Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 14 - Titania, Titania, Titania

The Gang does a Jailbreak

Previously on Milf$:

After Kiana Kalesbane casted her spell, she became exhausted. Avon grabbed a root of Emmanuel.  Coming from the shadows and smoke afore, returned Drukkor, more readied. Kyle approached Milf money in needing assistance at the one of the key generators. There Avon lulled a roc while Milf money had to defeat oncoming mages as a bird rider was left tired. After Avon took flight and Drukkor showed off some cool new moves sets, the group had to keep watch. There Ko’viel picked up a book and the gang had Speech Bubble on watch with Fernado who came after the battle.  Fernado asked speech bubble what it was felt like to come face to face with a Lt. of Balore. In the following morning the group went to a procession that was hauling members in of The New Frontier. Ko’viel was approached by Juniper who asked if the new frontier all deserved to die. She took a flask of some acidic formula and threw it towards the crowd of the new frontier. As it burnt them alive, Juniper was shot by an arrow and tackled to the ground and taken to the holding cell where she was to be reclaimed later. After, Breadgar was taken by Anino to help with a bakery that was hit and let him discover a secret to her success in skimberii. While there, they received word that Fernado was not to be trusted as his body was found. And as such, Bredgar and Speech bubble raced back to the senate building.

At the senate building, discussions about the potential new frontier link to Caplan through the goblin you kept seeing was an issue, the damages of the new frontier, and the state of Kiana kalesbane. Interrupting however Fernado changed his form to Am’Rafukula, the Lt. of trickery for Balore. He took a shadow substance out of Kiana and told her to have this instead as she fell to the ground unconscious. In the ensuing battle, Kyle destabilised he magic barrier so all spell levels could be casted within the room as speech bubble and Breadgar joined the fight. Gar dealt tonnes of damage to the Am’rafukula and sliced off his right forearm. After an ordeal with the chain devil, Kiana tricked the senate into thinking she was staying; she told Milf money in their minds that they were leaving tomorrow at midnight. They returned to her place and she ensured that they weren’t apart of some larger plan to get back at Kiana. As well, she went through the magical items to check their resilience and came across the amulet of the beholder, and got concerned at how much the amulet may have known. Appearing in the middle of the room was a creature much like Sparky, but only larger in magnitude and scale of its eyes sockets. Out of those who touched it such as Ko’viel, Drukkor sought a gleam into their purpose and the formation of Milf money.

At the rest of the day, some shopping was done and twain offered a way to ko’viel, gar to break free juniper, utilising Avon’s titania faint so the guards would help him. As per classic Milf money, Avon went into a kneeling form and a bright light emerged from him manifesting in a woman wrapped with vines, whom identified as Titania. This allowed a few such as koviel to rescue juniper but some left stunned at her magnificence. After rescuing juniper, they went to the cemetery they emerged from before with the Child Avant with the sword to sort out the Oni problem. After some searching the oni revealed itself, with two dead children by his side signing lullabies, attempting to drag members into the ground. During the fight, the child Avant was drawn to a field of mushrooms. After killing the oni, Avon did not try to stop the child, as the child went into the embrace of a white light of a figure of a woman in the fae crossing of mushrooms, as vines closed a wall between their sight.



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