Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 15 - The Girl and Her Snake, The Lady and Her Friends

Artemis Loses her Mind

Previously on Milf$:

After watching the vines entrap the young Avant, who was welcomed by a woman in spectral light, Milf money returned suspicious and questioning of what had occurred. On the journey back along with Twain and Juniper originally came Kiana, Delilah and Malvodo. Attitl approached you group and handed you with an orb that reflected on past magical incidents, and the hand of Am’Rafukula that Gar had cut off. On the road out in the initial days, hilarities ensued with Speech bubble and Drukkor initiating different phases. Kiana suggested to Ko’viel that the Amerea magical university will have answers to whatever the new frontier book has in store. Malvodo trained Breadgar little by little on how to use his vest. Snek was a little bit restless as if he sensed danger coming their way.

Kiana discussed with the party what Boullini was like, and what she had previously done to stop the incursion of Skimberii. In the middle of her discussion, she blacked out and set things alike. At the same time emerging on top of the caravan was Carl whom claimed he was being chased by mages. Sure enough emerging from the tree tops where mages on broom sticks. As they chased, one of the mages with eletrcity around him swerved to the side and descending from the sky was the rolling thunder, Cerisbla. Cerisbla helped finish the fight and talked to the group a little, before shooting off electricity towards the treeline where it was reflected and challenged by Ko’viels former friend, Thomar who had been radicalised by The new frontier with what the purpose of magic was. Considering what Ko’viel had send, and not wishing to inflict further harm, Thomar exited a portal that emerged from behind him. Ko’viel proceeded to break down. And carl joined the carriage.

Soon after, Cerisbla followed the party to the town of Lewgale burnt down and Juniper viewed the orb to see a woman named Scarlet and the old man they had rescued talking and trying to decide on where to go. Before they could get an answer, a bright flash consumed them and blew the man away. Cerisbla then showed milf money his work at Ignatia’s old camp with slaughtered minatours, with a note that some bodies were missing. He bid them farewell and told them to remember Cerisbla the Younger, the rolling thunder of the thermopine path.

The day after they were on the road and outlining the road were a series of bodies. After a initial investigation, they all heard in their minds a voice “What lies in the corners of the minds. What parts may HE use.” In the battle with the mindflayer Yehthrall, he used the corpses on the road and took a hold of Artemis. In the ensuing fight, he wrapped the tentacles around Artemis skull and crushed leaving the Halfling brain dead essentially. After defeating the bodies, the others took the mindflayer as coordinated by Avon to an open field where all members of Milf money including Malvodo, Juniper and Kiana and focused fire leaving a bloody mush in avenging Artemis.

Rushing to the nearest town of Norehire, there was a doctor who Morris wanted to visit that  Twain recalled in the initial passing by of the town. The doctor instead of typical payment asked the group to deal with a threat to the town, the four angels: of lust, wrath, vice and farce. Another was hunting them down for a undefined reward, and the group thus met a new party member Phenrir Damakos, who decided to go along with the group casually in exchange for travels. With an elaborate plan consisting of a horn and Breadgar and Gar, luring them out as they reacted to noise. The gang put rest to the angels as ghostly spirits escaped their bodies, akin to the Urn Speechbubble broke in the first episode. After the last angel is defeated, Milf are left to collect the reward.



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