Tag: Ally


  • Aristen Fern

    A fallen noble from the Fern house of Ericsa, Aristen has abandoned his nobility in order to please Imbris Yumen. The stories say he wasn't infected. He directly communed with the goddess Imbris Yumen and was granted with the blessing of Lycanthrope. …

  • Kiana Kalesbane

    Kiana has lived a long life and experienced many calamities in her time. What she lacks in her academic approach to magic is often made up by the assistances she has under her wing whom document and research for her. She is more often a practical and …

  • Sparky

    A lesser beholder found roaming the sewage system under the Giaza district, Sparky once looked after an ancient spellbook. However, after 100 years of service his purpose in the area vanished and now he is left wondering to find a purpose.

  • Kapri Fillhorn

    Kapri Fillhorn was not always such a respected member of the Boullini council. She worked tirelessly to become the woman who now operates the Boullini military. She had faced much ridicule, and eleveated to her position due to people who believed in her …

  • Juniper

    Juniper was a timid servant until she learnt about the destruction of her home village at the hands of the new frontier. Now, she is hell bent on revenge by any means possible. After talks and support from Ko'viel, it seems as if she has found friends …

  • Morris Hart

    A carriage driver who has explored many parts of Illiam. He was a knowledgeable voice on the people of this continent, always trying to further understand and to keep up his end of any deal.

  • Twain

    A docile man, Twain is a realist, able to judge both himself and others around him. His family is being held in a 'testing' condition in the Eastern Medicinal District and he feels powerless to help them.