have connections to the attack. Logos, in all his wisdom, approached out of the thicket and proceeded to talk to the mages. They escaped, but not before damaging the hedron, which sent out a eerie energy, and flashed into most people’s head an otherworldly creature. Gar, in all his wisdom, proceeded to touch the monument. At that moment, he lost all his intelligence, charisma, and wisdom and became vegetative. He was rushed to the Endeavours Rest but was healed along the way by Breadgar. He ended up drawing a picture of what he saw, and the leader of the Endeavours Rest described the being as ‘The Promised End’ and ‘The Winnower of Gods’.

After that spookiness, the group was travelling and Delilah, Delpahy and Crenlin were all taken hostage, with a young orc and a older orc claiming that they would free them from their captors chains. After explaining themselves, Okin the leader showed them back to their group and revealed a small community of unwanted humanoids living in the sleepless jungle. The group organised them to leave in a few weeks, and organised a trip through the sleepless jungle after they finished their mission. They contacted Robart Frostfang to let this happen.

 the group travelled to Challenger’s Rest where they did not face opposition, but rather celebration. The rest recognised the groups defeat of their leader, Garru back in the southern docks of Boulllini. But they requested the group get rid of soldiers from Ericsa who were impending on their territory. The group wanted to settle it peacefully, and it was peaceful until Challenger’s Rest sprung out with darts and poisoned most of the Ericsinian soldiers. One however, fell into the adjacent river and was rushed down stream.

The group finally came across their last destination in the sleepless jungle, the Viewers Rest. It looks more medieval and the most expensively designed out of al lthe rests. Delilah had a warm welcome from her father, who is the leader of viewers rest. They were offered to have dinner that night to celebrate a new found alliance. While getting ready, Gar and Delilah had a dnm about things. While talking, he heard a voice of a woman and a figure duck in the windows telling him with the spell message ”Mike, you’re in danger.”

At the dinner, Ferdinad Viewer asked a whole lot of questions about how the jungle treated them and how they were finding themselves here. After  a while, and a few constitution saving throws, it was discovered the food was poisoned. Some of the group find themselves weak while others remained strong. Delilah, Delpahy and Crenlin have been coughing up blood and Ferdinad Viewer stands at the edge of the table.

Meanwhile Ko’viel left the seaside town of Yanda after a group of priates known as the Terracrotans arrived into the town. Ko’viel was also introduced to the city of Canala, the free flowing city and would start to search for his friends.

Session 36 - The Love of Parents
The Gang Slides Down the Mountain - In Style

Previously on Milf$:

The gang got poisoned at dinner with Ferdinad Viewer. As Delilah, Crenlin and Delahpy started to cough up blood, the group fought off the many guards, a mage who substituted with Ferinad and a fire elemental. Delilah and Crenlin were transported away via magical orbs while the group managed to save Delaphy from the same fate. The mage held these orbs. In period when no guards were attacking them, they pushed out the table and slid down the steep declining mountain side of the viewers rest. After taking some damage and failing dex saving throws, they ended up at the bottom of the mountain. During the night, they observed torches move in the distance.

The group eventually formulated a plan to infiltrate the viewers rest and retrieve the diplomats. They decided to hike up the side of the mountain where their table had slid down. They use Drukkor to first scale the walls and bonk some dudes on watch. Drukkor found the door towards The Infinite Cascade but found out that they needed a key of some sort, only kept by a few individuals, including Ferdinad Viewer.

They made their way to the Central Viewers Tower and devised a plan involving the bag of tricks, pulling out a panther to scare the children and towns people away on the streets. They entered the tower and made sure the receptionist and old man wouldn’t say/do anything. They scaled the stories and came across guards on looking which Avon manipulated into getting Ferdinads attention. Instead the mage they fought earlier showed up and dismissed the guard as Ferdinad was in grieving. They opened up the gates eventually and saw Ferdinad on the balcony onlooking the jungle, with his trusted mage.

Bruce was invisied by Breadgar and punched the shit out of Ferdinad Viewer and the team jumped on the mage. By the end of the combat, Ferindad couldn’t speak and could teleport away. They found the key and came across a drunken Sarah Viewer, who expressed sympathy for her daughters fate, whatever it might be at the moment.

And thus the group got the orb-key to the Infinite Cascade. They came acrosa ato opposite cliff faces within the mountain lined up with cells. The guard at the door told milf money to not kill the men, as they were good people. They would later kill all the guards, who were torturing Delilah and Crenlin. Delaphy kept watch of Ferdinad Viewer.

As they went to do this, they came across a few names of cells, one in particular named Martha, that turned out to be Gar’s mother. The two reunited as Gar broke open the bars to get her out. She revealed she was living amongst the community after dropping Gar in the woods but was apprehended again for trying to warn Gar. The group then made the decision to free all the prisoners in the infinite cascade, by opening all the cells. But they were then hit with the problem of what these hundred or so prisoners would look like coming out of this prison.

This fell to the wayside as they saw the Viewers Rest under investigation by guards in gold and silver armor from the city state of Ericsa, investigating something that transpired with the Challengers Rest. They pinpointed milf money here through undisclosed means and requested they join them to head back to Ericsa after everything has been sort out here.


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