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Session 74 - The Frontier's Horizon

Avon: Healer’s in Chat

Previously on Milf$

After the gang dealt with the Sword of Havoc, Phenrir with Ko’viel, Hala, Carl, Garth and O’Carrick ran out of the mist. They had defeated some new frontier members within the mist. As the group conversed, an earthquake was felt shaking the group to the ground. A beam of blue light  shot through the mountains as the windmills crumbled. The cave entrance started to collapse and weaken and Phenrir directed the group to go. Carl and Hala did a fire-wall-arrow combo at oncoming New Frontier members.

The rocks blocked the cave entrance as Garth used his psychic blade and Phenrir summoned Gorillas (without the z) to move the boulders, but they said they would join and the group should hurry along. They came across a destroyed room that used to be a passageway into the underdark for drows. In the destroyed room they found a ledger outlining all new frontier associates and a cart full of Polus Ruf Bread.

The gang traversed deeper into the underdark and found prison cells were some prisoners were being held in. One prisoner warned of a being called “mother” to be watching out for. AS the group spoke to an old woman, Bruce realised it was the Orc woman who he was told went missing in the town of Eleyster. The woman disappeared. In the distance, Ko’viel saw a mage observing in invisibility, spotted by the robe of eyes. Drukkor and the others ganged up on the mage. Another mage appeared from a portal threatening to launch a fireball at a group of other prisoners. At the same time, the mother creature, an imagined perception of all the players significant maternal/carer figure. It started off taunting as Martha, Gar’s mother.

As the creature used psychological warfare against the group, they soon defeated it as the mages were killed. Juniper looked to Ko’viel with what to do with the mage who held a spell against the prisoners but without a proper notice, Juniper instead chose to throw a potion at the mage. His spell was countered by Avon. Phenrir, Carl, Hala and Garth arrive as O’carrick was outside ambushing potential mages with his mechanical wolf. Leading the prisoners to safety, Phenrir stayed and the group chose Carl to monitor it. One prisoner asked who Phenrir was, and she responded saying she was “the wolf of the loft.”

With unsure amount of time remaining, the group ventured down a narrow path. They came across an intersection where mages were running down a tight corridor. Hala and Garth asked about stopping those mages from coming through, and Hala took the opportunity to head on and battle them. They arrive down the cave to a makeshift pseudo-teleportation path called ‘The Force Path’. Juniper explains  they are used by die-hard New Frontier/ Neh’Wes Lionares as it inflicts pain. The group all went through.

As they came through the other end, they came across an cavernous room with a bright blue meteor spinning uncontrollably over a pit and next to a podium/magical alter. The smell of burnt corpses and ash festered. Amongst the ash, an amulet remained of the Vamatos, presumably belonging to Luna Frey Vamatos, Phenrir’s mother. As Jaunt, the Havoc stood staring down the group, he monologued. He identified that Milf Money and he were connected by fractured mother hood. He noted his mother was sick as a child and he had tried to pay a cleric to stay in town to heal her, but the cleric had to move on and he didn’t have enough funds.

He explained the spinning meteor behind him was a 10th level spell and that spell had a fail safe, burning through willing subjects and unwilling subjects. He noted to stop the spell from activating, it would need a willing soul. At this final frontier, Jaunt taunted the group that there was no Kiana, Alluris, Titania or even Tulamire to protect them now and it was time for them to witness Jaunt’s Calamity. He instructed his hidden mages to kill the healers first, then Avon… leaving Drukkor, Bruce and Ko’viel last in that order.

Ko’viel and Juniper gave each other a fist bump, and Juniper noted that after they get this son of a bitch, they earnt their vacation. Ko’viel could see the other mages as they entered their space through his robe of eyes.

Drukkor initiated the fight, dashing and stabbing into Jaunt but it turned out to be an illusionary presence.

Jaunt kept his promise, and along the mages, sent an onslaught of spells centralised on Breadgar and Dale, with Breadgar fainting multiple times, even once soon after activating Pope mode.

Dale was given a potion of Giant Size by Juniper and he became a big boy as he stood near Bruce and Drukkor, providing them with auras.

Bruce threatened and damaged Jaunt, activating his contingency as he teleported away from the avatar-mode Monk.

Avon dominated one of the flying mages and also blinked out of the material plane.

Mid-way through the combat, Jaunt casted his version of meteor swarm upon the group, nearly killing Breadgar. Avon blinked back and provided some healing potion to him.

Ko’viel launched a flurry of spells. As Bruce cornered Jaunt to the other side of the meteor, he cast a spell that knocked down Garth and Juniper.

Jaunt was grounded from this assault on him. Ko’viel provided some healing to Juniper, staring at Jaunt through the blue energy. As the meteor spun wildly between them, sapping magic in and out of the area, Ko’viel launched a disintegration ray him. As he was turned to dust, a subtle “I’m sorry Momma,” was heard. Ko’viel killed Jaunt, The Havoc, leader of the new frontier.

The group recuperated with Carl and Hala rushing out of the portal, damaged from their encounter with mages outside but very successful it seems.

Juniper studied the podium and alter. She explained sombrely, the language of the new frontier and how this connected to them mingling with other groups. This included using Hellenic elemental powers to create more devastation. Combining Garth’s psionic ninja guild and the Sylvan Combine (those who were hunting down Avon) to mind control people. That power cumulated into taking control of the will of the Cimbrics. Amongst other groups powers being used, they used their destructive properties on townships, and recently with the group called The Rising necromancer, it had evolved into testing natural disasters, such as a meteor. The meteor was anticipated, to shoot up through mountain and crash down somewhere on the continent, sending a shockwave that would topple cities and mountains and that nothing top side would survive.

The last thing she explained was that written as part of the spell components, which are all accounted for and used up. The only thing that was missing from deactivation was the failsafe to stop the spell, which was that of a willing soul.


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