Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 10 - Curtains, Please

The Gang Puts on a Killer Show

Previously on:

The minatour rohnin pulled out a battle axe, and cut into a horse. He was told to become vegan gluten free, and they travelled with her for abit. The also witnessed Twain breaking down complaining about his family in the western medical district, and asks the groups help when they get back to boullini. As they kept travelling they were blocked by a tree in their path, and morris suggested to take a detour into a town but scout out first. Upon coming to the town, there was a herd of dazed sheep., as the group hid, they saw the sheep getting slaughtered and a man being picked up and brain surrounded by tentacles of another humanoid who picked him up in a white armour encrusted with black skulls. Gar ultimately supermanned the carvarn over the tree. 

They then met a cloud giant named Ignatia, the Blue Curtain who invited them to the show and requested Fernado, Gar, and Artemis play on stage whilst breadgar was the opening act, rewarded immediately by Ignatia. As the play went on Breadgar opened spectacularly being payed up front, a stunning performance occurred by gar but not so much Artemis and  Fernado. Afterwards Ignatia unvealed the true purpose of the show, with Cerisbla the younger coming out of the curtains.  Cerisbla directed them to move towards the tree lines to escape. As they got to the carvarn they swiftly left. On the following day they encountered a burnt down village which juniper said she was from. Distraught, the party went through the town and found an old man in the rubble, weezing terribly, with a message to Atil of the Skimberi Senate about the new frontier. They passed by Giant civilization structures and during the night Twain suggested that, it may be best to end the mans suffering as he is  suffering. The group decided against the notion.  The next day the group on the road were approached by Cerisbla and asked to retake his home taken over by Ignatia’s minatours. The group made a deal that he would go and scout out skimberii to see if any large forces were going, he reported back with no sign of that. After Milf money took out the group of minatours, he strutted in and gave permission to milf money to leave, no message of a reward. As they started to leave, turning from the cavern, Ignatia introduced herself. She had a half a dozen or so minatours with her, and also had Morris in chains afore her and Twain in one hand and Juniper in the other. She gave a monologue that ko’viel interrupted and has given the group the choice between Twain and Juniper, of whom has as she put it “the least value.” As the group, specifically Ko’viel tried to stop this by blinding her, she put the decision in her own hands



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