Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 64 - Into The Eye

Breadgar Gets Vored

Previously on Milf$:

After Alluris (former New Frontier founder and current mage leader of Magical Orphanage) created the mighty fortress for shelter, the gang and their allies took comfort in the stone walls as Tulamire’s projection hovered over the city of Boullini.  The next morning, Artemis had shown the group a group of giant eye balls that she had dispatched. Robart said they came from Tulamire scouting the desert, that they see and report back to communicate.

Drukkor spoke with the leaders of the Cimbrics that were present, Flammie, Rakshun. Ur and Drogon were back in the city a small number of Cimbrics.  Drukkor reflected on their death by the hands of Adara. Ariel Hardy, Leader of Entertainment and Southern Guilds, also approached Drukkor, confessed the reasons declining political favour and absolved the Cimbrics of their coerced responsibilities, offering that they can still help her after this mess if choose but she will no longer blackmail the Cimbrics over their past deeds.

The group spent sometime with Robart allocating who would lead assaults on key districts and their purpose. The strike force would be sent out as the group made their descent, essentially having seven days to get into the inner sanctum.

1. Collenade district

 -to hep kapri and kiana, and the important nobles who attended the ball

Arthur Edridge, Garth, Malvodo, Morris (Wearbear)

2. Aleo (Hedron) district (pyramid of bodies next to the Hedron)

- nobles being attacked in their homes, making another pyramid of bodies

Pyre, Garth, Nobility agents

3. Giaza district (clear some propaganda)

- Where milf money started their adventure – nobility agents trying to set up a base to convince the public this situation is what milf money wants. Spreading misinformation that they will submit to the will of Tulamire and nobility agents

Juniper, Artemis

4. Scatter heights district (elven military of archul)

- Archul military is being kept there who can help mobilise

Tabrant and Hellenics

5. Control district (eliminate nobility agents)

politicians are trying to restore power, but none of the council leaders are being seen in the city.

Cimbrics, Rakshun, Flammie, Haku

6. Wordly scape (help guild leaders)

- Where the guilds are being attacked who can be helped to help the city

Ariel hardy

arena champions Celion, – arcorbatic archer, Barbados, muscular Javenlin man, Zionrah – spell caster mage -Okin’s and his fighters from The Rests

7. Stay at Mighty Fortress

Twain, Carl, Hala, Robart, Logos, Nobglin, Sparky, Bobo Nash, Martha, Alluris and her children, Whornlug, Augustus, Prisicillia


Augustus provided a bread bag to help with rations, essentially an unlimited bag of bread.

Avon found capsule for onion.

Hala complained about staying back but Bruce was able to help regulate and inform the importance of her staying.

Avon stole potions from Nobglin – including six greater and two supreme healing potions.

Avon urged Breadgar to take a risk with Prsicillia to send Prsicillia to the fey wild he likened his own experiences as being “haunting” feeling as Priscillia would be gone after they potentially defeat Tulamire. Breadgar refused. Breadgar went to speak to Priscilla and revealed what Robart had disclosed about her not actually being revived but a result of Tulamire’s dream. Breadgar then disclosed to the group what the situation was with Priscillia.

Breadgar also blessed a rock to make a waypoint to teleport back to but it did not work.

Robart let the group know some details about the descent into Tulmaire’s inner sanctum. The most accessible way was through a hole in the under dark through a pyramid in the desert, one which they passed on their way to Skimberi some 50 sessions ago. When they get to district 10, there is a Dwarven Nobilitus Adjant (same rank as Axia) named Rumple Bellwater who will be able to get access into the inner sanctums giant doors from the old dwarven palace. Robart warned once in the inner sanctum and dwarven palace, that the opportunity to recover and rest would be near impossible as Tulamire would know where are you are at all times, and the red diamond eye stones will cease to function.

A nobility agent name Talen asks the group to keep Tulamire alive as he foresees events that can be prepared. They did not offer anyways this could be

The group then bid their allies farewell and traversed across the desert, dodging and hiding from a patrol of roaming giant eye balls.

A few days later, the group arrived at the Town of Venendwarf, a human settlement on one of the roads north east of Boullini. While the group spoke to a woman about a lack of people travelling through the city and the anxiety of the blue projection of Tulamire hovering over the city, Bruce was caught off guard by another man who stared longingly at it.  The man spoke ominously about how the end was coming. The man wore a headpiece shaped as a Hedron, his boots were like cowboy boots with hedron pieces instead of stars. He also had a pair of revolvers. After speaking ominously, the man disappeared.

The group arrived at the pyramid they once came across on the road to skimberii. However, in front of them there were two pyramids and bodies of Gnolls and Thrikeens in front of them. Avon spoke to a plant who revealed there was a battle between the two tribes of creatures. Ko’viel cast detect magic on the left most pyramid but the group used Gar to see through the eyes of a humming bird which went down the right most pyramid corridor. In the pyramid, bandages wrapped around the humming bird and exploded it. The group then sent an animal from the bag of tricks to the left most one, and Gar saw a drop of wet liquid drop on the animals head as a tongue slithered around it and teeth and two eyes revealed on the outside. The tongue forked for Gar and Drukkor. The mimic pyramid revealed itself, grappling the gang but was banished by Avon, but Drukkor was also banished with them. Breaking concentration, the pyramid came back and attacked Ko’viel, and spitting out Drukkor. Breadgar was then swallowed by the pyramid seeing the inside of its stomach, a dark blackness. When the creature was killed, the mimic collapsed on itself and exploded.

Cleaning themselves up, they saw the real pyramid had an inscription in elven on it saying “Janos the thinker of eternity, here he lies”

Knowing there was a hallway of bandages, which the group previously was attacked by on their way to Skimberii, Ko’viel and Bruce took Gaseous forms to get to the other end of the hallway into the next room. The group saw a sustained flame made the bandages grapple weaker and upon figuring that out, ran with everyone to the end of the hall. Breadgar had some mishaps but Ko’viel kept fumbling, eventually saved by Bruce. At the end of the hall, the gang was stopped in a room full of breathing jewels.


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