Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 25 - No Harvest Without a Farmer

Phenrir and Drukkor: A Family Feud Mess

Previously Milf$:

After returning home, about a week went by with no word from Bruce, and the gang got worried so they attempted to contact him but he only responded with “to ashes with the new frontier.” Through this week, they were in contact with Twain who met someone who offered a heavily discounted renovation to Milf Money Mansion. They decided on a training room in the end.

They also went with Twain to the medical district where he was attempting to find his family. They went through the sewer and found Katherine, a recruiter of the cult of ingress the thieves guild cult who toyed with them a bit before leaving. Later they stumbled across a giant rat that Avon attempted to make friends with before it ran away, and half its body was thrown back into their eye sight. This was just before a seven armed monstrosity peered through, a stitched amalgamation of  body parts, which one of them had a trinket belonging to someone Twain knew. He asked the group after slaying it to investigate later.

Carl kept asking how everyone’s day were.

They went to the Trial of Ruman Talhini where they testified, specifically Drukkor and Breadgar. While Drukkor answered harmlessly, Breadgar answers evoked intrigue amongst the court room, specifically pertaining to what had happened with the tieflings. Lady Sheryl was there for the decision making process where Ruman Talhini was sentenced to 400 years of jail in Boullini or his death, whichever came first.

On their outing after the trail, they came across a crowd forming around them, with a rose being dedicated to the group. A woman came to the front of the crowd and asked to talk to milf Money on the side of the street. They agreed and the woman revealed herself to Phenrir as Sarah Ziris from her home and warned of an imminent threat. However, during this conversation The Cimbric Clan took this opportunity to demonstrate to the group their worthiness, specifically to Drukkor. As they burned Sarah alive, archers came from the roof and attempted to exact revenge, giving Phenrir a token of advice after the cambric ran.

A few days later they left with Rabernica to the Atyheism combine, where they were to get Breadgars forgiveness from the Atherism combine. A formal assembly was initiated by Calli Ire and Rabernica honoured their apology, but it was overall futile to what he had planned for the Atheism Combine. He ordered faith enforcers to bar the doors, the Insight Michael to bash over the head Calli Ire’s assistant and Natalthia to scorch the building with holy fire as he prepared to ‘save’ the souls through a radiant beam of light. After it ended the massacre, Calli Ire started at Breadgar mournfully as the Angel Natalthia swooped in and cut her down.

As the faith of Illiam left, they met Kapri Fillhorn who became filled with rage and requested you all join her for her general assembly in a weeks’ time. She vowed vengeance and asked for Milf money to be by her side when everything hits the fan. Hendrick arrived at milf money mansion and talked with the group, admitting that he had been there when Ko’viels home town was destroyed. But he also asked for help, saying Bruce may have got himself into a terrible situation.



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