Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 70 - The Ceaseless Nightmare

I can excuse homicidal rage, but I draw the line at Sparky

Previously on Milf$:

His Infinite Gaze

The gang gazed on as Tulamire focused all his eye rays at the central obsidian spire. It traveled upwards and became heat seeking missiles, travelling to allies of Milf Money as The World Mirror fractured into six sections revealing:

  • Juniper (and Artemis) assisting the elderly in the Giaza district, fighting against the propaganda of nobility agents to the commoners.
  • Carl and Hala out in the desert somewhere as Hala is injured and Carl is bandaging them up from the gnoll counter attack.
  • Pyre who was guiding members of nobility in the Hedron/Aleo district away from nobility agents.
  • Twain and Robart who peered from the enforcements of Milf Money Fortress.
  • Priscillia and Augustus who watched onwards from windows Milf Money Fortress.
  • Martha and Bearmy, holding onto each other was the heat seeking traveled across the desert picking up sand.

Tulamire turned around and said to the group to “ go on, be the saviours of Boullini.” He offered one final chance to willingly sacrifice sparky with the truest intention to do so or their friends were dead in the minute. The gang did not go for this and the nobility agents on the stands aimed their rifles. Simultaneously, portals behind the group flared up summoning opponents that Milf Money had squared off against before and some descended from the roof above.

Adara, Borne of Hags, the child adopted by the queen of night and magic and frenemy of Avon, was summoned as a bright light enraptured the procession area. Isiant, the Lieutenant of War for Balore was summoned out of another portal, looking directly at Bruce. Lastly, Thomar struck down with a bolt of lightning, glaring at Ko’viel. They were imagined versions of the group, with trails of eyes coming off of them.

As the battle began, Tulamire launched his eye rays ceaselessly at the group. Drukkor approached Adara for a sneak attack, which this summoned version/vision of her taunted Drukkor, asking if he was ready for her to kill him again via a star. Gar was fallen asleep at Tulamire’s eye ray. Adara scattered the group, bringing Ko’viel and Drukkor closer to the edge of the endless pit.

Meanwhile, Avon cast a mast suggestion on nobility agents and Isiant to protect Milf Money. Breadgar was grappled by Tulamire’s telekinetic ray and brought forward to the beholder eventually hovering over the pit.

Bruce initially went towards Thomar and beat him up, whilst also drinking the potion which doubled his age and increased the speed of his actions.  As they fought, Tulamire desperately threatened the group in their minds with threats and promises such as:

  • “Avon, make Gar to throw his axe over the pit or I will tell them about Petra.”
  • “Drukkor, throw your daggers into the pit or the nobility agents execute Shurikan.”
  • “Ko’viel, hold Bruce in place and I will tell you where Adiran is.” (a friend from his home town)
  • “Bruce, Jaunt the Havoc is still out there – stunning strike Avon and I will tell you where my nobility agents have last heard of him.”
  • “Breadgar, I can’t bring back Priscillia but I can see you are missing something. Heal me and I will reveal all to you.”


Ko’viel ended up doing some massive damage to Tulamire which weakened his strength on the heat-seeking missiles across Boullini, which Ko’viel got to choose which bolt would dim first. Knowing some were in the city, and due to his closeness with her, Ko’viel choose Juniper and that missile dissipated with her vision on the World Mirror dimming. Drukkor quickly followed this up with massive damage and chose to dim the light of Pyre.

Thomar and Tulmaire had launched a barrage at Breadgar who esd knocked out multiple times through the course of the fight. Adara approached casually towards the group, teleporting the unconscious Breadgar to the height of this pit and allowing Breadgar to descend into the abyss.

The mind controlled Isiant initially dealt with some nobility agents, before disappearing as Tulamire opened his central eye in a cone, deactivating magical effects. As he did this, he sent a bombardment of rays at Gar including some that turned him into a gazer, tried to encase him in stone and sap his thoughts. As Gar’s thoughts were sapped by this eye ray, Tulamire peered into Gar’s mind, metaphorically looked upwards through a veil, and Tulamire looked through Gar, revealing and seeing his controlling player, and simply grinned at him.

Ko’viel had cast fly on themselves seeing Breadgar’s body plummet, flew to Breadgar, tossing his body back to land. Tulamire refocused his central eye at Ko’viel afterwards, causing Ko’viel to have his fly magic supressed as he also started to descend into the abyss. Gar dived for Breadgar to make him consume a potion to revive him.

While Bruce and Gar were dealing with Thomar, Drukkor ran up attempting to throw knives. Tulamire sent out an eye ray that with it had smacked a lot of gazers at Drukkor. Drukkor was polymorphed in the process into a Gazer (named Tony after the book mark). AS Ko’viel falls under the radius of the anti magic zone he regained his flight. He flew up and threw over-channelled fireballs towards Tulamire.

Tulamire closed their central eye and Isiant returned, flying upwards and attacking attacked Tulamire. From this domination, Avon choose to sever the focus on  Twain and Robart. Tulamire retaliated with a ray that put her to sleep, causing her to descended into the abyss. During this, Avon casted a sunbeam, dealing heavy to Tulamire, severing the connection on Carl and Hala.

More spells flung such as Breadgar and a guiding bolt dismantling the vision of Prsicillia and Augustus. As this happened, the bolt travelling to Martha and Bearmy. Bruce activated his avatar mode, gaining flight and enhancing his attacks flying upwards towards Tulamire, and punching many of his eye stalks. As Gazer-Tony, Drukkor approached the side, Tulamire failed a saving throw and was blasted by a cone of cold from the gazer. On the world mirror, the remaining visual of Martha and Bearmy disappeared. Tulamire hovered immovable, seemingly dead locked in this frozen encasing. All the nobility agents stared aghast.

The group had a round to recuperate and moved about. Drukkor chucked a knife, Ko’viel threw a firebolt cantrip at the frozen husk of Tulamire. Soon, tears started to form in all Tulamire’s eyes under the ice. And while his mouth did not open, a voice echoed in this cavernous room:

“A world without me… impossible. I gave you my dreams under my infinite gaze. Now under a reality where I don’t exist, I offer you a ceaseless nightmare”.

A Ceaseless Nightmare

Tulamire’s tough blue skin shed burning away to the aether, revealing a bony under structure with red orbs all around him as he transformed into his ceaseless nightmare form. His eye cone of anti-magic was replaced with cone of dread. Spawned from the same summoning circles more foes the group had encountered. Rigor, the Litch of the New Frontier’s necromancer sector who had killed Priscillia and had their friends in soul orbs appeared. Next, the bio-mechanical version of the werewolf Aristern Fern, Nerf Naristar appeared. The last foe to swooped down from the sky was from the Feywild – Reckless, the Reckless Green Dragon tumbling through the podiums.

Breadgar went pope mode as the group could hear the windmills of Illiam turn in the  distance. He tried to heal the party, the group were not healing. The group figured there was something preventing healing from this new nightmare of Tulamire.  As more fighting raged on, the groups health and stamina started to deplete. Avon took control of Nerf Naristar who started to occupy Rigor, causing the litch to attack each other removing him from the purview of the team.

Bruce still fought around Tulamire as Ko’viel launched a slew of fireballs at Tulamire. The elf was hit by a wave of necrotic energy that depleted all of Ko’viels health. Ko’viel’s body paused in mid-air lifeless, his whole body hunched. His body crooked back up, with white glazed eyes – zombie-like under The Ceasceless Nightmare’s control, being the first of Milf Money to fall.

With a heavy heart Drukkor teleported to the flying Ko’viel to attack him and teleport back. However, the assassination attempt did not go exactly to plan, just a slither of damage away from that execution. Tulamire restrained the rogue Dragonborn throwing him back and dealing a heavy blow to Drukkor, leaving him on death saving throws. Drukkor automatically failed the dexterity saving throw from nobility agents/lair action and was shot in the head dead by the nobility agents. He did not return as a zombie.

As Avon threw stars out at Tulamire, Tulamire sombrely said to everyone conscious (being Bruce, Breadgar and Gar) “Avon gave Petra to the Feywild.”. For Gar, this revelation was that bit at him sourly as he swung at Reckless, this revelation shocking some of the party. Tulamire focused his eye rays all onto Gar, blasting him with a ray that stole his thoughts, one that tried to turn him to stone, and the last of which, a disintegration ray. Gar failed the dexterity saving throw, the ray focused centre on his chest, his body ripped away from the mortal plane in front of the group as his atoms burnt away. Gar’s body disappeared, leaving behind the axe, the bag of holding, the treasure garment and a Gar-size pile of Ash.

All that remained of Milf Money, were Bruce, Avon and Breadgar as Tulamire’s bones were starting to become brittle and vulnerable. Bruce had to seek land as his Avatar mode ran off. As Rigor was fighting off Nerf Naristar, he had cast a word of immense power and Nerf Naristar dropped dead. Bruce reluctantly focused his energy onto the litch. Avon dominated Reckless focusing him to attack Tulamire. Tulamire quickly disintegrated Reckless causing the eye abomination to fall down int othe ppit Breadgar in shock of the deaths around him also went on the offensive shooting a chain lightning striking the mirror as it focused on Priscillia and Augustus. The two alive spellcasters were running low on spell slots. Avon, ducking around the corners, being blasted by the occasional eye ray from the walls, took a step out of the corner again and launched a ray of sunlight through Tulamire, The Ceaseless Nightmare as this happened – the power of the World Mirror waved. Tulamire’s body dropped, descending into the abyss.

Avon, in that moment was inundated with the ability to communicate and provide a short verbal command to everyone Nobility Agent within the city in that moment (think more like Order 66). He too, with the power of the infinite gaze, could glimpse into a piece of knowledge or information about the city of Boullini. As Avon stood there, aghast with power, the nobility agents of the stands look on confused.

Bruce was out of breath. Breadgar was emotionally exhausted as the windmill sounds faded. Their fellow Milf Money, Drukkor and Ko’viel’s lifeless bodies were next to each other – hands almost touching – with Gar’s ash centre just before the alter of offerings that were once upon a time used to feed the Eldrazi that lived here.

Milf Money had defeated The Infinite Gaze – at a cost…


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