Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 61 - A Hug and a Knife

The Gang has something against the Gaze!

Previously on Milf$:

Breadgar was accosted by Nobility Agents who had their hoods up, telling Breadgar weird things. He returned home with his Father Augustus who would preside at Milf Money Mansion and not return home over the coming month. Breadgar held a meeting to alert the group of nobility agents suspicious and nefarious activity

They planned on contacting Robart Frostfang, sending a message to him through Sending to him and he replied saying said he would appear in a few days. Gar asked Ko’viel if he could research about lycanthropy and so Ko’viel did so. During this time, Drukkor frequented Shurikan to provide company and sometimes liaising with the Cimbric leaders.

Gar also went to look for Morris (the Werebear who infected him with lycanthropy), but he was out on a perimeter mission at on the Western side of Boullini and would arrive back in a few days.

Tabrant, Hellenic Enforcer and one of the five fingers of the Hellenics, came to visit. Hala initially was standoffish against Tabrant until Bruce appeared. Tabrant clarified his purpose being there was to check that the rumors the Hellenics received from the nobility agents were true, and to recruit new members for the Hellenics. The Hellenics had been growing but were under scrutiny for their involvement with The New Frontier, but they were able to prove their renounced ways. The Hellenics are now ready to grow even further, and so they want to recruit, without an emphasis on ‘prodigies’ or really specialized elemental users, taking a eclectic approach. Tabrant and Bruce had tea in the training room, including a philosophical conversation.  Bruce then planned a fight with Tabrant and spar but omitted the detail that Hala would fight Tabrant in the fight. When presented to Hala, she responded that she “never loses”.

Titania spoke through Emmanuel the Treant about Avon needing to come to a decision about Petra, if she would return to the group or if she would become another child of summer and be blessed with power. He had until the night.

Robart Frostfang appeared to Milf money mansion, yelling at Breadgar for wasting his time all while slipping a red diamond stone into his hand. After coming inside their house, and saying very little, Robart left telling them to not worry (but really, he wanted them to worry). The group took the Amulet with eye used that previously summoned a projection of a beholder and put in the red diamond, where they became surrounded by a deafening silence. The group had little idea what this did initially.

To pass the time, Gar and Breadgar sparred. Guess who won between the barbarian and the bard.

In the dead of night as all occupants were asleep, a decision was reached by Avon. Avon wandered into Petra’s room, saying “ Petra will be as grand as I” and chose to keep Petra in the fey wild and was never going to tell Milf Money.

Over the next few days, Avon, Gar and Breadgar visited the in-construction Saviors district and consulted with Tim the guard about the appearance of Gnolls. The group tracked down the gnolls to an overhang cliff where they rested, and then back to their base, knowing they had beef with Thri-keen (mantis creatures of the desert) nearby. They found them at an abandoned human castle/fortress that was built in early colonial Boullini with hundreds of Gnolls.

Tim noted that perimeter missions were done all the time which would often confront the desert creatures and could be escalated as one option. Another option was to directly go to the base and deal with it, as requests for sweeps could, depending on intensity, take a while. Another solution presented itself as Axia, the Female Dwarf Nobility agent in white appeared to the group. She mentioned she found where Drukkor with Shurikan, Ko’viel at the library and Bruce with Hala, but couldn’t find those three. The trio figured out the red stone may be blocking communication as Axia attempted to cast message, but nothing was going through.

Sometime later, a human man arrived at Milf Money, with dark colored tattoo of a Hedron under his eyes. He claimed he was from the Cult of The Hedron and was pinned down by Okin as the man was attempting to scale the gate. He wanted Gar to unsee what he saw at the Hedron, noting his cult of the Hedron had mostly disbanded when the nobility agents arrived to make the pyramid of bodies in the Hedron district (where they would conduct worships). He said there were multiple Hedrons across the continent. As he was released from Okin on the group’s request, he went to stab Gar’s eyes, but was saved by a gunshot lighting the silhouette of Axia on a building, who teleported away, killing the man.

A bit afterwards, Gar visited Morris about Aristern Fern and what Aristern meant. Morris said Aristern was a rich prick who used the view of poorness to build up the Cult of Imbris Yumen when he was really always power hungry and masquerading as a working class man to use people, including his fellow lycanthropes and mMlf money, and eventually how he got into his position as Councilor for Spirituality.

The group were also invited to a meeting in the Southern Docks district by Alonso Harehart (Councilor of Foreign Affairs) with Delilah (from Gar’s village in the Xenophobic rests of The Sleepless Jungle, one of a few Foreign Affair proteges). They prepared the group for the arrival of Archul, notifying them of a meeting that would happen that would involve Milf Money and they would need a response to Archul nation’s claim that they were on Archul soil undocumented.

Alonso Hareheart wants the group to lie to Archul nation as it would cost a heavy fine but Delilah wants the gang to tell the truth so they can build towards reparations to the future.

 A few weeks later, the Archul Dominion Liaison arrived by boat, Mospeth Kislie, a tall High Elf with golden hair and stern demeanor. On the same dock Rabernica had once entered.

The gang is preparing for the Archul and Boullinian Ball that is happening in a few weeks, and the group has been referred by Alonso Harehart to speak with a chief stylist name Senna Blane, in the control district.


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