Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 60 - Cracks on the Council Seats

Paranoia Extravaganza! Breadgar Edition

Previously on Milf$:

The Gang Celebrates Five Years

The group left the scene of Jasmine Frelo, who they found in a destroyed thopter and unknowingly(?) gave to a nobility agent, with the words “Tula thee sinompa “ written on the sand . They quicky erased the words. Breadgar and Ko’viel came back, seeing the destroyed thopter where the gang had helped Jasmine Frelo.

During his time away, Breadgar spoke with Justinian Fare (Councilor of Justice and Law, leader of the Illiam League). Justinian put up an orb around his desk to keep conversation secret from prying eyes. Breadgar expressed his concerns about the nobility agents.

Meanwhile, Kiana (councilor of Magic) proposed an idea to Ko’viel about taking over as leader of magic at the end of her term in approximately 2 years. She explains that she is a Wizard but also made a pact with Illiam and is both a Wizard and Warlock. Her magic got people killed in Canala, where she was exiled to the gnome city of Skimberi and ended up saving the world from Balore El Efa Nemro, at the cost of her child becoming cursed with the Gorgon/Medusa powers. Kiana had a deep and meaningful with Ko’viel, a conversation about letting go and Ko’viel being afraid of feeling empathy towards Thormar. To signify this, Ko’viel obtained a boon of energy mastery on fire with elements crackling under his burnt half-scar.

When Koviel came back, Avon, Bruce and Carl attempted to send a message to Kiana, thinking the two were getting it on expressing distaste if Kiana were to hurt Ko’viel, forgetting Kiana was in a relationship with Magnolia. Breadgar arrived back paranoid as ever.

Drukkor received got a letter from Ariel Hardy to meet at the Cimbric base. Drukkor met there the next day where the leaders, Flammie, Ur, Rakshun, Drogon needed Drukkor’s decision. They recounted how the last two years have been stagnant for them and with the return of milf money, Ariel Hardy (councilor of entertainment and covertly, coucillor of guilds) offered the cimbrics the opportunity to work for him. Ariel Hardy subtly (and overtly) threatened Drukkor that if they did not assist, she “ couldn’t help it if” information about the cimbrics including their involvement with the new frontier, was lelaked to the publics, and if a hit list was put on the cimbrics, describing the deaths of his clan members.

Breadgar went to speak with Augustus after consultation with Prisicllia. Augustus seemed complacent but also concerned about what Breadgar was speaking about. Augustus mentioned that he was thinking of a business deal with the Ruf Family but details had not been finalized. While vising the nobility agents were acting particularly sus.

Avon druid crafted over Petra and Drukkors room. Avon visited the saviours district and saw a Gnoll on the horizon. Hala and Bruce had a good chat, Bruce noticing that Hala’s once plucky and springful demeanor had been replaced by a more stern outlook on the world. She noted she had to do it over the last 2 years to deal with the events.

Bruce and Drukkor pranked Breadgar, dressing Bruce up as Augustus. Breadgar thunder waved causing damage and waking everyone up in the middle of the night.

Lt Evveran came for Artemis, citing that by decree of Kapri Fillhorn (councillor of Military), all former and capable guards are to be returned to duty to prepare for something. The details were not disclosed and the group was sus about this. Kapri Fillhorn then visited the group upon a sending request a few days later noting they have never really enjoyed the presence of Nobiltiy Agents and wanted to reintroduce the military and guards as the city’s point of call, at least temporarily.

Juniper returned dismayed at the fact that there were reports of hundreds of children going missing, saying it could have been because of her vacation. Ko’viel reassured her that was not the case.

Aristern Fern (dragonborn Councilor of Spirituality) sent a letter to Gar to meet in the Scatter Heights district, the location where Aristerns first transformation with the halfling mafia occurred. Aristern Fern tried to get Gar to revoke his werebear form, but Gar did understand why he would he need to do such a thing. Aristern explained that it was to severe contact to the Cult of Imbris Yumen, but Gar reversed uno’d saying wouldn’t Aristern still have Werewolf powers. Aristern, frustrated with the conversation, left.

A week later, as gift by Ariel Hardy, Whornlug a Loxodon Bard gave his services to Milf Money mansion. The group refused to board him despite him being able to pay, and allowed him to play at the mansion.

Braldian Ovverin (dwarf Councillor of Economics) spoke with Breadgar regarding the situation with Augustus and Polus Ruf, offering his help with the matter for a price; Braldian wants to retire in the district when his term is up (in approx. two years) but understands from his nobility agents that it might be contested by Twain representing someone (its avon). Understanding the deal was with the Ruf family and nobility agents, Breadgar turned into a pterodactyl and flew to his father, teleporting him to milf money mansion and forcing a chat with him and his mother. Augustus then understood the nobility agent problem a bit better, and Breadgar started to walk his father across Boullini home.

While they were out, nobility agents flooded the street, sending Breadgar messages and whispers into his mind including the phrase “to not be afraid”, “don’t be scared”, “embrace his dream”, and “you were his first”.


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