Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 73 - Wolves of The Loft

Breadgar’s getting upstaged by Morninggale

Previously on Milf$:

The group gathered around the tavern and made introductions with Dale Morninggale in the quest to hunt the wolf of the loft, described as a being demonic, bestial and also sometimes mechanical. Dale Morninggale was tasked by the Mayor, Scommy Mo Mo, to investigate the creature sometimes being sighted called the wolf of the loft claimed to be responsible for the missing people in Gigane’s Loft. Cage, the man with the blue hair offered for Dale to join the group. After a few drinks with Bruce outdrinking Dale, the group departed the tavern. Avon sent out Onion from his capsule and Dale summoned his Pegasus from his spell as they compared steeds.
The group moved past the woodlands lead by Cage. Avon spoke with the plants noting of a scuffle that had occurred, where someone was being chased. Cage noted it was a very common place for people to go camping in the town. Garth pulled the group aside, spreading the message that he could not read Cage’s mind for some reason, noting he must be magically influenced. Carl also noted Cage’s foot prints matched the footprints of Cage. The group then took high alert.
Suddenly, a howl was heard, and Cage ran to it. The group followed tenaciously behind. In a clearing, a large wolf stood tall on a mound caressed by the shadow of the looming night. Cage imprisoned the creature with some magical chains demanding the group launch a quick assault on it. The group chose not to listen to Cage and instead, the wolf transformed into a familiar friend, Phenrir.
A battle ensued with Cage as the group focused fired on him, as he used blue energy of prison and shackle type magic. The group defeated Cage, interrogating him limited as Phenrir told the group she knew of most of his information. Avon slit his throat with his dagger and put the body in the bag of holding.
The group went with Phenrir as she explains why she left Boullini after the events of “death of milf money”, having grief that she had lost her chosen family under a year after killing her biological family at Verluxia Keep. She explains she roamed the continent hunting down her mother Luna Frey Vamatos, who was with a child. She tracked her down to the new frontier operations here at Gigane’s Loft, near where Jaunt had grew up. She claims the towns people and Mayor call her the Wolf of the Loft, as an easy sight to blame for New Frontier being missing. She revealed the Mayor was working with the new frontier, having invited them into the city, a similar act that happens before a significant event such as at Vellin.
They approached one of the various Giant Fortresses that were in Gigane’s Loft, and outside the front of it was an ally of that had once supported Milf Money during the issues with the biomechanics Simic Combine and Aristern Fern, O’Carrick. He had worked with Gouregious Fern but had since left her duties, bumping into Phenrir and tracking down the New Frontier, working together now in Gigane’s Loft to destroy the remains of them.
Phenrir noted the new frontier were working in some powerful spell and Juniper recounted stories of powerful “natural disasters” that The Rising sector of the radical mages had worked on. She was questioned as to why it was not brought up earlier, but she noted it was only something she was putting together now and that natural disasters had been disguised in some towns that had been attacked.
Phenrir outlined the new frontier were kept in a small cave system surrounding by a thick mist, where new frontier members laid. The group devised a plan where one part would go and fight new frontier members in the mist (Hala, Juniper, Garth, Phenrir and O’Carrick + K’o’viel) while one group (milf Money Money + Juniper) would start to head into the base.
The gang pushed through the mist, with some members being swallowed by the mist including Breadgar. The group eventually made it through, inspecting the front entrance with a broken down wooden gate, a bit of bodies, and multiple tables of gemstones. There were burning windmills with the names of people Milf Money had lost to the new frontier.: Dre’riya, Prisicillia and Hendrik. As the mist started to become wild with fighting, out of the cave system was a powerful mage-knight, The Blade of Havoc. He was adorned in paladin-like armour, though not necrotic but not holy.
The group jumped on this Blade of Havoc, as he closed his fist seemingly making the mist tighter for Milf Money’s friends. It seemed the Blade of Havoc (and Cage) focused Breadgar in the ensuing attacks. With much damage, force damage – the group was exhausted from the battle but defeated the Blade of Havoc who died in a force-explosion.
The gang would then need to head down into the cave system, help whatever prisoners might be in there and defeat The New Frontier, and Jaunt, The Havoc, once and for all.


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