Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 13 - The Battle For Skimberi

Ko'viel is a Motherfucker

Previously on Milf$:

After finding Kiana Kalesbane, she lead you through the mansion so she could confront her daughter Shelbo.

After an arduous battle with the defeat of the emerald lady and she’lbo, the mountain started to give way. Pressing through the way was blocked to outside the cavern and kiana told you of a way different.

Thus you ended up in shadowfell through a large gorge in the cavern. You came across the Shadar-kai, the denizens of this world. One elder guided you, at a price. She pointed at drukkor as what she wants as payment. Kiana explained they had an interest in shadowfell items seeking a natural attune to others from the material plane who had committed attrocities. Thus Drukkor said yes and was dragged down. She guided you and you came across in the distance, morris, albeit an undead morris with horses, still riding into the Shadowfell Skimberi.

When you came back into the material plane, you all were kept with Kiana Kalesbane for 24 hours to detox the stress induced by the shadow fell and awakening madness.

After, you guys left and came across the boy with the wooden sword. Asking for your help with the oni situation.

You then saw juniper rallying the people to beware of the new frontier. She was relieved to confirm that you were alive, via twain. Twain was also glad, to confirm he was not going insane. You also communicated with Sevran Ironfang, who informed you that the military garrison district was attacked in another more uprfront incursion

As the night progressed, Porgi asked ko’viel to go and have a talk with him on the wall. As you walked the wall porgi was killed by a blast of energy and you saw coming an army of the new frontier appearing in small groups, one of which that jumped over the wall and came face to face with ko’viel. The group easily dispatched them with juniper joining and finishing off the main mage.

The gang proceeded to kiana kalesbane houses where they saved the boy with the sword from his own heroism and were almost tricked by a woman running at them in danger, if it wasn’t for Avon’s apathy.

At kiana kalesbane house they witnessed her entrance as mages came and lugged fireballs at the place, she threw them back with Nreadgar throwing a dagger at one particular to which Kiana Kalesbane responded she knew someone for that.T he tree which you met on the way also named Emanuel also crushed one of the runners

You came to the Skimberi senate building as a massive Gatling gun emerged and gunned down a whole sector of mages. Coming out the front was man in a dark robe, bald and sealing all the bullets together whom Speech Bubble recognised and releasing them, killed many of the members.

Kiana prepared a spell to wash them out of Skimberi, as milf money rejected the attack and came to the top of the steps, as a damaged Skimberi lies all around them.



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