Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 65 - Forget Me Not

Itpat Once Again

Previously on Milf$:

The gang had survived the Mimic Pyramid, went through the hallway of bandages, and then came across a room of treasures and jewels. The colours were of all wonderful, but as the group made contact with the jewels, they revealed to be scarab-like creatures fluttering and exploding into their faces. Underneath was an ore vein rejuvenating. Ko’viel found letters in an order that went E R S, thinking it was a order for explosions. The gang tested this and went through the room of the pyramid – touching on an Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. The doors opened revealing a further set of stairs.

The stairs went into a room full of mirrors, the entrance way revealing first to Drukkor a door he could pass through and behind him in the reflection, was another Drukkor that had a star shaped hole in his body – when he had died to the hand of Adara. When they entered the room of mirrors, Ko’viel was confronted with a visage of his death at the hand of Balore and by a flying devil, the two times he died. The others were confronted by visions of their past close encounters.

Entering further down, the gang came across the central tomb of Janos Vikarona, the Thinker of Eternity. The group inspected the sarcophagus and the door which shut them out from going further into the tomb. The sarcophagus started to open, and Gar used his weight to close it shut. As Avon backed away behind a pillar, a Janos apparated behind him with bloom of flowers, forget me nots. Janos spoke telepathically and in elvish, confused about the half-humans in the group. He indicated he came at a time beyond their history. Janos noted he would offer travellers to pass through here into his chambers and treasures, at the cost of a story sacrificed of something or someone they hold dear.

Breadgar initially offered the memories of Prisicllia as the ‘dreamed’ Priscillia’s would perish when Tulamire is confronted. However, Janos refused as he had already let go of her and come to terms with it. Drukkor’s was mind was scanned, offering the memories of Pyre and Shurikan, the former being his best friend and the latter being trapped in prison as Drukkor visits sometimes, which would mean he would be forgotten. However, Breadgar decided to offer the Memory of his Father, Augustus, and every moment and interaction held dear, just as the Son and Father had started to kindle a relationship of trust. Breadgar laid in the sarcophagus as it hovered above him, a star map of possibilities and memories was presented on the sarcophagus lid, all snuffed out and blipping away as Breadgar forgot his father. Breadgar arose, no memory of Augustus – but with a sense of loss and forgetfulness. Janos humbly accepted this memory and let the group through the rest of the pyramid.

The group came across a bar with a mystic pink gaseous substance from a pump. In the bar area, there was a picture of the Obsidian Spire surrounded by a grassy plain, the same one which is erect in the middle of Boullini. The group also walked through a library, Avon noted a book that was describing a kingdom of fertility in the location of the Boullinian desert.

The gang then proceeded down, as the sandstone turned to cobblestone walls all around. The gang came across a statue of an Elven Woman. AS the group entered, the door shut behind them and the air was being pulled out of the room. An inscription on the statue was seen as the elven woman statue put it’s hands to its throat, noting to “breathe life into me”, while some tried CPR, Ko’viel was able to send a gust of wind which opened both doors. The gang proceeded, entering down a stairway that led to a room full of broken treasures, with a large hole to the under dark.

The gang figured out a descent, and slowly fell downwards, with dimly lit surroundings revealing giant holes all around them from the under dark. The gang came to a place full of destroyed treasure and jewels, and came across a Pot of Gold, with a four leaf clover. ItPat, the little guy, jumped out of the pot of gold and slid along the side of the jewel, avoiding line of sight with the group. The group departed the giant hole of treasure, and entered a cave with a murky pool of water, outlined by two statues. A door was in large, ruined wall of copper and brown ore, the door was a dwarvish face that announced to welcome travellers from the underdark to find safety inside. Ko’viel said to the door they were merely travelelrs and the door opened, breadgar and Ko’viel crawled through.

However a rumbling in the water emerged as tentacles revealed itself from around the pool swinging down for Avon, Gar, Bruce and Drukkor.


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