Tag: Tentative Ally


  • Cerisbla the Younger

    Cerisbla The Younger is shrouded in dominion and the examples left by his father. Together, they shared the alias The Rolling Thunder, however Cerisbla works in his fathers shadow and only resides in the thermopine path, hoping to not witness the wrath of …

  • Robart Frostfang

    Frostfang worked for Ruman Talhini of the Boullini council. He has found it to be his most rewarding, and most tiresome role. He is apart of the Cult of the Beholder, though he seems that he realises it's faults. He seems to carry a little bit of guilt …

  • Taxman

    A tiefling enraged by the discrimination towards his race has brought it upon himself to make his mark within Boullini for him and his people.