Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 71 - At What Cost

For Gar

Previously on Milf$:

Gar awoke in an outcrop of the sleepless jungle, approached by two bears he recognized. They lick his face and walk past Gar to a stream teaming with fish. Meanwhile, in the Inner Sanctum…

  • Tulamire’s boney corpse fell down the pit.
  • Gar’s ash lies in the center after just being disintegrated.
  • Bruce runs over to collect said ashes.
  • Breadgar listens to one final message from the Imagined Prisicillia, telling him to live his life and not be buried in work ash she faded away. Breadgar runs over to Ko’viel and Drukkor who are dead, cradling their bodies.
  • Avon is filled with power and knowledge.With the power of Tulamire in this brief moment, Avon finds out the most powerful nobility agents in the city.

He finds out about remaining nobilitus ajant:

  • Nox, the dwarf person they had left in the prison cells
  • Clerica
  • Phastos.
  • (Axia and Rumple Bellwater are also the most powerful but have since been killed).

He ushered out an order to all nobility agents across Boullini: “lay down your arms and surrender to the forces of Boullini.” Many obeyed this command, with all the dwarves in the colosseum area raising their hands and walking out.

Avon goes to Breadgar and slaps sense into him, becoming the most responsible for once in Milf Money as Bruce was distressed with the ashes. After shaking Breadgar from his state of shock, Breadgar gets his bearings and revives Ko’viel. Ko’viel’s version of an afterlife entered his mind – that of a quiet big city. Ko’viel was revived by Breadgar. Next, he went to Drukkor’s body, who imagined a large hall with all the cimbrics in it, and awoke back into life awaking up in Breadgar’s arms. They both live with a feeling like they are being watched.

Ko’viel awakes with a stronger need to self-sacrifice and skin shaded to a bit of grey – becoming vulnerable to necrotic damage.

Drukkor’s shadow lags him, providing disadvantage on stealth check where there are sources of light he needs to move between. Drukkor still sports the start in his chest with the bullet wound on the side of his head, a streak.

The group reassembled and came across a distressed Johno who was curious as to where Gar was. The group encountered Nox, who revealed they had met the group once in their travels as they were once a partner to Robart Frostfang but was lulled down the path to become a nobilitus adjant and had since completed gender transition during that time. Nox offered and successfully let all the prisoners out of the hovering cell.

As the prisoners awoke, Justinian demanded that the dwarves underneath the city be exterminated. But at the same time, Kapri instantly rejected that telling him to “fuck off”. The two then clashed with their thoughts, as everyone else started to wake up. Aristern Fern woke and connected eyes with Kapri. The gang informed the council members down here of Prospera’s betrayal.

Nox revealed there was a great lift only accessible and useable from this side of the under dark that could connect them to a memorial near the central area of Boullini. Bobo Nash made contact and said that the investment of his thopter school allowed him to make some  connections and could send a group.

The group went through the rest of the inner sanctum. They went through the giant backstory machine tapestry which showed memories and visuals of Gar. They went pass the throne room where Prospera had attacked them, and let Dandrice Briars go.

The gang saw the 10th district quiet, with a familiar ghostly elf on the bridge. Xayfee, the witch of the hollow who guided them the last stretch of the underdark, stood over the pit and said Rumple Bellwater (nobiltus adjant) had died after few minutes of falling, screaming the whole way down. She bestowed an idol to Avon. 

As they came to the great lift, the Tieflings of the Tiefling Alliance darted away. Avon had stopped one of them, who confirmed the group will not see them again as Tulamire had kept them down there for four years, their connections top side must have all eroded and they’ve had time to reflect. Ko’viel teleported Nibbles, Kapri, Justinian and Aristern fern to milf money fortress due to lift load issues.

In the sleepless jungle, Gar hunted for fish with his bare hands and teeth as they swam up stream. Gar was enjoying his time hunting with the other bears. They eventually walked off while resting quietly after the hunt.

Cicero and Talmain, members of the Imbris Yumen cult of werewolves (Cicero being the opposition to Aristern Fern and became leader, and Talmain who helped show Gar’s lycanthropy a while ago) left once they were top side.

Ko’viel went up to Breadgar’s Dad and discussed that Breadgar was forced to forget a memory of a person they cherished to proceed in the pyramid. Augustus reflected on this and conceded that in some cruel way this maybe it was better this way for Breadgar to be his own person, reflecting on the imagined Priscillia’s last words. Ko’viel had a chat about how being severed from expectations free you.

In dealing with the ashes of Gar, the group went to Mx. Alluris, Headmaster of orphanage for children displaced by the new frontier and former leader of new frontier and the creator of milf money fortress. She was uncertain of any magic in her scope that could bring him back. Robart reaffirmed Nox’s previous statement that this was a difficult state to come back form. A part of this search for answer was going to Kiana. The group approached her, but Kiana reminded the group that their power grew exponentially with their experience. Kiana was affirming the group is becoming to stage where they meet her power level and she does not have an answer for that.

Drukkor was approached by Pyre who reported on his assistance in the northern districts. They both shed a tear and embrace for Shurikan. Pyre said Shurikan’s lifeless body was thrown from a portal in the sky. Tulamire had kept his promise to Drukkor that he would execute Shurikan.

Ko’viel asked about a life for a life in private with Kiana but she was uncertain.


Breadgar prayed to Illiam searching for answers, but nothing was heard back from his God.

Bruce spends some time with Hala, still in grief about Gar. As the two elemental monks speak, Bruce speaks to Hala about making a sculpture for Gar.

Ko’viel speaks to Breadgar about a man approaching him soon, and that Breadgar should hear him out. Breadgar expressed feeling like a failure. Soon after, Augustus sat down with Breadgar. At first, Augustus did not reveal they were related but mentioned they were a friend of Priscillia. After the conversation went on, Breadgar showed he was once again in a state of confusion. Augustus revealed he was his father and that he wanted Breadgar to be independent and to live his life the way he chose, subtly telling Breadgar to stop being a part of the Breadgar’s Bakery business.

After Breadgar spoke with Augustus, in the stair case of Milf Money Fortress he was approached by Avon who became really sus. Avon made small talk, and Avon cast charm person, and modified the memory of Breadgar hearing that Petra was given to the fey wild. Avon approached Bruce who was meditating outside e as the sun dimmed on the desert, and also removed the memory of the disclosure by Tulamire. Avon also approached Nox casting friends on him to gain information about the whereabouts of the other remaining noiblitius adjant. 

Bruce walked with Tabrant outside the walls of Milf Money Fortress and discussed a deal for Tabrant to send a message to Jaunt, The Havoc – leader of the new frontier. Tabrant was initially shocked at the proposal, given the Hellenic’s recent trauma but gave into it, offering to do so if given 20,000 gold and Bruce allocates him the leader of the wind element. Bruce denied and said he would find his own

The group slept that night, but not all peacefully. Avon slept and dreamt of Tulamire taunting him, saying he would always be there. The eyes of Tulamire reshaped into the form of Gar, who could only say “she was a child.”

The group was woken up by yelling on the top floor. Drukkor went to investigate and found Kapri yelling at Justinian. Justinian and Kapri were engaged in argument and a ferocious debate, discussing what to do with the 10th district and Nobility Agents. Justinian mentioned he still had supreme dictator powers but Kapri was resistant and abrasive to Justinian, telling him to “calm the fuck down”. Kiana requested Drukkor find the others and so he did with last two being Avon and Breadgar.

As Okin was on watch, Avon took Breadgar outside the fortress walls and made him send a message to Adara noting “now that the nobility agents have been dealt with it is time to deal with greater threats”. Adara responds, in her weak state, “Meet at the tree where Petra was taken in a weeks time during the moon.” In Avon style, he modified Breadgar’s memory. Drukkor found them and brought them back.

As the arguments heated in the group, Drukkor telling Justinian to calm down, Justinian threatened to put Drukkor in the same cell as Shurikan. The yelling between councillor’s quiet down, with those present: Justinian Fare, Aristern Fern, Kapri Fillhorn, Ariel Hardy, Kiana Kalesbane (Delilah Viewer filling in with the deceased Alonso Harehart, and Braldian Overrin replacement not present). As the group settled down, Ko’viel mentioned the possibility to the group of holding a memorial for Gar.

After this was mentioned, all the torches in the top room of the fortress turned to blue flames. Walking through a holographic projection/illusion was the vision of a familiar man they had fought againsts several time. Once in Skimberi. Once in Boullini’s South causing Ko’viel to run away. Once in Brobdinal and Once in the Amerea University…  Jaunt the Havoc. He grinned at the party, staring down Ko’viel and Bruce simply saying to Milf Money “Come Find Me.” The council then discussed what would need to happen to deal with the new frontier. Ariel Hardy, leader of entertainment and guilds, mentioned while Juniper and Artemis (who was still in the Giaza district) was helpful to distil opinions of milf money, there was still wide spread distrust due to the association of Tulamire.

Twain provided a letter to the group. Drukkor deciphered the letter’s handwriting and figured out it belonged to a friend and former member of Milf Money, Phenrir. Phenrir revealed she was helping a town named Zazo’vale in the valleys of Gigane’s Loft, where the letter claimed The New Frontier was.

The group decided that it may be best to deal with the threat, but also needed to consider how to repair the milf money name.

Kiana spoke to Ko’viel privately, rescinding her request for Ko’viel to be her protégé and take over as Magic leader. Kiana reflected she often ran from issues in her life and what was happening was with Tulamire was another extension of that. She said it was unfair of her to give that burden to Ko’viel and a weight was lifted off Ko’viel shoulder.

The group also explained Prospera’s fate to Kiana.

As the council dispersed, Kapri and Aristern approached the group. They noted the irony and seriousness of what they were going to propose, given Ruman Talhini had initially asked to investigate these two, but Kapri and Aristern wanted the group to consider “removing” Justinian as to somehow get rid of his supreme dictator powers. 

The group walk outside of the fortress where Juniper walks with a bunch of nobility agent rifles on her shoulders. The group tell her about the meeting. Twain approaches, whispering something to Juniper, the group vaguely hears about how some nobility agents knew about the new frontier in the city. In a fit of anger, she walks catatonically towards the nobility agents and starts blasting some of them. Before she can kill a third one, (people who had helped the new milf money attack topside), Bruce casts tortoise shell. She approaches Robart asking if he knew, he responds saying yes. She then goes to lift her acidic potion, similar to what she had used on new frontier members before. Carl quickly launched an arrow to hit the potion away and Avon banishes her to fey wild time out. She breaks from this and storms towards Ko’viel saying “they knew about the new frontier in Boullini. They knew about the attack. They knew about Lewgale.”

Hala and Bruce have a chat about loss, particularly regarding Hendrik, Petra and Gar.

The group realised they had yet spoken to Martha at that point and Breadgar approached Gar’s grieving mother. Sparky approached with a much more depressed demeanour, thankful he was saved but nervous at the cost. The group and many allies of Milf Money started the trek back to Milf Money Masnsion through the portal. Alluris would stay and maintain the structure of the fortress. Breadgar turned into a t-rex to help various people get back.

When the group arrived at Milf Money Mansion through the portal in the up-and-coming Saviours district, Hala and Bruce presented prototypes of statues for Gar and allowed Bearmy to choose which one would be finalised. The one chosen was a tamer Gar, with him resting his axe with blade to the ground. The two monks moulded it from clay. Bruce makes Gar a urn out of clay fashioned from the pond in milf money mansion.

Simultaneously, Avon activates the Stone Golem around Milf Money Mansion from the book provided.

The group fired up the clay statues, with Hala, Bruce and Ko’viel using fire magic and Breadgar and Drukkor shot lightning breath.

The group gathered around, Martha in the background soothing Bearmy, Delilah watching onward ahead and Teysa, fading away lifting a black veil. The group reminisced over their fallen comrade, some accepting while others scheming for a way to return, while others holding out hope in some vague way. The group shoot out their spells and weapons all in one go towards the sky in honour of Gar.

In the sleepless jungle, in an outcrop that onlooks smoke of the nearby Rest, a mountaintop village, Gar stares ahead enchanted by the jungle, his home. He looks onward at peace with his life, his friends and family. Having finished the hunt for fish, he sits and closes his eyes, perhaps for one last time.


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