Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 63 - His Vision of Boullini

The Gang Get Some Bombshells!

Previously on Milf$:

The Gang saw blue lights being projected into the sky after Robart came to them. He told them that The Infinite Gaze had been behind everything; but before he could explore it more, the blue lights created the shape of a creature with many eye stalks, a Beholder, with a loud booming voice across the city that said “Tulathee Sinompa”

In a matter of seconds, the nobility agents whipped out their rifles and started blasting at Nobles and higher figures in the city.

  • Braldian Ovverrin, Economic Leader first seen with Ruman Talhini, was shot and thrown over a balcony.
  • Alonso Hareheart, Leaders of Foreign Affairs, who helped Ko’viel to find Rai and guided to the group to the rests was shot on the chest and left on the stairs.
  • Aristern Fern, Leader of Spirituality, turned into their Werewolf form with the pipes around him activating, but was shot by a silver arrow.
  • Justinian Fare limped away with his guards down the colonnade district.
  • Ariel Hardy was ushered away to safety by Drukkor’s Cimbrics.
  • Teysa Karlov ran away.
  • Mospeth Kislie, Envoy of the Archul Dominion, was shot and surrounded by his Elites.

Two giant dwarven centurions emerged out of buildings. Bronze and copper hulking giants that stormed towards Kiana Kalesbane and Kapri Fillhorn who were on opposite sides of the hall. Delilah Viewer said that they should help one of them but was shot in the ribs by a Nobility Agent. Ko’viel cauterized Delilah’s wound with a cantrip. The Nobility Agents were not focusing on Milf money but the rest of nobility as Robart explained. He also explained that Milf Money Mansion had nobility agents there and they needed to go respond to it. The group abandoned Kiana and Kapri who were going toe- to-toe with centurion each, believing the two leaders could handle it, and teleported back through Breadgar’s teleportation. Robart teleported with Delilah to the in construction Saviors district, and instructed the group members to head there.

When they arrived, Juniper and Sparky were looking on as Axia, (prominent nobility agent and so-called, high ranking Nobilitus Adjant) and other nobility agents were standing at the front of Milf Money Mansion with torches in hand. Axia demanded their audience and eventually, Gar and Breadgar stepped out front and spoke with them. Bruce witnessed a vision just before confrontation, a vision including the group achieving heightened power and influence.  Juniper had explained that most everyone had gone through the portal except for her and Sparky. They couldn’t find Carl.

Axia spoke to Milf Money about how broken the city’s leadership was citing the leadership’s of the city creating problems for you; Kapri taking Artemis, Alonso asking you to lie to Archul, Justinian keeping you quiet about missing children, Kiana being ready to leave the post of Magic councilor, Ariel coercing Drukkor and Bralldian manipulating Breadgar and trying to rival Avon for the district, and Aristern Fern pseudo-threatening Gar. Axia mentioned The Infinite Gaze knew what they needed and knew what the city desires, and the only barrier to Milf Money pledging allegiance was to sacrifice Sparky. Axia warned if they betrayed The Infinite Gaze, they would need to say good bye to Priscillia.

The group delegated and Carl snuck in saying they could surprise and attack the group.

Carl swooped in and killed one of the four right off the bat, Carl “stole” two of Drukkor’s kills, Ko’voiel put another down. Axia ended up disabling Breadgar’s ability to speak and deafened Drukkor with a precise shot, but teleported to the roof after an onslaught by Bruce and Gar and was quickly dispatched by Gar ripping off her arm.

As the nobility agents died, Axia flailing in pain, a strong blast of energy coalesced atop the obsidian spire that homed in on their area and blasted the side of Milf money mansion, disintegrating Axia. The gang took down the flames on the bush land around Milf money mansion, but with a hole in their building where Petra’s room was (with charrewd and burnt flowers now thanks to Avon), the gates crashed in, Artemis’Halfling Watch Tower charred and all the windows on the front shattered, the group abandoned for the saviours districts.

When they got to the Saviours district that was in construction, the group saw many allies they had made through their adventure. Robart had explained he had prepared them to meet here with other rogue nobility agents like him who were displeased with the Infinite Gaze’s plan.

Robart took the group aside and explained to the group that Tulamire (the name revealed for The Infinite Gaze) has been influencing everything the group has come across since their conception.  He mentioned that the Priscillia (Breadgar’s sometimes hard hitting Mother) that is with them is not the same Prisicillia they knew. Instead, The Infinite Gaze imagined a replica of Priscillia through a dream where she was willed into existence after reviving her failed, confirming her soul had been destroyed or at least out of reach for a being such as Tulamire. If Tulamire dies, so does this Priscillia. The group decided not to tell her and only Twain, Robart and Garth. Avon suggested to send this Priscillia to the fey wild but the group rejected the idea.

Key things Tulamire has controlled according to Robart:

  • Tulamire had used the dwarves who live in tribes under the city of Bouillini who were disenfranchised and colonized and mobilized them to reestablish their grip on the surface world (not all dwarves)
  • He provided information to Ruman Talhini through Robart regarding a pact with Balore.
  • He made Robart choose everyone of the members of Ruman Talhini’s Private Investigators, know initially as Talhini’s Mutts (who would go onto be Milf Money/Saviours of Boullini).
  • He planned the Balore invasion to increase the statues of nobility agents elevating them from private investigator.
  • He destroyed the credibility office of spirituality through this, by Sevran, an inexperienced protégé take his place and abandon his post, followed by an uninfluential Teri Fae Gnome who handed the position to Aristern Fern during the state of emergency.
  • He provided information to Sevran about Kiana Kalesbane being the key to defeat Balore.
  • Breadgar and Artemis were his first visions for the city, due to them being born in the city.
  • When Ko’viel was killed by Balore, his soul was saved by Tulamire when being wresteld between heavens and hell. (see Session 16 – 22 when Ko’viel mooned the devil)
  • He then sent communications to Rabernica and helped set up his version of Illiam in the city so you would take down the major faith in the city, so trust in spirituality would further be diminished.
  • He then led Nobglin to Aristern Fern and Natalthia, forging them into biomechanical creatures that the Simic Combine Guild used, to destabalise trust in guilds and as a consequence, into Ariel Hardy.
  • He led the new frontier to Hala which caused her to lose her legs.
  • He provided information to the rests regarding Gar’s existence and to hurt Foreign Affairs office and Alonso Harehart.
  • He provided information to Verluxia keep so Phenrir could tie up her past.
  • He provided information about your whereabouts to high-ranking new frontier members so they would attack you and ultimately scare Ko’viel away, knowing Garth would follow him and used him as protection so nothing would happen like Artemis and the mind flayer, Yethrall (which he had no control over, which is why he wants to expand his reach).
  • He exposed Logos in the desert, just enough, so the group would run into him as they travelled to the Sleepless Jungle, revealing there are further plans for Logos under his vision.
  • He provided information to the Hellenics about Hala and had nobility agents follow close by as you travelled to Brobdinal (leaving prompts for you to say Tulatheesinompa in taverns and other locations).
  • The Cimbrics found the guild hall that was abandoned due to information that was provided to the leaders. Rakshun was provided information about the new frontiers. The new frontier were directed to the Cimbrics by nobility agents where they struck a deal with one of the four leaders, Rakshun.
  • The Nobility Agents provided information to the new frontier of Milf moneys movements so their base could be attacked. He then provided information to the group through Robart to Alluris and Kiana about where their souls were being kept in The Rising base in the desert. He also did this so you could attack the Rising Base and kill the Beholder working there, Mortis (under the Litch Rigor).
  • Priscillas permanent death was out of Tulamire’s control control.
  • He used nobility agents to free the new frontier members that were captured like Thomar.
  • He did not anticipate the new frontier attack and had no control, and when you disappeared from view, he convicned you were obliterated. As a result, Tulamrie mobilized nobility agents and launched a full scale tula hee sinompa new frontier or in common, “betray the masters of the new frontier”.
  • The phrase tulathee sinompa is not mind control but rather a command and order to execute.
  • When the group came back – his vision of Boullini had rose as nobility agents were more prominent but static. You coming back signalled at time for him to reenergize his efforets into achieving his goal, which was redistributing power that was equal throughout Boullini, seeing the corrupt machinations of the ruling class (much of which he had set up).
  • Juniper capturing the initial new frontier member was due to Tulamire. He also provided support to Juniper who kept the New Milf money together but never saw them as replacing you, and easily disposable.
  • Tulamire ordered deaths of people revealing future threats so he can propagate and fix them, such as the person from the cult of the Hedron who warned Gar of a being that he saw.
  • When twain was revived, he eliminated all other financial sponsors from communication leading the Orzhov bank to being soul financial interest over Gar and restoring the new milf money.
  • He also provided information to Adara.
  • Provided bad legal advice to Augustus Illegal.
  • Amplified the power of the Orzhov bank as Milf money benifcators.
  • He hates other beholders and wants Sparky dead but understands how much he means to you, so he wants him as a sacrifice.
  • He weakened all  current councilors positions and all their standings as leader

    • Kapri’s military strength diminished.
    • Ariel Hardy’s grip on guilds and through exposing her shady business with drukkor.
    • Alonso hareharts desire to make you lie. Tulamire knew Amrafukula (the Raksasha) was with you on your way to Skimberi.
    • Kiana Kalesbane was instantly challenged in her new position as council person as new frontier ran rampant
    • Bralldian Ovverrin – didn’t like he was contesting Avon and Twain for leadership of the milf district so he killed him at the party instantly.
    • Justinian Fare – coerced an ongoing state of emergency for few years.
  • He told the Archul Dominion that there had been undocumented trespass over their lands when you had returned to try use this weakness in Boullinian leadership to start a war  so when he took over he could further expand his reach.
  • He saw milf money come and knows how he can achieve their goals, or at least his version of his goals.
  • He’s been building you all up as Saviors of Boullini, perfectly constructed narrative under his gaze.

Garth offered a view of joining Tulamire, since there was some merit to what he was doing including getting rid of nobility.

Pyre and Carl scouted a location and came back. The group loaded into a 40ft carriage and was led to the area where Alluris used the spell Mighty Fortress to make the location she coined “Milf Money’s Home for the Displaced”.

Four things thy need to do

  • Plan how  to confront Tulamire
  • Establish a base of operations
  • Plan a distraction over 7 days involving6  key districts and assign task force leaders.
  • Descend into the under dark of Boullini  through the Pyramid with that mummy saw, and head towards Tulamire’s inner sanctum in the center of Boullini.

Allies with Milf Money:

  • Robart Frostfang
  • Garth
  • Hala
  • Ariel Hardy, Haku, other cimbric and arena champions Celion, Barbados, Zionrah
  • Pyre
  • Malvodo
  • Logos
  • Carl
  • Artemis
  • Okin with a group of five fighters brought to Boullini from the rests
  • Lt. Arthur  Edridge  – leader of the eastern military with a triceratops and 40ft carriage
  • Morris – Werebear
  • Juniper
  • Nobglin
  • Sparky
  • Whornlug
  • 10 defective Nobility Agents, all
  • Tabrant and some Hellenics
  • Cimbrics
  • Alluris and four teenage spell casters
  • Teysa Karlov, Augusuts Illegal, Priscillia Illegal, Rai, Martha, Twain
  • Yappy Puppy


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