Religion in Illiam is quite varied. However, most major cities have some alligance to the God of progress, Illiam. For example, Boullini takes this meaning to it's expansion and rapid civil and fiscal development, whilst Sykmov would see this as a way to evolve it's agricultural output and progress in ways the halfings could celebrate life. In contrast, Skimberi and Caplan would take this to mean an embrace of future technology and knowledge.

The central theology on the God Illiam is based on growth, respect for tradition, value of goodness enabling prosperity and advancement in the search for commonality. Illiam was introduced by the invading humans into the continent and has been established as the main religion ever since.


In Boullini in particular, there is a strong basis of cult due to the multifaith nature of the city. In the context of Illiam, all cults may exist as long as they understand the laws of Boullini and in some shape or form contribute to an understanding of Illiam's need for progress. The latter however is not a compulsory task. Radicals of the believers of Illiam would abolish cults as they may feel it detracts from the value of the overarching faith.


Notable Cults:

Gek Rumahni, The White Raven

Imbris Yumen, The Goddes of the Moon

Caren, God of Truth

Cult of the Beholder

The Worship of the Hydra God:

Cult of the DM

Atheism Combine -

The Atheism combine can be considered a psuedo cult/religion.



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