Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 36 - The Love of Parents
The Gang Slides Down the Mountain - In Style

Previously on Milf$:

The gang got poisoned at dinner with Ferdinad Viewer. As Delilah, Crenlin and Delahpy started to cough up blood, the group fought off the many guards, a mage who substituted with Ferinad and a fire elemental. Delilah and Crenlin were transported away via magical orbs while the group managed to save Delaphy from the same fate. The mage held these orbs. In period when no guards were attacking them, they pushed out the table and slid down the steep declining mountain side of the viewers rest. After taking some damage and failing dex saving throws, they ended up at the bottom of the mountain. During the night, they observed torches move in the distance.

The group eventually formulated a plan to infiltrate the viewers rest and retrieve the diplomats. They decided to hike up the side of the mountain where their table had slid down. They use Drukkor to first scale the walls and bonk some dudes on watch. Drukkor found the door towards The Infinite Cascade but found out that they needed a key of some sort, only kept by a few individuals, including Ferdinad Viewer.

They made their way to the Central Viewers Tower and devised a plan involving the bag of tricks, pulling out a panther to scare the children and towns people away on the streets. They entered the tower and made sure the receptionist and old man wouldn’t say/do anything. They scaled the stories and came across guards on looking which Avon manipulated into getting Ferdinads attention. Instead the mage they fought earlier showed up and dismissed the guard as Ferdinad was in grieving. They opened up the gates eventually and saw Ferdinad on the balcony onlooking the jungle, with his trusted mage.

Bruce was invisied by Breadgar and punched the shit out of Ferdinad Viewer and the team jumped on the mage. By the end of the combat, Ferindad couldn’t speak and could teleport away. They found the key and came across a drunken Sarah Viewer, who expressed sympathy for her daughters fate, whatever it might be at the moment.

And thus the group got the orb-key to the Infinite Cascade. They came acrosa ato opposite cliff faces within the mountain lined up with cells. The guard at the door told milf money to not kill the men, as they were good people. They would later kill all the guards, who were torturing Delilah and Crenlin. Delaphy kept watch of Ferdinad Viewer.

As they went to do this, they came across a few names of cells, one in particular named Martha, that turned out to be Gar’s mother. The two reunited as Gar broke open the bars to get her out. She revealed she was living amongst the community after dropping Gar in the woods but was apprehended again for trying to warn Gar. The group then made the decision to free all the prisoners in the infinite cascade, by opening all the cells. But they were then hit with the problem of what these hundred or so prisoners would look like coming out of this prison.

This fell to the wayside as they saw the Viewers Rest under investigation by guards in gold and silver armor from the city state of Ericsa, investigating something that transpired with the Challengers Rest. They pinpointed milf money here through undisclosed means and requested they join them to head back to Ericsa after everything has been sort out here.


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