Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 78 - A Bloody Stain

Modern Warfare Lizards

Previously on Milf$:

The group exited The Spark of Imagination Library after Carl had informed them that something was happening in the Aleo/Hedron District and that the child Zena Marc was around the area, and so were the rival group the Silvermanes.

As the group started to head that way, they saw flames erupt from the Statues of the Saviours. The group decided to check this out first, and Arthur Edridge rode ahead of the group. They arrived at the statues and came across Hala attacking Calista Cal, who had some connection to what happened with Pyra Nalar. As Hala tried to explain this to the group, Calista Cal cast banishment on Hala.

Bruce and the rest of Milf Money ganged up on the Kenku Elemental advisor and quickly beat her. At the same time, those of the Cult of the Hedron tried to kill Calista as well, though she wore the necklace. Drukkor and Tix stylishly kills the cultists, damaging some of Bruce’s statue. A voice entered Milf Moneys head, one Drukkor had heard before.

Hala came back to the material plane and was informed of Pyra’s death, and that Calista Cal is working in some capacity with a “red witch” that he describes. Calista Cal said she had been having visions since she was a child, suppressed nightmare. Bruce asks Hala what to do with Calista, and Hala reluctantly decrees to kill them. And so Bruce did, snapping their neck.

The group then headed towards the Hedron district, opting to use Bobo Nash (goblin they met in the fey wild) new thopter service. They dashed through the sky and Bobo Nash flies them near, seeing a large red mist across the Hedron district with a dark cloud observed above head. Everyone lands in dramatic fashion.

Moving across the district, they come across the main procession road towards the hedron and encounter a person that seemed entangeled by a red ooze behind him, that said “submit to her dominion.” Soon after it, Hedron cultist gunslingers start firing at both the party and the blob. The air is thick with blood.

After a tense battle, with the ooze killing Dale’s Pegasus DJ, Dale too got the final blow on the ooze-like thing. They also dispatch of the Hedron cultists. As the group move closer, they see the desecrated bodies of the Silvermanes.

Toucansung, the water gensai monk, was trapped in a water bubble suspended.

Apostle, the druid, was in a bloody mess turned half way between a tree and a person.

And the leader, Rigrax, is killed with his head pushed through his back side, seemingly shoved up his arse.

Through the viel and thickening mist of blood, a woman approached. An elf woman of what seemed to be mixed heritage of high elf and another elvish race, with darker complexion. The woman sported bright red hair and had blood swirling around her in blob and ball fashions. The woman exclaimed she had missed “this” and both taunted and complimented Milf Money, noting she had seen their work through the “veil” of the blind eternities. She seemed to have a later in life learnt grasp of the common language.

She introduced herself as Obara Imbra, charming everyone except Avon but Avon seemed to like them anyway. She explained she has been able to watch every moment in history in this “blind eternities” place. She told the group history had called her the “Bride of Erinyade” and she hated this fact, as she had killed 99% of the drow with a word of immense power, a 10th level spell.

In the distance towards the Hedron, they saw the young girl Zena Marc approach it, almost in a hypnotised fashion, with her arm out stretched.

At the same time, Robart Frostfang ran up and explained once again Tulamire had order the elimination of people who had dreams about the creatures of the Hedron. Robart began to take aim, Breadgar turned into an eagle.

Dale turned his back to the situation, Bruce nodded in saddened solidarity, Avon approved verbally of Robart’s action and Drukkor solemnly bowed his head as Breadgar raced to Zena Marc, and the gunshot went off.

Breadgar swoops the girl, as the bang ricochets in the air. He takes the girl behind a building and inspects her, as she bleeds. Obara Imbra pulls herself through the blood wound of the girl and offers to save her life, if Breadgar does a favour for him. And with that, Breadgars powers were momentarily amplified at the cost of exhaustion, sending out a message to every single person he has seen at all, including in his peripheral vision, that The Blood Mage had returned. His voiced cascaded like waterfall to the minds of Illiam.

As Obara announced her return and smiled at Breadgar, they both were surprised as Arthur Edridge plunged his broadsword through her and cut her in two. Arthur Edridge helps Breadgar get to safety, where the other members of milf money are in an alley way coming to Breadgar. Robart apologised but it fell on Breadgar’s deaf ears.

Arthur stops all of a sudden, and behind Arthur, they see a reformed Obara Imbra controlling his limbs, as she exclaimed, lifting him into the sky, “I am Obara Imbra! Who the fuck are you?” before ripping Arthur’s limbs off, killing him and sending the group into shock.

As the group, recuperated, a little shake in the earth was felt. As the group headed to the main street, they see in now approaching the Hedron, was Cadbrimuh, the Cimbric Silvermanes who was unaccounted for in the Silvermanes bloodshed. He extended his hands, as the group remembered he was a warlock with an unknown diety. The Hedron opened, a colossal tentacle figure emerged and a God awoke.


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