Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 75 - Family

Bye, Bye Ko’viel

Previously on Milf$:

The gang had defeated Jaunt, The Havoc, leader of the New Frontier. His ash fell clump to the floor as Ko’viels finger was smoking from the disintegrate spell. Garth, Hala and Carl soon followed out of the “force path”.

Juniper approached the magical alter, noting the 10th spell was still active. The meteor was spinning uncontrollably. She recounted the New Frontier using various magical affiliations that the group had encountered in their time, amongst others they hadn’t, to try make this spell the ultimate expression of free and chaotic magic Jaunt was after. The spell was 10th level spell called “Jaunt’s Calamity”, equipped with a failsafe which involved the sacrifice of a willing soul, outside of coercion and enchantment magic.

Silence followed the group, as Garth chastised the idea of following further into Jaunt’s legacy of pain and suffering. Carl had the brief thought of his own contributions to pain. Hala looked to Bruce, almost tearful, noting they couldn’t let Jaunt win. Juniper had a sombre and knowing look exchanged with Ko’viel.

Initially, Dale offered himself, and so did Bruce, with all members of MILF$ noting it was not Dale’s place.

While Ko’viel was centre stage, Juniper questioned their vacation and Ko’viel shared some parting words to the group, as everyone attempted to verbally stop him. Ko’viel in an act of affirmation, cast wall of flame but members darted through it. Drukkor fainted through the flames, Breadgar stomached it and Bruce came through only to be pushed back with all of the Wizard’s strength and dedication, with his natural 20.

Dale solemnly sat agreeing while Avon attempted to speak to Carl about sacrificial options.

Ko’viel speaks again, with Juniper standing on the outset of the flames handing him a numbing paralysis potion for the pain of the sacrifice. He shares his love, comfort and care for the group, noting his whole life has built to this moment. In the same vein, he noted he had “really loved my time with you all”, that they had all become family and to take care of Dale.

Avon in is attempt to sway Ko’viel asked if he would abandon his family so easily but Ko’viel was adamant this was for his family and for the sake of millions of others. Breadgar asks if there was no way they could convince him and then goes into desperate actions, pulling Ko’viel closer and commanding him to flee. The spell was futile to the dedication of the wizard.

Ko’viel had commended the groups ability to mourn recently. Juniper asked for a description of his hometown and Ko’viel described it as such a green and lively place before Jaunt. He handed the burnt cover of his Dad’s spell book. As the group came to terms with Ko’viel’s sacrifice everyone gave their own signoffs. Ko’viel said the group meant the world to him and he would say hi to Gar.

Bruce produces the Hellenic sign, Drukkor bows, Dale says a prayer to Illiam and Ko’viel enters the blue ring, willingly sacrificing his soul to stop Jaunt’s Calamity. A blue column of energy shoots into the sky as Ko’viel remembered key moments from his life and his adventure with his friends. His ash settled on the ground as the meteor collapsed in on itself and turned to dust. Juniper cried out, bawling, allowing Avon to show comfort as the rest of the group mourned the death of another family member.

The group sat a while, collecting their bearings and some items, like the amulet of vamatos, the three staffs, various gemstones and the ashes of Jaunt and Ko’viel.

One of the portals where sacrificial new frontiers would run out, activated again with a human mage holding a Tiefling baby. He claimed it was Luna Frey Vamatos’ child, making it Phenrir’s some-what brother. The mage said the other new frontier members who remain will be disheartened hearing Jaunt’s dead, and he would shut down the portal.

He left the tiefling toddler, and as he went through the portal, they both shutdown. The group then leaves, with Avon druid crafting flowers, Drukkor leaving a throwing knife, Breadgar leaving a signet and Dagger, Bruce leaving the Hedron mask and Dale leaving a prayer at the site of the sacrifice.

As they emerge topside, bodies of New Frontier members laid with Phenrir and O’carrick injured but alive. The group inform Phenrir about Ko’viel and present the tiefling child. Phenrir quickly rejects the child, and does not attend to him, focused on taking the saved prisoners back to the giant castle.

When the group arrive there, they all take rest at night, with Hala and Bruce meditating and reflecting, Hala noting she does not want to return to the Hellenic base or maybe even be a monk under them. Hala noted she wants to keep fighting in Boullini for the people who need help there, noting she may not join Bruce when he goes to help Tabrant and the Hellenics reforge, and deal with whatever is happening on the plane of fire.

Dale toasts Ko’viel as the Hero of Illiam.

Breadgar quietly reflects outside, interrupted by Carl who speaks about his purpose and how he perceives the world, as a way to express the grief and anxiety of Ko’viel.

Avon as a way to distract his mind, walks Onion through and around the castle. Confronting the grief, Drukkor and Juniper mourn the loss of their friend.

The next day, Phenrir actions on the proposal of the group to accompany her to Scommy Mo Mo, the leader of Zazalavale who invited the new frontier into Gigane’s Loft. As she presents to the public as the Wolf she announces Scommy Mo Mo’s affiliation with the new frontier and that she had freed the prisoners under new frontier, and she was indeed the wolf of the loft. As the guards approached to detain milf money, Avon cast mass suggestion on them. Out of desperation, Scommy throew a knife, that despite Breadgar’s cutting words, hits Phenrir.

Drukkor teleported behind Scommy but before he could land an attack, Phenrir activated her hellish rebuke, alighting the corrupt politician. Phenrir takes to the podium in her human form, sitting cross legged and slouched on the main throne, with O’carrick’s mechanical wolf sitting in front of her and O’carrick standing behind, she pronounced herself as the new Baron of the town (and Gigane’s Loft) to protect it, and threatened the politicians of Boullini through Milf Money, claiming the title of the Wolf of the Loft.

The group departed and Phenrir refused to take the child with her. Breadgar sent the group back home. Dale meets the various members of Milf money mansion and while he settles into the grounds, a new calling awaits for the other members of milf money mansion.

  • Bruce and Hala refine statue of Ko’viel, with Juniper being consulted on the design. They decided on a statue of Ko’viel kindling a flame that could be lit. Bruce ran into Rai, Ko’viel’s friend, who was leaving Boullini and said he would go find their friend, Adiran, who Tulamire revealed was still alive somewhere as they had passed Boullini a long time ago. Bruce was the first to depart back to Brobdinal, where the Fist would be reformed, leaving Boullini.
  • Drukkor decided that the Cimbrics should both settle their new lives in the city, but for some reparations to be made externally. He decided he would support the group establish an outreach support in the northern reigons, somewhat around Drenovia. The Cimbrics also took on the tiefling child, providing him the name Mickey in honour of a fallen friend. Drukkor set out with Rakshun
  • Breadgar was conflicted with his destiny, speaking, and conversing with Dale at several points, particularly near the Gazebo. Dale spoke about his inspiration to help people, a fellow named Gabe who saved him from a griffin attack in his village in Sykmov, and that everything he did was to honour that legacy. He told Breadgar that deaths are not for nothing and Ko’viels death reminded him of Golden Gabe’s sacrifice. Breadgar decides its time to take a break, and will join Juniper and Carl on a vacation down towards Sykmov.
  • Avon was afraid of his mortality, considering the deaths of his friends and tried to find comfort in Bruce who could not age. Titania spoke once again through Emmanuel, noting that Avon should support his new found friend, Dale, while he experienced Boullini, but he would soon be needed for the fey wild to prepare for a larger threat – and that while winters would pass for his friends, none would for him. 

Other npcs had various progress:

  • Johno (Fiblionque) the flumph wanted to explore Boullini even more.
  • Sparky would stay at milf money mansion, but had ideas of how to contribute in the new saviours district.
  • Martha would continue her stall without Rai, and set up her new store in the Saviours district, taking care of Bearmy.
  • Bobo Nash, the goblin sailor from the fey wild, would further skill and fly his airship around Boullini.
  • Garth, the psychic ninja, went to help Mx. Alluris at her orphanage.
  • Hala, joined Breadgar and the troupe on their vacation but would return to the city at her earliest chance.
  • Juniper and Carl went on vacation with Breadgar, and would continue supporting the little folk in this new milf money.
  • Twain, while not present, was busy preparing the ground work for the new saviours district.
  • Delilah Viewer, the childhood friend of Gar and person who saved Bruce in the sleepless jungle arena, would try to enter further into Boullini politics in the wake of deaths in the council seats.
  • Okin, the half-orc from the sleepless jungle, would continue as caretaker of Milf Money Mansion along with Artemis and Snek.
  • The Boullini council was not alerted to anything going on.
  • Logos had some information revealed to him by a nobility agent about his origin and will try pursue this.

As the group departed, they knew they would see their family, each other, sometime soon again after taking care of their various business. No one knew that they wouldn’t be together as a whole family until five years later…


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