Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 30 - Besides the Rising Flames

Tell us your Backstory

Previously on Milf$:

The group, after recently defeating Raberenica and the radicalised faith of illiam, successfully have a crying Breadgar within Drukkor’s arm. Drukkor comforts him as he became stunned and speechless at the showing of Pyre, a old friend of his who spoke to him in a casual tone. The group trusted him and snuck out of the compound, going their separate ways but telling the of a meeting between him and the Cimbrics going to take place soon. Drukkor became anxious.

The group came to the Bee Keeper Inn, the front for the council of leaders to meet. Arthur Edridge bid milf money farewell continuing his ongoing military duties. After learning of Nibbles still being alive, Kapri was eager to go back to help. However, the group was given various rewards for the services by the other Council leaders like Ariel Hardy and Alonso Harehart. Sevran offered Breadgar a trip to Vintrultri Septim, the head place of the faith of Illiam to reconcile for his sins. As he went to catch the boat saying goodbye to friends and family, as the boat left dock, a group from the Smith’s Rest of the Sleepless jungle, a village apart of a group of xenophobic tribes, attacked. As the group killed them with Bruce jumping on a cow to trample some of them, and Avon controlling an archer for the whole fight, the boat sailed away as Breadgar gave a final wave. After the battle finished, even though it was a long day, Bruce and Gar went fishing and almost got fined.

A bird bath was finished while the group spent three weeks waiting for a dinner invitation to the Fern estate. The group practice some tactics in the training room. During this time:

 Bruce checked up on Hala in the medical facility, found a symbol of the simic guild in Nobglins possession. He was also approached by a certain Brustan Tran from the Hellenic guild, who wanted to speak to him and Hendrick about renegotiation back into the monkish order.

Drukkor went with milf money to the previous guild hall of the cult of Rakdorn, which is now abandoned occupied by the Cimbrics. The head leader denounced Drukkor, but through negotiation and peaceful resolve, Drukkor was able to hush is fiery temperament and helped start the cimbirc cult in a new direction.

Avon went to Brandle who was working in conjunction with Kel, a mage who the group met once prior when trying to find sparky a home who wants to cut off ties between this material realm and the fey wild. He went into a bush with Bruce and Gar, and there sat a lady titania who was shrouded in vines and a dress made of branches. In Sylvan, she told him to disturb Kel’s life.

Gar met with Delilah who discussed the attack on at the southern docks. She told them that the plan to go to the rests in a expedition was pushed earlier due to the recent attack, from 2 months to a months time. There was a suspected attack happened which Gar perceived, as guards started to patrol and information was debriefed in a room underground. Phenrir was approached by the tiefling alliance, but she did not follow up on their offer to open a line of dialogue between milf money and themselves.

Ko’viel and Kiana conducted an interrogation of Thormar, Ko’viel’s former friend who had turned into an high ranking agent for the new frontier. However, Thormar revealed that the new frontier wasn’t a group, that it was a new ideology of sorts, and that some of Ko’viels friends could still be alive somewhere in Canala. He was then approached by a mind controlled dragonborn after the interrogation, who told him to free Thormar, announcing that this was Jaunt the Havoc sending the message, the person who led the attack at Skimberi and who Ko’viel vaguely remembers from Deikoura.

One night, after all this backstory stuffed creeped in, the group started a campfire sharing more and more information about themselves. Carl started, reminiscing about his time in the Sykmov military and his wound, which led him to adventuring. Drukkor talked about his need for repentance from the Cimbrics. Bruce talked about his life with Hendrick. Avon mentioned how he woke up one day in a forest and he was older. Gar talked more detail about his upbringing in the sleepless jungle. Ko’viel wouldn’t come down and Phenrir dosed off. As a night came to the end, the group learning a little bit about each other, they departed and slept.

They then met Gouregious Fern, who was introduced by Litean Fern. She reqused weapons and a magically binding contract to not use spells, but this was voluntary. Gouregious Fern treated milf money to a three course dinner, talking about general things, until she became specific about each of their pasts. To demonstrate her influence, she showed them a vision of a guard who worked for Ariel Hardy, the leisure officer of Boullini, who on Gouregious Fern stepped forward to kill Cicero (the leader of the imbris yumen cult, which Gouregious Fern’s son was once the leader of before he went M.I.A). She then told the group, that if they did not assist with her request or if they betrayed her, that she would destroy everything they loved, including all the residents at Milf Money Mansion. She then regained her temperament and her brief anger subsided, as she explained she wanted to find out what happened to Aristarn as he had not been seen since the deal with the mafia. Next to Gouregious through all of this was an elf man named O’Carrick. He sat with a large mechanical wolf behind him, who was going to work with Milf money in conjunction with the group.

It has been three weeks since Breadgar left and you are currently finished with your dinner with Gouregious Fern, as you all, except Bruce, did not feel like desert.



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