Introducing, Ko'viel Vaandir, Breadgar of House Illegal, Avon, Gar, Fenrir Damakos, Drukkor and Speech Bubble (Bruce) [ 브루 스   이 ], the stars of M.I.L.F.$ in an action packed, character driven and story rich D&D campaign.

Also Starring: Artemis & Snek,Logos

Previously Starring: Arthur Edridge, O'Carrick

The main setting of our adventure is Boullini, a city in the desert which as it's dwarven name means is "to consume the desert". It often is regarded as a mixing pot of races and the heart of Illiam. It expands from horizon to horizon. Originally a dwarvish settlement, Boullini was overtaken by the first human conquerors from the west as they made their way inwards. After 1500 years of them being repelled and peace on the continent, Boullini welcomes all races under it's glaring sun.

Formed on the request of Ruman Talhini initially, Milf$ has been roaming Boullini and parts of Illiam in the hopes to stop the incursion of Baloré El'efa Nemro, a lord of the lower planes. Along the way, reports say the group have destroyed a portal, killed a dog, massacred a witch, befriended a spectator, had performance standoff against a bard, played a killer part in a play, saved a blind wizard in an underground city, helped in the Battle for Skimberi, got a mansion, raided the 8th lower plane, stopped the invasion of Balore and so much more.

After stopping the invasion of Baloré El'efa Nemro, Milf$ have been asked to join a new growing institution in Boullini titled, 'The Illiam League'. After the turbulence that Balore left in his wake, there have been a rise in problems concerning the citizens of Boullini and the various city states of Illiam. In agreeing to join this council of leaders, they chased a pig, killed a bunch of Tiefling, brutalised an old man, helped a robot man find purpose, fought a family of diabolical satan worshippers, reformed a council of elemental monks, had their friends die by radical mages, got displaced by radical mages, decided the fate of said radical mages stuck in a pyramid of bodies, and so much more.

Below you can find chapter links to short stories based on the personal stories of NPCs on the continent of Illiam.


Story Chapters:

ARC I: The Blight of Balor'e El'efa Nemro

Chapter 1 – To Be Remembered (Kapri Fillhorn)

Session 1 – 3

Chapter 2 – In the City (Dandrice Briars)

Session 4 – 7

Chapter 3 – Road Less Traveled (Carl Zame)

Session 8 – 11

Chapter 4 – With Arms Outstretched (Twain Isle and Juniper De'Houll)

Session 12 – 15

Chapter 5 – Grace and Glory (Jessebelle Harthorn)

Session 16 – 18

Chapter 6 – Through Hell's Gate (Kiana Kalesbane)

Session 19 – 21


Chapter 7 (Epilogue) – To Be Forgotten (Ruman Talhini)

Session 22 – 24


Chapter 8 – Heavens Will Watch (Sevran Ironfang)

Session 25 – 29

Chapter 9 – Progress in Heartbeats (Nobglin Gitterli)

Session 30 – 32

Chapter 10 – Those Sleepless Nights (Delilah Viewer)

Session 33 – 36

Chapter 11 – Perfection Through Marble (Luna Frey Vamatos)

Session 37 – 40

Chapter 12 – The Four Fists (Hendrick)

Session 41- 45

Chapter 13 – Clear Idle Thoughts (Alluris)

Session 45 – 50

Chapter 14 – Orphans of Summer(Adara)

Session 51 – ???

Boullini's Milf Money Squad

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