Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 77 - A Restless Foreboding

Tix is very new to all of this

Previously on Milf$:

The gang had to think about the best way to travel to the sleepless jungle through either thopter via Bobo Nash or teleportation. The gang decided teleportation through Breadgar.

Tix was just a bit confused about the whole situation but was still tagging along for the ride, they explained briefly where they found the small Hedrons.

Coming towards the gate, an armoured and seasoned Arthur Edridge came with a small envoy. They brought Zena Marc who was found lost but noted affiliation with Breadgar. She explained she had a dream of a creature that seemed scared. Arthur Edridge said he could look after Zena as there was a lost of tension I the city and she may be most suited in the security of the battle mage troops.

Bruce reveals he hasn’t named the turtle on his head yet with Dale. Carl overhears and chats about how new pets, his owl, bear and weasel from the Illiam north.

The group get ready to teleport to the sleepless jungle, with Tix arming themselves in their full armour again. They enter through Breadgar’s teleportation and come across a burnt wasteland of trees all around them with a fire raging in the distance. The area was covered in ash and the nearby village of Endeavours Rest lit a fire signal that seemed to alert in times of distress, and other flames could be seen on the mountain tops in the distance. In front of them, the Hedron gar had once touched was now suspended in mid air twisted and open.

On the ground a man begs for support, they were a half-elf man of the cult of the hedron noting “your gar saw it” and that “our god did not emerge but some awaful woman with red magic swirling around her” but that the one who caused this destruction was a woman who drew upon the elemental plane of fire.

As the group discussed, a storm brewed in the clouds above as Cerisbla, the (younger) rolling thunder landed by them and offered information about the Chromatic Council, a group which he was a part of that had set up the cult of the hedron as they are trying to find something… the shadow of Erinyade Moras. He discussed that Erinyade Moras, despite the legends, was not defeated and merely exiled.

A message was sent to Hala who noted that Pyra was missing and so was Calista Cal.

Cerisbla explained the four members of the Chromatic Council, including himself.

  • Mordevant (green), Where Secrets Lie (Drukkor and Avon had heard about him during their time fighting the Sphinx criminal underworld, who resides in the Eno
  • Ganzorig, (white), Syykmov’s Rage (Carl showed Breadgar their castle while they visited Sykmpov, they are known to hate non-halflings but also have been in active for a while, Dale also knows of them as folklore)
  • Red, Cahlebfur, The Polarity of the Frost (Fire and ice dragon, oldest of the current dragons that rside in the Illiam frost, which Bruce found the turtle in and both Bruce and Dale saw a dragon fly overhead)

Cerisbla offered to take the group to the source of the fire and they found Pyra Nalaar (fire elemental leader of the Hellenics) who they tried to message but was only met with the word “help”. Her body moved like it was being puppeteer. Pyra would respond in throaty sound as if their vocal cords were being forced to make the sounds and when the group tried to enchant or stun her, it did not work, as her body moved to attack the group.

AS the group fought, red droplets would slam down piercing into the group. Drukkor flew up and found in the dark clouds a series of floating bodies all tethered together by blood strands. All of a sudden, Drukkor lost control of his ability to fly and plummeted towards the ground.

Bodies started to descend first as the group tried to speak to Pyra, but as she tries to communicate what happened to her to the group, mentioning something about Calista Cal, her chest explodes from a rapid heart beat. In the sky above, a red streak heads easterly towards Boullini.

The group reflect that Talhini’s death was through a fatal wound but the exact details never described.  

The group teleport back to milf money mansion, trying to preserve Pyra but figure out their magic may not be enough to support whatever wound they have. Without catching a breath, Drukkor is summoned to Shadowfell where the Shardar-kai shaman who gave him his powers had been killed and Drukkor was enlisted by a vampire of Shadowfell, a creature known as Strahd. Strahd explains Drukkor had been unknowingly working with the Shardar-kai to kill his lords and those under the domain of Brovvia. Strahd said he knew about Eryinade Moras and doesn’t align with his thinking, saying he enjoys his own area.

Coming to the gate, Arthur Edridge returns and says he was attack by the cult of the hedron and Zena Marc was missing.

The group go to Sparky’s Library, the spark of imagination and speak with Robart (nobility agent) and Brandle (head librarian of the amerea university who is the only staff member still cool with the group). They explained some of what they know about the Hedron and the creature locked away. He recounts what Axia told them about the names of the creatures, the supposed, Eldrazi as well. The ancient texts of many civilisations go over a common name, but they found the Witner Elves had the most poignant name for them… the promised end.

A child of the sunset scion gives Avon information of goblins talking about a hedron like entity in the southern docks, from the Isles of Caplan.

Carl radios in through the sending stones telling them that there was movement happening at the Hedron district.

Carl was watching hedron and told the group that some stuff going down and they should head their quick.


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