Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 23 - The Old Way

Where in the World is Ruman Talhini?

Previously on Milf$:

Milf money were asked by Justinian Fare to retrieve Ruman Talhini in Old Way. The gang choose to see him over Sevran Ironfang and he told Milf money to tell Ruman Talhini that he betrayed his city and his friend.

While on the road to Oldway, they came across members of a farming group who gave Avon some fertiliser. They also found some found an injured triceratops as alerted by the military and managed to evade a big game hunter with Avon sending the triceratops away.

After a week they found the township of Old Way and entered into the Tavern where they met a woman asking for her child Sophia who had went missing in the Banshee Drain. The gang quickly figured out why it was called the banshee drain and they went into the ruined part of town and found a Banshee and the girl. After defeating the banshee, they found out from the girl and another girl named Anabelle of what’s been happening in the town, and that after a man came, everything changed.

With that, they staged a mission to enter The Seat by cloaking invisibility and following the man, the man returned one of the girls to their mother and the other one, they headed towards the seat. Through a series of scuffles, they all managed to get within the building, and saw hints of Ruman Talhini throughout, even as they managed to go through the gardens. They heard through a communication device that Ruman talhini was with his sister at that night.

They then decided to go to his Estate and planned to lockdown the fort with his sister inside. After aw while, the Lady Victoria and tried to claim the woman but she did not want to go. There they waited and waited and one of them left to find out more information and found Lady Sheryl who is someone, like the two children were, unaffected by Ruman Talhini as she was guarding the forest. She assisted the group through getting into The Seat through a secret way. Gar jumped down with the modron blow dart and put Ruman Talhini to sleep.

After emerging from her state, Lady Victoria sentenced Ruman Talhini to death through her executioner. Milf Money wiggled their way out of death by managing to get her to stop, and the whole team left the city with Ruman Talhini in cuffs.

On the road back, they were met by The New Frontier seeking to use Ruman Talhini and let the main man, Garth a psionic ninja esque leader to live as he had no strong affiliation with the new frontier and said he would give the group information if he found any. Furhter on the road the encountered Misdreekus who attempted one last rescue attempt on her own to bring back Ruman Talhini and partially to exact revenge on Drukkor. They failed, and the day after The Seat caught up with them and Lady Victoria and Lady Sherly came to an agreement that Ruman Talhini could go to Boullini with Lady Sheryl under the supervision of the trial and that Oldway must have a say.

On the last day of the rest, they reached the out post in the east and stationed there for the night, but during the night the taxman interrupted them and asked for Talhini back, with the whole platoon basically dead. Midspeech, the Taxman was killed by an arrow through his throat and coming forward was the Tiefling Alliance, pulling the strings of the Taxman. There they planned to end Milf Money and bring Talhinis head.



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