Tag: The New Frontier


  • Jaunt

    Not much is known about Jaunt at this current point, only that he presents himself at many New Frontier battles and has decimated entire milita's with relative ease, such as what happened in Skimberii. He is currently known as The Havoc as his methods …

  • Thomar

    Thomar is from the destroyed town of Deikoura (did i spell it right) and is a former Friend of Ko'viel. It has since been revealed that he survived the attack as he was secretly learning about The New Frontier and now acts as a high ranking member of the …

  • Garth

    As a leader of a subgroup of the new frontier, Garth reguarly went on missions to serve them, in mostly non lethal expeditions to gain funds. Garth has since left the new frontier as their long term profitability to his belief has been depleted.