Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 11 - Art is Forever

The Gang almost Waterboard Polus Ruf

Previously on Milf$:

On this immediate follow up session, Ignatia stepped on Morris, whom was attempted to be protected by Gar. In this, morris was left un conscious and a battle occurred, which saw many near deaths for our beloved milf money, including gar more than once falling unconscious. As the battle raged on Cerisbla assited milf money in getting them rid from his cavern. In this, a hill giant came from an opening in the ceiling and crashed into Ignatia as the ceiling tumbeled down. In the wake of this, Morris was killed.

They were rewarded by Cerisbla and went outside to see the horses slaughtered. Onion was missing. After riding ahead with a mammoth that was brought by Ignatia, they were stopped by a group of bandits who asked to make their jobs easier and were supposedly under the contract of a certain polus ruf. As they made their way, a wacky zany character named carl approached the group. He said he was on his way to the Acline path. the group came over a hill the next day and found onion at a stable. Polus ruf was in there. They used Carl who had been hired by polus ruf to set up a bakery in a burnt down village to lure him into their cart and intterogate him. As this happened they heard form polus ruf that he supposedly did not hire anyone.

As they moed forwards, Carl left them from the Acline path and jumped away. From a cliff/hill slide slope, they saw Speech Bubble and Deliliah being chased. As they started to move to speech bubbles rescue, they saw him blast the persuers away. On the night, the one they capotured they let go with a warning, as interesting named stir the groups party. The next day they  went off to skimberi, seeing a sign, seeing a roc in the sky and encountering a military group who asked for tribute, whom Fernado was with and thus rejoined the group. They moved into skimberi customs, and examined by magical officers, with one saying that Bearmy will need a sticker.



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