Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 24 -- The Exorcism of Ruman Talhini

40ft Carriage Magic in the Air

Previously on Milf$:

The Gangs carriage was set alight and the group mobilised to defeat the tiefling alliance and protect the carriage and protect Ruman Talhini. They eventually ended up killing a tiefling, revealing it to be a dwarf instead actually. They became drained of resources and managed to kill all of the tieflings but one of them. The tieflings also had a gnoll fight for them for an unkown reason.

The road back was quiet and they met upon Lt. Everan who they previously met in the mining district and offered an escort back. For some reason unknown to the DM or the rest of milf money, on the way back Breadgar sat atop of the carriage used as an escort and was attempted to be killed by a member of the Atheism Combine, as they shouted in humour of their guild. There, he remained paralysed until The Insight Michael was able to relieve him, but in this healing process, bickering emerged between him and Speech Bubble and Kiana Kalesbane had to pull them apart, declaring there was bigger issues to settle. Rabernica requested they meet him in a week to talk with the atheism combine.

As the exorcism began, Talhini was begging for dear life and Prospera and Kapri talked amongst each other as they planned to go into Hell to free the souls of the damned, and offered milf money a chance to help them. They went back and the souls of the fallen were sent up, such as Lt. Jenni. They also rescued a still living Brandle who was being tortured, who was the librarian and the person who went to infiltrate Zartare. This hell excursion resulted in the near death of Ko’viel and the gang quickly finished things up in there.

With that, the epilogue to Arc 1 ended.

However, shortly after Bruce left the group for a walk, that lasted a while as he came across Hendrick student who waved peacefully and Bruce until a series of explosions ruptured underneath her and a member of the new frontier, Thomar (who is Joels old friend) to disappear within a portal. Bruce quickly rushed to help the girl, who had now lost both of her legs.



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