Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 16 - No Object

The Gang goes to University

Previously on Milf$:

With the angels defeated, they had to retake Artemis from the town doctor Dalek who suggested the medical district as a point of call for complete recovery. Leaving Norehire in the middle of the night, Speech Bubblr took watch for most of the night, gaining the feeling as if he was being watched. In the morning they were stopped by a tabaxi named Tabrax who was a part of the Hellenic group. On arriving back to Boullini, they saw the highly secured state the city was in. they talked to Lt. Jenni who offered to pay for the expenses via the military for Artemis. Bruce, Drukkor, Phenrir, and Gar went to the medical district with Twain moving towards she departed the group after a man fell from a building and a bundle of coins splattered beneath him, with him dead. That person was Randal Fuller, Brian Fullers boyfriend.

Ko’viel and Avon returned to Milf Money mansion to check up on sparky to find the mansion still intact and the room’s fine, though a pile of dust on the floor boards in the entrance of the house. They allowed Carl to take up residency and Avon perused a bird bath. They went to Sevran Ironfnags office with Kiana and told Milf money of the rewards that would be granted. He gave them a list of three things to do, one was speak to Alonso about the Foreign affairs in Skimberii and events that happened. One was to speak to Robart Frostfang about Ruman Talhinis position. And one was to talk to the noble families’ council.

At the Medical district, they turned Artemis into the northern ward where Snek was hesitant to leave the injured Halfling. Dorothy the clinician assured the group of the quarantine bells saying they happened constantly and is nothing to be worried about. They saw firsthand what a supposed creature lurking in the eastern districts was doing to people, such as the Goliath they found. On their way out, they fought a creature which self-proclaimed itself to be the Kenku Supreme, a horrible formation of bodies of kenkus in the power of flight. On returning to the mansions, hilarities ensued and Sparky almost disintegrated Drukkor who pretended to be Priscillia. Drukkor also touched the orb in the shadow room which led him to images of a burnt down town, a wolf being killed and a woman crying at a grave stone.

At the northern family council, Breadgar impressed the noble family council to provide funds to the government and allow access to private property in search of emerging portals. They also went to the Amerea Magic University where Drukkor and Speech Bubble attended a lecture of Transumation. While this happened, Avon went on a rampage through the university and found more about who Titania was. Speech Bubble was hesitant to the idea that the Hellenics closed down the four elements discipline area and saw a man in a robe, clench his fist in flames. They also attended a cult meeting enabled by Cicero who informed the group of the New more welcoming Imbris Yumen. Talmain also approached the group after they left, concerned with Gar. Both these asked Gar if he would like to open up his abilities. At the Robart Frostfang state, he informed the group that Talhini had a secret place called Old Way he used to retreat too.

They stood precession for Rabernica and the faith of Illiam making the arrival into Illiam through the southern docks. Rabernica asked the group who their gods were.. They bumped into a follower of Silvanus and the followers of Bonsiar who insulted Artemis. At the foreign embassy district they informed Alonso of what happened to Skimberi and the part they played, while Juniper and Twain offered their allegiance to Milf Money. Breadgar went to visit Rabernica who offered him how to follow in the faith of Illiam. He went to visit, without the party and has not returned through the night.



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