Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 72 - Take Me With You

Ocean and Land: Morninggale’s First Impressions

Previously on Milf$:

After the memorial for Gar, the group spent the rest of the day cleaning the damage to MILF Money mansion. Twain summarised the damage to be at least 15,000 worth in gold including the burnt trees, damage with the hole in Petra’s room and stolen items. After cleaning up and dealing with some fallout issues, they would go to Gigane’s Loft as per Phenrir’s letter and as per Jaunt’s taunt, would find the last remnants of the new frontier and deal with them. This was provided as an option by the remaining council members to either help the city rebuild to restore trust or deal with the threat that could come now Tulamire was gone and not protecting the city, which was the new frontier.

Carl asks Drukkor what they do with Bearmy. Drukkor spoke to the group and approached Martha. Martha offered to take care of Bearmy.  Carl also approached Ko’viel about taking him with the group to deal with the new frontier, recalling that he unknowingly helped Polus Ruf and the New Frontier set up in Lewgale before attack the town (Junipers home town on the road to Skimberi). Ko’viel would take it to the group.

Juniper also approached Ko’virl about taking her with them to deal with the new frontier (essentially demanding) and Ko’viel agreed. The group also seemed to agree, and Juniper gave the option of providing damage, healing or utility in preparation as a lot of her supplies had been destroyed and she could prepare one option, or a mix of the three. The group chose utility build.

Artemis came back and approached Brue, finding out about Gar. She updated on public sentiment of Milf money in the city still being associated with Tulamire.

A hooded white tabaxi arrived at the front of Milf Money Mansion. He asked Ko’viel if he could “please bury it with the one who saw”, presenting a little trinket of a Hedron. Ko’viel did so. The tabxi left  with the words: “when one door closes, another opens”.

Ko’viel asked the group about Carl coming. They initially approach him, and Bruce and Avon had concerns over his ability, but Ko’viel and Drukkor defended the history of his involvement such as being an elite fighter in Skimberi, helping in Hell and the attack by Axia. Bruce and Avon set up a trial for Carl to find a stone to assess his abilities.

Nox and Robart from Tulamires Nobility agents arrived at Milf Money Mansion offering items for the group to use. A vicious dagger went to Drukkor, a Xray ring was taken by Breadgar and a Robe of Eyes went to Ko’viel. Ko’viel exchanged some stern words to Robart about Junipers reaction, noting he would have acted similarly.

Avon names the stone golem (from the book from the Hellenics) as Rag and becomes resident door opener.

Teysa Karlov of the Orzhov Bank came in a black veil morning Gar. Teysa gave the group a bunch of money to the group and spent time with Martha.  Avon found out that Martha was provided a home in the new Saviours district and an area for her business. This was seemingly mostly done in sentiment but also due Gar’s insurance being under the Orzhov. Martha’s business would move from in front of Milf Money mansion into the new district.

Hala approached Bruce and asked him to take her with him while going to deal with the new frontier. Bruce was cautious about this and ultimately decided she would not come, as Hala was still feeling damaged. Hala requested the group avenge Hendrik. Bruce however asked Hala about joining Avon and themselves to hide marked stones for Carl to find so he could prove to them regarding his investigation skills. In a few days Carl would try to find the stones, be splashed by a lot of water by Hala and presented the stones to Avon and Bruce with 2 hours to spare having multiple stones in his collection.

Pyre also approached Drukkor asking about taking him with the group to deal with the new frontier. Drukkor said they would approach the group about this, and Pyre urged Drukkor to visit the cimbrics.

After a few days of cleaning up, Juniper admits to Ko’viel that she had never went on vacation after Milf Money came back and instead chased a new frontier lead when she was gone. She requested that once they deal with the new frontier that they go vacation.

Breadgar had went to Augustus who both explored their loss and refamiliarisation with each other. Augustus expressed Breadgar was not listening to his mothers last words about living and being his own person as Breadgar mentioned he had only suffered woes from adventuring. He also mentioned he had been abandoned by Illiam. All a sudden the space around the two stopped and Breadgar communed directly through a vision of Augustus to assure Breadgar he was still there, not to make demands, progress was dynamic and that “he” would be met soon. Augustus assured that when he comes back they would talk about what to do next or how to rediscover his purpose.

Later, Emmanuel the treant (from a piece of wood from Kiana’s tree in Skimberi) approached Avon and spoke as Titania noting that another phase would occur of the plan and that he would need to return to the fey wild after he deals with the new frontier who pose a threat to their plan. She tells Avon that many winters will pass for his friends, but none for him. She suggested and confirmed to speak to Adara later in the week. 

Ko’viel went to Nobglin the potion smith in the medical district. Noglin stock was damaged, but he was able to offer 2 supreme piotons and 4x greater healing potions. Garth, the psychic ninja, came up to Ko’viel ask to take him with the group.

The group then had four people who would also like to come (Hala, Juniper, Carl, Garth and Pyre). Bobo Nash also offered to take a thopter with them and thanked the group. Johno (the flumph) seemed to get along well with Sparky during this week stay but stayed around the mansion.

Tabrant informed Bruce that once he returns and deals with the new frontier that they would go back to Brodbidnal with the Hellenic recruits to reform the monkish order damaged over the last few years, noting an issue with the Plane of Fire.

Juniper provided the group with two potions of flying and healing.

Rai, Ko’viels friend, also comes up and tells Koviel about his questioning of his purpose over the last few year and expressed wanting to leave Boullini and find the other friends, as Tulmaire told Ko’viel that he knew where another friend of his was, Adiran. Rai offered for Ko’viel to join them in finding Adiran and potentially their other friends, if they were still alive.

Drukkor visited the Cimbric guild hall in the south. Flammie and Rakshun needed Drukkor’s attention to a Dragonborn person named Whismer Battil who expressed she came to the city to confront the cimbric for the harm they caused her and her village. Drukkor apologised to Whismer on behalf of the Cimbric. Rakshun mentioned how they should go back to the north and repair what they damaged, while Flammie wanted to move onwards from their harm and build anew in the city. Pyre confined that they need to be held accountable and Drukkor attended a vigil for his rival, Shurikan, who was killed during the Battle of Tulamire in his cell. Drukkor would have time to think about what he would like to do and this would be dealt with when the group comes back.

Breadgar cast sanctuary on the damaged gazebo and headed towards the main district of Illiam in the city to pray, 

It was decided the group that would accompany milf money would be: Garth, Carl and Juniper, with Hala and Pyre being left behind. Bobo nash would not be required to drive the group.

One night a crowd of angry mob attended Milf Money Mansion. Drukkor was able to talk to the group first, as Avon came out and calmed their emotions. Bruce threatened an orc but also extinguished the flames of their torches. Breadgar was able to help disperse the crowd through talking with the mob.

Avon visited the tree in the Control Quarters district where Petra was stolen. Through a glimmer in the tree that peers towards the central Boullini spire, he tried talk to Adara who had told him to rondeavu here. However, as he peered through the tree to the spire, instead cackling and sinister Queen of Night and Magic, the 3rd sister of Titania and Mab (queen of air and darkness). She generally agreed with the plan, noting she wanted more control of areas of the winter court as damaging connections to the fey wild and using cold magic was a way that Balore once did an incursion, and to be mindful of messing with this, also noting of the beings they would need to prepare to fight against.

The group then departed with Ko’viel casting teleport, sending them to the outskirts of a town Dolan that Ko’viel had passed to get to Rai to make their trip shorter. The group made the journey to Gigane’s Loft and during this month-long trip, the group had quite reflection with not much happening. Not much occurred as no one was travelling to Boullini due to the Tulamire issue. Breadgar sought validation about his memories with Ko’viel but Ko’viel made a comment not holding onto the past.

The group entered Gigane’s Loft and came across a small orcish settlement called Eleyster where they found a couple of missing person posters. They learnt a bity about the history of the area, noting that since the attack on Vellin which used to oversee these townships control has scattered.  They found the address of an missing person and found an old dwarf, and to the shock of everyone, a reappearance of Ocean and Land came back utilised as Bruce extorts the old man. The wife of the orc was someone was Cal Usta.

The group arrive at the town of Zaza’lavale – an old town that used to be a Winter Elf settlement turned and used into what looks like a colonised human settlement, with wood and stonework still stolen from the old Elvish buildings. They were first greeted by what looked like a makeshift board full of missing person posters that covered it. Breadgar sent a sending to Phenrir and she told him that they would be able to find her through going to the Tavern. The central tavern was called ‘Home is Where’.

When they arrived, only a couple of patrons were in the bar with a man sitting at the bar with blue hair and a hood up, who revealed his name was  Cage. He mentioned to the group about hunting a creature named ‘The Wolf of the Loft’ which was rumoured to be responsible for perhaps some of the missing people around here. They claim that the wolf has a few different appearances, some call it bestial, while others claim its mechanical and then sometimes demonic. Drukkor and Bruce as Ocean and Land approached the man and began to discuss assistance. Overhearing the conversation, a human man with lush blonde neck-length hair who had signs of ageing and a sigil of Illiam on his armour came to this upon hearing the group talk about the group.

This person was named Dale Moringgale. Cage had heard about helping people across the continent, having the nick name Dashing Dale. Eventually, Breadgar came to the group offering to buy a drink for him and Dale Moringgale before venturing to deal with The Wolf of the Loft.


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