Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 1 - The Seal of Tridents
The Gang Helps a Politican

Previously on Milf$:

Ruman Talhini enlisted the help of 6 individuals for he feared a political assassination was being developed agaisnt him.These 6 individuals went on their merry way to Robart Frostfang’s house via thopter of airbros with Lenina giving them the locations and gold.

At Robart Frostfang’s there was no sight of the man until the adventurers stumbled upon him in a closest. Speech Bubble broke a vase with a spirit coming out. Upon opening the door, a gargoyle reacted downstairs. Breadgar joined middle of the fight. After a battle, Ko'viel landed a kill on the gargoyle by sending a blast of fire through its anus.

Robart Frostfang sent the adventurers to three people to investigate those who may have som

  • Calli Ire( Half elf) of the Atheism Combine
  • Kapri Fillhorn (Halfling) of the council (military)
  • Aristen Fern (unkown)

Breadgar sung a song for a sick child and Avon gota kid to tell him information. The adventurer’s first visited Calli Ire whom discovered was very resilient to religion and leader of the Atheism Combine. At this compound Cali Ire, was attacked by Fanatics of the cult Caren, God of Truth. After Gar chopped one of them In half and threw a javelin into another, they tried to interrogate one whom would spout random stuff about the God of Truth. Avon eventually slit her throat.

After that the adventurers called it a day and went to the Gilded Pony Inn to further investigate.

There, Breadgar decided to contest the local gnome bard in a competition. For the first few play offs, Edgar and the Gnome where head to head until help came in. Speech Bubble jumped up on the spot for his acrobatics to help the performance. And in a misadventure of spells, Ko'viel flipped off the audience with magic hands, to which the Gnome won the epic play off and speech bubble attempted to pick up coins. From here they helped a tavern innkeeper of the Gilded pony convince her son not to join the cult of Imbris Yumen (moon diety.)

The next day our merry bunch went to see the Kapri Fillhorn in the eastern barracks plaza but only met Lt. Jenni who sent a letter for them. Whilst there, Avon stopped a Halfling from escaping with the file of a missing girl, his daughter, Candi Briars. After walking away they receive a message from a hooded girl who flees swiftly to see Ruman Talhini immediately. They arrive back to Ruman Tahlini’s council sector and Lenina becomes mad that she didn’t inform her of people coming suddenly. As she opens the door, she was stabbed right through the chest by an imp. The group defeated the imps and captured them. Ko'viel executed the last one after an  interrogation. And Avon crafted a flower for the dying Lenina.

Talhini now fearing for his life, tells the group to seek out Robart Frostfang urgently. Upon arrival Robart Frostfang gives the group another list of name, but gives too briefly. Outside his house a doppleganger disguised as Ruman Tahilini attempted to lure the roup. A little girl turned into a werewolf as she lunges but is put to sleep by Ko'viel. Aristen Fern comes out of the shadows and starts to guide you to a place.


Session 2 - Be a Witness
The Gang Befriends a Beholder

Previously on Milf$:

The group met Aristern Fern who took them to his hideout. There, they captured a doppleganger who they interrogated for a bit and kept by Talmain. Aristern told the group that Talhini had some connection with the devils. He tells the group to continue to work for Talhini and act as double agents. He also tries to influence links between Tieflings and what has happened. Aristern Fern also had Candi Briars with him.

Back with Talhini, Luthour Hellon who is father of the deceased Lenina, asks about the details of what happened. They met Ruman Talhini who is with Brian Fuller, district manager of the Giaza, a merchant district which has had it's people vanish with the site quarantined and Braldian Ovverrin who is the dwarf incharge of economics across Boullini beign a member of the Boullini council. Ovverrin coins the group to be called Talhini's Muts and they disscuss the different implications of what a portal means.

During a large protest occurred with Calli Ire's atheism combine and the gang plus Rala Abda (a tiefling protige for the economic leader position) go to quell their concerns. During the protest a falling angel crashes into the sky, which is actually a Erinyes. She whispers something in fiendish which Rala Abda translates and after a fight occurs. Talhini announces that he will go into the Giaza district tomorrow and face these devils himself.

In the deaf willow inn thereafter, Avon stopped some guards from intimidating this inn owner and received a reward.

Aristern Fern gives you a map for the sewers and about some things which may lurk down there. Before getting to the Sewer, they saw outside in the Eastern Giaza district from the Eastern Slums that there was a frontier there.

Through the sewer, they managed to leave a ghost, leave a helpless baby crying behind a close door, skipped past the witch Aunty Agatha and met with Sparky, a spectator who had finished guarding a magic book for 100 years. They also go the bag of tricks.

Above ground Giaza district there was a certian red energy in the air. After using the bag of tricks they saw Talhini in the middle but the pig was runnign right into him, and the shadow he was conversing with. Drukkor went out and saw Talhini, and tried to trick Talhini into thinking he was Illiam. He heard Talhini's purpose, which was to be remembered. The shadow was revealed to be Baloore, who responded to Talhinis want by saying "and remembered you shall. No Gods are quite living. They transcend mortality." before stabbing him in the chest and letting him fall.

Drukkor vanished.

Session 3 - Trial of Ruman Talhini
The Gang Regrets Helping a Politican
Session 4 - To the East
Avon Steals an Onion
Session 5 - Fickle Spells
Bruce and Drukkor Con a Dwarf: Using the Ocean
Session 6 - In Too Deep
The Gang Gets That Milf$
Session 7 - Where It Calls
The Gang and Sparky vs. The World

Previously on Milf$:

You went to see Sevran iron fang.

Luthor Hellon, father of lenina was there demanding an audience for her daughter

You retrived sparky where brian fuller was approached by the half orc who presumably by the group ate her baby.

Aristarn fern asked for sparky once again.

Fought off dwarfs and gargoyle whom pledged allegiance to the beholde.r went to ruman talhini’s estate. The gargoyle’s ruinic tattoos look liked a mockery of imbris Yumen

A lot of miscellaneous stuff like shopping and stealing the neihgbours  dog.

Bought a magical bead by an old lady.

Koviel, bredgar and speech bubble went to talk to aristarn fern aobut the options,

                He said kill them or threaten them

                Whilst talmain said to either strike a deal or simply apologise

And the first night they had to keep gar in on supervision

First went to Lt. Jenni, no idea where she was, sent them to robart frostfang.

Frostfang uncovered things about beholders and allowed, due to charm, you guys to use the residence.

Now Gar being watched, whilst Dandrice Brairs, father of Candi Briars is holding down Ko’viel  in the middle of the night for answers of his daughter’s whereabouts.

Session 8 - All for a Knife
Gar Goes Bear

Previously on Milf$:

Dandrice Held down Ko’viel and Ko’viel pointed him in a direction while a really one sided duet at a tavern between artemis and drukkor occurred.

They spoke to Aristarn Fern about how things were going down at that night. They also spent the day preparing for the night.

When night occurred, you met up with the Halfling mafia. The leader, Clarence, discussed the terms with Ko’viel as appointed by Breadgar. After swearing fielty and laying the terms down, another Clarence appearead and the two bantered as Milf Money backed away.

With pride and success in his step Aristarn Fern walked away with confidence. Morris, someone trying to get Aristarn Fern’s attention finally got his attention by getting him to look up, to see the fullmoon. Talmain took a cowl from Morris and apologised for abandoning milf money with a Garr ready to turn and Aristarn Fern with a gaze stuck to the moon. The milf money hide garr away, as Aristarn Fern transforms in the alleyway and halfing mafia fighthing amongst themselves in a clash of swords.

On the rooftop, Drukkor’s life was attempted by Dandrice whom failed to push the dragonborn off the tower.

After an arduous night where Drukkor discovered the corpse of a halfing lady surrounded by coins, milf money was exhausted as they returned back to their milf money mansion.

Drukkor went to the ameria university with Artemis to get the weapons and dug another pit of lies.

On the final day before leaving for Skimberii and seeking out the help of Kiana Kalesbane,

Drukkor and Artemis went to assist the carvarn get saftely to the Killian Gyser, the rondevu point.

Nick bought a staff and used it on a random elf in the western districts whom divulged his mission to him, requesting assiantce and he , also visiting the dryad.

Speech bubble went to talk to Taxman at the Tavern Brawler in and witnessed the unsavoury nature of the place, and where unrequited strength did to a person.

Ko’viel went back to a burnt down building where a man with a tattoo on his neck watched from a far.

Gar taught Bearmy how to be a bear just a little more.

They all visited the cult of Imbris Yumen and devised a master plan to steal a cowl. When they arrived, the place was set set off with black smoke, the words “For Ingriss” painted in graffiti on the walls, and the statement from Talmain “The cult of Imbris Yumen is dead” was also what they discovered. Aristarn fern was not found and the Halfling mafia is depleted.

At the killian gyser, Artemis and Drukkor were attacked by Gnolls, knocking Drukkor out and leaving it up to Artemis to hold up inside the hut nearby.

As milf money killed them, a man unkown to them named Fernado came exhausted out of the desert, claiming that he is to also see Kiana Kalesbane about a new an upcoming position in Boullini called the magical officer. The long road to skimberi now awaits our milf money crew.

Session 9 - A Milf Divided
Bruce has to Vent

Previously on Milf$:

They set off on their quest to see Kiana Kalesbane and bring her back to Sevran Ironfang.

Breadgar told of his ancestor bredgar the second who fell to a dragon in the thermondine path named cerisbla. They first encountered a Thri-keen mantis humanoid who they escorted back to a camp which ahd been burnt down. There at the Nalia’s temple they returned the insect humanoid to members of it’s tribe.

Afterwards, they went back to the pyramid and saw a corpse rapped in bandages at the front of the temple wave at them. Though after not recognizing the wave the creature went back inside. A few minutes later milf money went into the pyramid and avon and gar almost got wrapped up in banadages before they left the temple.

A day after they left, they came across a holes in the ground. As morris called artemis, a giant creature commonly known as a ‘land shark’ or bullete came bursting through the ground. The group swiftly killed it. They learned about Twain’s large family and juniper is interested in a business venture. Morris trains avon in onion ways of the horse for a bit.

At dusk the following day, from the horizon behind them a lieutenant of Baalor was seen in the and fired a volley of arrows as his imps went and tried to stop the carriage. Speech bubble jumped high in the air to hit the creature, and was stopped as the fiend grapped him in the air. The winged armoured creature threw him down and fired another volley of arrows, which inturn knocked him unconscious leading to the rescue from onion and avon. Gar asked if this was a dire situation and as he threw out a bead, an explosion occurred which sent out creatures known as Modrons from the realm of order in a flurry towards the pursuers. They were stopped as the winged creature watchted the van go away into the horizon.

The next day they met up with a travelling caravan who were heading to skimberii and offered to play a bit to practice their skills. As the name titania came out a few times, Avon fell unconscious, with those around him having a hallucination of sorts of a white lady. Speechbubble was quiet for these few days until you approached the town of norehire where he went into the woods with frustration and attempted to burn down the surrounding vegetation. They fire was put out and Speechbubble and ko’viel had a DNM before speechbubble headed for the moutains to the side, leaving the group.

Further in norehire, they heard of statues that had been in the town centre which had gone missing, which came alive when not being looked at from what they heard. During the night, they prevented this from happening with fernado making an illusonary appearance of someone looking at the statue. The group then kept going and came across a mammoth being led by a minatour. The minatour offered to join the group to the end of the thermondine path, if they helped him with killing the mammoth.

And now Avon has stunned Gar, Ko’viel, and Drukkor and has moved away towards artemis as she rides the mammoth and leads the creature away. The minatour, last heard through ko’viel and gar’s state said “I guess I can supplement mammoth meat for something else.”

Session 10 - Curtains, Please
The Gang Puts on a Killer Show

Previously on:

The minatour rohnin pulled out a battle axe, and cut into a horse. He was told to become vegan gluten free, and they travelled with her for abit. The also witnessed Twain breaking down complaining about his family in the western medical district, and asks the groups help when they get back to boullini. As they kept travelling they were blocked by a tree in their path, and morris suggested to take a detour into a town but scout out first. Upon coming to the town, there was a herd of dazed sheep., as the group hid, they saw the sheep getting slaughtered and a man being picked up and brain surrounded by tentacles of another humanoid who picked him up in a white armour encrusted with black skulls. Gar ultimately supermanned the carvarn over the tree. 

They then met a cloud giant named Ignatia, the Blue Curtain who invited them to the show and requested Fernado, Gar, and Artemis play on stage whilst breadgar was the opening act, rewarded immediately by Ignatia. As the play went on Breadgar opened spectacularly being payed up front, a stunning performance occurred by gar but not so much Artemis and  Fernado. Afterwards Ignatia unvealed the true purpose of the show, with Cerisbla the younger coming out of the curtains.  Cerisbla directed them to move towards the tree lines to escape. As they got to the carvarn they swiftly left. On the following day they encountered a burnt down village which juniper said she was from. Distraught, the party went through the town and found an old man in the rubble, weezing terribly, with a message to Atil of the Skimberi Senate about the new frontier. They passed by Giant civilization structures and during the night Twain suggested that, it may be best to end the mans suffering as he is  suffering. The group decided against the notion.  The next day the group on the road were approached by Cerisbla and asked to retake his home taken over by Ignatia’s minatours. The group made a deal that he would go and scout out skimberii to see if any large forces were going, he reported back with no sign of that. After Milf money took out the group of minatours, he strutted in and gave permission to milf money to leave, no message of a reward. As they started to leave, turning from the cavern, Ignatia introduced herself. She had a half a dozen or so minatours with her, and also had Morris in chains afore her and Twain in one hand and Juniper in the other. She gave a monologue that ko’viel interrupted and has given the group the choice between Twain and Juniper, of whom has as she put it “the least value.” As the group, specifically Ko’viel tried to stop this by blinding her, she put the decision in her own hands


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