Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 28 - Restoration

Gang's got Back

Previously on Milf$:

After moving through the Scatter Heights district to extract a leader of the cult of the Hydra, the gang witnessed the Siamese twin women named Illyia and Sheryilia call upon the Hydra God to use to attack Raberncia. After sending out streaks of radiant energy, Rabernica was faced with an retaliation as the hydra god toppled down onto of Rabernica, doing some long lasting damage. Milf Money swooped in and tried to do as much as they could to Michael, faith enforcers and Bruce tried to get Breadgar. Natalthia kept cutting the heads of the hydra but seeing Breadgars position attempted to save him but was  met with Bruce jumping up high through Gars support  which almost saved Breadgar.

 The Siamese twins deactivated the portal and Arthur told the group of the rondevu point that they trekked too. Along the way, the group came across a fearsome howl throughout the Scatter Heights district, confronted by a augmented and weaponised Werewolf they deduced to be Aristan Fern. Bruce took the Siamese woman with her, Gar and Arthur took a child and mother they found after their father/husband was killed, Ko’viel secured a path ahead and Avon tree strode ahead to a barracks with a ballista. With the guidance of the two headed woman and Bruce distracting the weaponised werewolf,  the second bolt fired from Avon sent the creature way back into the Scatter Heights. The night went on, and it did not come back.

After securing the Hydra Cult leader, the group as apart of their designated places to go decided to go to the Orzhov Bank district. There they went into a spooky sandstone mansion type house where they waited an hour and twenty minutes to meet Teysa. She asked them what they could do for her and struck a deal that Gar would wear the Orzhov symbol on his back. The priest they were meant to intercept stunned at this exchanged, stabbed Gar. As a reaction to this, Teysa Karlov told them the story of the mansion, and the Orzhov family and why they dislike violence, as the Priest was dragged through the floor by a series of incopereal phantoms, who were presumably the ghosts of the orzhov family who got murdered.

They also helped a stalemate at The Strip district where they entered a seedy brothel that was under faith enforcer lock down. They only wished to speak to milf money and questioned their concept of Sin by presenting to them two varying sinners, and was engrossed by Ko’viels speech. They organised through the Guards and Arthur, to take them down by guiding them outside together, as to not incite direct hostility.

They were told by Lt Silverscape of 3 districts that needed support. The first one they choose to go to was the giaza district to inspire courage and generally talk, where they chatted to the locals who they had saved, heard the cries of the native tieflings there, stopped a drunk man and stopped a tent fire. They went to visit Defina De’von as the 2nd thing to convince her not to complete her poster, Avon managed to convince without enchantment magic that Illiam faith propaganda was not a true or just thing for her to be writing about, and she instead was interested in their tales. Lastly, they had to suss out in the Grand Chateu district who was acting as a spy. They found it to be the head tamer named Siril of Eno creatures, who supposedly let Nibbles die and disappeared when the military and religious coops were staged instead of extracting the animals.
They were notified by robart frostfang of  a plan happening in the bee keeper inn, where all the Boullini council was, where they sussed out a plan to skydrop from a thopter with the guidance of Kiana and the mission to end this brief civil war at Rabernica’s weakest point.



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