Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 7 - Where It Calls

The Gang and Sparky vs. The World

Previously on Milf$:

You went to see Sevran iron fang.

Luthor Hellon, father of lenina was there demanding an audience for her daughter

You retrived sparky where brian fuller was approached by the half orc who presumably by the group ate her baby.

Aristarn fern asked for sparky once again.

Fought off dwarfs and gargoyle whom pledged allegiance to the beholde.r went to ruman talhini’s estate. The gargoyle’s ruinic tattoos look liked a mockery of imbris Yumen

A lot of miscellaneous stuff like shopping and stealing the neihgbours  dog.

Bought a magical bead by an old lady.

Koviel, bredgar and speech bubble went to talk to aristarn fern aobut the options,

                He said kill them or threaten them

                Whilst talmain said to either strike a deal or simply apologise

And the first night they had to keep gar in on supervision

First went to Lt. Jenni, no idea where she was, sent them to robart frostfang.

Frostfang uncovered things about beholders and allowed, due to charm, you guys to use the residence.

Now Gar being watched, whilst Dandrice Brairs, father of Candi Briars is holding down Ko’viel  in the middle of the night for answers of his daughter’s whereabouts.



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