Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 76 - A New Beginning

Who in the world killed Ruman Talhini?

Previously on MILF$:

5 years after the Saviours of Boullini stop adventuring as a group, each have been living their own lives.

In cold areas just before the Illiam Frost, citizens from a northern area were evacuating where a blizzard was rolling through. the cimbrics were helping citizens into tents and huts of a town. Drogon was helping an older elf woman and Drukkor came to help the two. When they got inside, the elf woman did not survive long but explained that she saw something that reminded her of her childhood, of a terror that once dominated the continent when she was a child, a black shadow dragon, Erinyade Moras.

In the plane of Fire, Calista Cal, Elemental Advisor to the Hellenics, was leading the group through realm, protected by the Fire Elemental specialist, Pyra Nalaar. Hala, Vonos, Brustan and Bruce were trying to find the disturbance that was happening in this plane according to Calista. Bruce traversed a mountain and scaled into the air to find in the distance what looked like two pyramids joined together, a Hedron, wreathed in flames.

In the equally scorching hot desert of Boullini, Dale is requested by Juniper to help out a town. He arrives flying through the skies on DJ and comes across a town that had recently been attacked by gnolls. He meets the members of the group of the Silvermanes who Dale helped once upon a time and reintroduces himself to Rigrax, the Half-orc leader of the group. He also meets a Black Dragonborn named Cadbrimuh, an obnoxious defect Cimbric who is a warlock with an unknown patron. He also meets Apostle, an older Druid of the way of Sylvanus and an Water Gensai Monk named Toucansung. Dale helps with the fallout of the gnoll attack as the Silvermanes claim their prize money and head off.

In the nearing finishing Saviours District, at Saviours institute for displaced children, Breadgar is requested by Mx. Alluris to attend to Zena Marc  (someone he has been mentoring) who is having nightmares about tentacles, angel without wings and various other eldritch sites she can’t describe. As a remedy, Breadgar invites Zena to bake at a Breadgar’s Bakery sometime. Mx Alluris revealed that Zena was found with a trinket, a hedron necklace, which was taken away from Zena as a child.

In the forever summer of the fey wild, Avon is walking with Titania who is talking through a mirror to him, held up by Satyrs. They come to an area that seems barren except for a strip of fey shrubbery. Ontop of the hill they gaze at what looks like a Hedron floating, but more intricately designed with various roots and vines tangled over it. Titania explained a warlock had summoned a creature a long time ago to the Feywild, a warlock who had her as the patron, and that a great power was sealed away in it. Titania requested for Avon not to speak about this site and that there was a power for him to seek, as a threat was returning, warning about something foreboding and also mentioning Balore.

As Avon was in the fey wild, he received a “sending” sent by Delilah Viewer that Ruman Talhini had been found dead and their presence was requested in the newly built Saviours District. Titania opened up a portal to the Saviours District through the tree in the Sudden wellspring, and Avon was the first to arrive by the statues of the Saviours of Boullini.

Breadgar arrives soon after, as Dale descends via Pegasus, Bruce descends via the wind with a helmet like thing on their head and Drukkor teleports through a vacant shadow behind Breadgar, doing a secret handshake with Avon. Bruce asks if the group had encountered any other Hedron and Breadgar discusses what he saw with Zena’s amulet and Drukkor had mentioned Erinyade Moras to the group, sending shivers down everyone’s spine. Dale during this time had moved from a probationary saviour to a full-fledged member of the team.

They see an Elf man walk away from Ko’viel statue, who has very limited words to say. Soon after, Delilah Viewer approaches the group mentioning Talhini was murdered and she called the group before Justinian could. It was revealed to the group that the message had been received about a few months ago, where as for Avon it was mere minutes ago. She takes the group to a sealed building called “The Locked”, a portal to the mansion.  Delilah also mentioned that Silvermanes have been rising in popularity.

They enter back to Sunder Arms Lodge (MILF$ Mansion) where it was oddly quiet, quite opposite to the constant movement that occurred five years ago. Logos returned around the same time the group did. As they began to discuss what would be needed for the political questioning, as it was expected some kind of “revenge” narrative would be placed on MILF$ and other political leaders, a large stomping was heard outside.

Coming through the gate was a creature with what looked like a Hedron encased around its head (sort of pyramid head-esque) that sought something that wasn’t in eye shot. It cast a spell that located a human woman hiding nervously in the bushes. The Hedron Head requested the return of some artefacts and the human woman pulled out these large Hedron artefacts and a tiny robot looking thing that started to hand it over to the head.

Bruce and the group recognised the link between these things and started to fight the creature, not allowing it to take the miniature hedron artefacts. Drukkor and Avon show their new wings, as the human woman falls into a portable hole and comes out armoured up. Bruce does not use the fire giraffes, while Dale and Breadgar ward and buff the team. Avon gets the killing blow.

The Human woman introduces themselves as Tix, with an artificer like get up. She has no clue what MILF Money is and said they were following Logos because they didn’t understand them. Delilah tells Tix to stay with them but before more decisions can be made, swinging back into the group with a Polar Bear, an Artic Owl and an artic Weasel, Carl returns to the mansion, noting he was happy to see the group but there were more “Hedron people” in the district.

Carl takes the group to the area and they come across the Silvermanes who had just defeated those of the Hedron. Dale and the others were quick to note how suspicious it was that they were able to respond to things so quickly. The Silvermanes demanded payment from those around for their service and quickly left the scene, as Milf money stayed to help a little bit.

The group then contact Robart Frostfang to meet later to find out more about the Hedron people. 

Delilah takes the group to see Justinian who is in his office. Justinian has aged considerably visually, as he has gained a full head of grey hair and many wrinkles on his body, still being the supreme dictator of the city ever since the Tulamire emergency rose him to Dictatorship. He comments that Ruman Talhini’s death has exhumed Milf Money to action. As they speak with Justinian, they see a dark cloud move in the far distance towards the city.

An emergency is called with all the council leaders as they all go to a meeting area in the central control districts. In the situation room, with a runic projector, Kiana Kalesbane had already stationed herself there, fondly welcoming the group back but also looking considerably aged. Rala Abda, a blue Tiefling entered the room and is the current economic leader. Ariel Hardy, the dragon born Entertainment and Guilds leader joins, still donning a half-mask aesthetic. Aristern Fern, the human (and also werewolf) leader of religion of the city also calmly enters the room, with a streak of grey hair but refined piping on their biomechanical body. The last member, Kapri Fillhorn, was projected through the runic tablet as she was currently in The Eno with the Boullini military.

Delilah reveals after speaking with contacts and everyone being confused, that the smoke was actually natural and was coming from winds blowing it from The Sleepless Jungle. Sources claimed that the fire happened originated near Endeavour Rest, which was closest mountain top village to the hidden Hedron buried in the Jungle that Gar touched. Delilah requests the groups help to go investigate what is going on there.

The group head to the Saviours Guild which is located in the Saviours District, meeting with Juniper. While delighted to see the group together again, she knew it brought with it a foreboding. The gang requested that New Milf Money would be assembled to watch over the Hedron here. Juniper bookmarks she wants to speak with Tix about her artificer equipment.

The Cimbrics and Sunset Scions (Avons children spy network) were informed to watch Rigrax and the Silvermanes as it was kinda sus they were first responders to multiple events.

To find out more about the Hedrons, since the group is currently banned from the Amerea University and the library that comes with it, the group turn their sight to an old friend. They go to a Library opened in the Saviours District called the Spark of Imagination, headed by their dear friend Sparky and assisted by Naomi (Kiana Kalesbanes assistant in Skimberi). Sparky noted that he will consult and try to find what he can about these items. Sparky noted he was now a librarian as the original magical item he was told to protect by his summoner asked him to guard a spell book in the under Boullini.

The gang also spoke with Robart Frostfang, noting that he was now a private investigator and noted it was suspicious that Ruman Talhini was now deceased. Robart confided to Breadgar that Tulamire once ordered the execution of a young drawf child who was having weird visions, similar to what Zena Marc is having. Robart also mentioned once being asked to work with the new member of Silvermanes, Cadbrimuh, but couldn’t identify who their otherworldly patron was.  

The group then recuperated, thinking of ways to get to the Sleepless Jungle quicker, through either teleportation or through Bobo Nash’s cross-continent Thopter machine.


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