Tag: Deceased


  • Morris Hart

    A carriage driver who has explored many parts of Illiam. He was a knowledgeable voice on the people of this continent, always trying to further understand and to keep up his end of any deal.

  • She'lbo Kalesbane

    Daughter of Kiana Kalesbane, She'lbo was a result of a curse Balore inflicted onto her mother. At the age of 6 she turned from a lovely girl to a horribly disfigured child with snakes stemming from her head. Kiana Kalesbane took her to the abandoned city …

  • Yehthrall

    Yethrall was a mindflayer whom controlled corpses. He never disposed off his victims bodies. Instead, after taking the prime bodies, he would take the rest of their limbs to an unknown location. It was mysterious why a mindflayer actively roamed the …

  • Aunty Agatha

    Deep in the Giaza district, she took form as one of the many cults in the city of Boullini. In there, she took used the merchants there to produce children for her to consume. She is originally from the Fey Wild, though not much else is known about her …