Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 12 - The City of Gnomes

Breadgar Sees Himself

Previously on Milf$:

After arriving in Skimberii as per assigned to bring back Kiana Kalesbane to Boullini, the group checked in at the magical embassy and Bearmy was declared alright to bring in.

Juniper got drunk, which ko’viel attended too and Twain went out to buy some horses, later asking what to do with the mammoth.

You explored the city, gaining an insight into the divide between new and old skimberii before heading to the East Wall inn. They also met a few children and some squirrels, one child complaining about creatures called Oni in the night. They also met Anino, breadgars aunty who’s child, Brix, is being salty with the family business. Also saw a golbin with a feather in his hat who said he was from another city of technology.

In the next day you went around and met whats the assistant to Kiana kalebsane who said that kiana is in an reserved site named Stoneregard. And that you need access to them from the skimberi senate. So milf money went towards the skimberii senate and were told that there was no bookings, on the way in however they bumped into Atitil who was able to push the agenda more so.

There a debate spawned between members who opposed the idea such as Porgi and Kyle of letting them into a reserved site and taking kiana kalesbane back to boullini, while also others such as Callice who supported milf money’s claims. Milf money brought their point to the senate, and Galivana called for a decree, which the senate lead in favour of milf money.

So after they headed towards the emerald pass, where they encountered a tree that kept coming from the distance who was there to help kiana. They fought off the emerald lady whom blocked their path and went into the emerald path, eventually leading to the underground city of stoneregard. They followed a moss trail which led them to a mansion at the peak of the inside hill, which was illuminated by a diming sun above. They entered the cellar where they found kiana kalesbane in a cell. She told the group of shelbos and her story, revealing that shelbo was her daughter and that she was here to end her misery, as shelbo was now a centuries old medusa child and asked if someone would give her a dagger. Avon said yes and kiana is now blinded and is leading the charge upstairs  to go and confront Shelbo.



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