Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 62 - The Archul and Boullini Ball

The Gang play dress up!

Previously on Milf$:

The gang had been invited by Alonso Harehart (Councillor for Foreign Affairs) and Delilah Viewer (Person from Gar’s home turned Diplomat) to the Boullinian and Archul Ball occurring in the Collenade District in a few weeks. First, the group visited Senna Blane, a stylist in the control district. Senna was accompanied by a group of gnome fashion designers and some nobility agents.

The gang then spent time developing their outfits for the ball

All outfits had a symbol of Milf on them, an M with a dollar sign in it. They described their outfits as follows:


  • Loin cloth
  • Black top hat
  • Yellow tie
  • Suspenders hot pink – with fur sprouting from it (illusions/effect by Senna)
  • Back tattoo of shattered sun clearly shown
  • Bear shoulder things
  • Great axe
  • No shoes
  • Bearmy – also wears a black top hat with them.


  • Drukkor wore a long flowing black dress with dark boots
  • Shadows smoked down at the rim of the dress (by Senna)
  • Fake black wings, draconic in nature


  • Illiam symbol sprouting from pauldron that’s golden (glowing by Senna)
  • Formal boots with no armor
  • Golden boots
  • Cape on left side
  • Three symbols on him

    • Illiam on breast plate
    • Family crest on right – loaf of bread
    • Left side milf money


  • Traditional blue suit
  • High collar
  • Sleeveless under shirt/tailcoat that’s orange – subtle flame pattern that’s animated (by senna)
  • Two tone orange and blue
  • Messy and grungy
  • Leather black boots
  • Shitty fleece pants that are blue
  • Orange fingerless gloves


  • Wearing sandals- each step changes a different type of element coming out of it – samurai sandals block of wood
  • Knuckles busters with gemstones
  • Waxed head with tattoos that stream with the elements (illusions by Senna)
  • Wearing full robe with four quadrants left for water, right for fire, torso greyish for wind and bottom brown for earth


  • White, green and gold scheme
  • Floral shoulder pads and patterns
  • Crown – circlet that’s golden with emerald in the middle
  • Cape with flowers, growing endlessly at the tip (illusion by senna)
  • White base shirt
  • Onion groomed


Continued Recap:

Ko’viel spoke with Gar about the results of lycanthropy research. Ko’viel also spoke with Juniper regarding Kiana and Juniper mentioned it was still a long time away.

Hala was in the training room practicing before the fight with Tabrant.  She had a deep and meaningful conversation with Bruce about why she continues to fight. Bruce was sage-like using it to reflect on the time he was missing and why she fought then. Tabrant arrived for the fight, and they engaged in combat in the training room.

Hala and Tabrant fought as everyone from MILF money mansion watched. Hala using what she learnt from Bruce over the last week both the success and failures. After a series of back and forth, Hala wins the fight revealing her elemental animal channel through as dolphins. Breadgar healed them, Bruce commented that it was first time he noted he could see Hala’s elemental animal with Bruce reflecting on why he chose giraffes as Hala thanked him for being a good teacher.

Gar visited Teysa Karlov at the Orzhov Bank, who visited him after coming out of a meeting. Breadgar gave Bobonash money for a thopter course as he has been likening thopter flying to his sailing days, the closest you can get in the city.

The gang then prepared to go to the Boullini and Archul ball, chucking a stay at the Stargazer Hotel with the function in The Beekeeper Inn (the usual spot for emergency meetings back in the day, the place where they gang met all of the council of Boullini) amongst the colonnade district, the same district where and area where Balore attacked the procession (not ominous at all!)

They mingled amongst the ball and spoke with prominent figures of Boullini:

Kapri Fillhorn – expressing discontent for the nobility agents rise I the city

Ariel Hardy – showing up with Haku and another Cimbric, thanking Drukkor for their help.

Aristern Fern – Once again tried to speak to Gar but nothing went in, he left Gar and felt frustrated.

Polus Ruf – queried Breadgar as to why his parents were there, speaking about the Bread meeting falling through.

Children came up to Ko’viel in the hall asking them to sculpt spell around them, but Ko’viel did not.

Alonso Hareheart scolded for telling the truth but Delilah Viewer passed them and thanked them for being honest.

Yeremy Minuet, a character from our earliest Extra Life one-shot, was playing a song.

Gar lead Teysa for a dance but fumbled excellently in the middle of the dance floor.

Delilah spoke with Breadgar and so did Braldian.

Kiana was the only member of the council they couldn’t speak with, who wasn’t concerned with talking up politics and was instead vibing amongst the ball room (unlike Justinian Fare, Kapri, Aristern, Alonso and Braldian)

Ko’viel left the party early stopped by Robart. Really Ko’viel should learn by now not to leave things early it only progresses the plot.

Robart warned him that The Infinite Gaze has been behind everything, and said they needed to head back to their group now. As Ko’viel returned and explained, the chandelier projected a blue image of a Beholder as lights pierced the Boullinian sky creating a hovering hologram of a creature similar to Sparky with many eyes, a Beholder, The Infinite Gaze.

The party guests were left speechless as The Infintie Gaze said with a thundering boom that echoed across Boullini, “tula thee sinompa”.

Nobility agents whipped out their guns and shots were fired across not only the hall, the district, but the city of Boullini.


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