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Session 79 - An End Nearing

Bruce Causes Global Warming / Avon Declares War on Everyone / Drukkor Discovers the Wall-clip Hack

Previously on Milf$

Bruce Causes Global Warming / Avon Declares War on Everyone / Drukkor Discovers the Wall-clip Hack

Unleashed from the vault of the Hedron emerged the eldritch creature who Obara Imbra pronounced as Zeglitine, the Promised End. Shock waves of energy burst from the eldritch being disintegrating all things around her, including her summoner Cadbrimuh, and decimating sandstone buildings. As this blast zone came towards the gang, Obara asked to save Dale’s friends by creating a magical bulwark around the group. The energy of the blast knocked Tix and Drukkor unconscious. After the shield ended, the eldritch creature started moving north ward and Dale felt exhausted. The bodies, blood, plasma and bones of creatures around Zeglitine, including that of the silvermanes, morphed together into tendril like beings.

Breadgar and Dale immediately help the fallen. Afterwards, the small hedrons in the bag of holding and in Tix’s possession swarmed out. Drukkor fought against this psychic hold it had on him and saw the rest of the group standing still. Drukkor touched the artefact and saw visions of many peoples, many different races, and many different beings utter the phrase in their language “Vow of the Blind Eternities”. Drukkor tries to shake everyone awake but to no avail. Obara scolds the eldrazi as it moves away, ignoring Drukkor’s plea for help. Riding towards the eldrazi, Drukkor sees the effects of a rider and horse who charge to help, turned into an eldritch combination. As Zeglitine moves out of a certain radius, the artefacts drop around milf money and the gang regain consciousness. Logos calls the group via the sending stones saying they are helping people evacuate from the northern part of the city.

The group head back to Bobo Nash and utilise his high-speed method to go around Zeglitine. They see the creature in its colossal enormity, the tentacled creature skittering across the northern parts of the city.  As they swerve around it, some appendage had wrapped itself on the ship, and the group quickly dispatched it.

As they zoomed through the sky, Avon noticed a blood drip behind him and sees Obara leak through. She asks for his assistance to an unknown request and Avon agrees. Obara empowers Avon and proceeds to make him cast the spell suggestion to Kapri Fillhorn from across the continent to declare war on every city state of Illiam. Avon is left with a blood stone from Obara Imbra.

They land in the northern family district. Bruce carries people on his back, Tix uses Gerkin to guide residents out and the group help in various ways. Carl, who is with the new milf money of the area, spend time staring at the creature. He is approached by Breadgar who is worried his being tranced or lulled. They see Zeglitine in the distance leave behind a trail of Bismuth-like matetrial, which Tix recognises as potentially poisonous or radioactive. Carl reports based on Zeg’s movements she heading perfectly northward. Breadgar recognises this is where his family home is in the way. Breadgar gives Zena Marc to Dale. He turns into an eagle and flies there, overtaking the skittering discord that is Zeglitine.

Augustus is at house Illegal and does not want to leave and was sad about Priscillia. Breadgar didn’t have time for him or his monologue about family, and just picked up Augustus. As they move back to milf money, he urges the nobles in the area to evacuate,

As the group help people, the name Shelbert is tossed around about the turtle on Bruce’s head Drukkor sees a blood puddle shimmer and sees emerging from it, Obara Imbra who politely asks and empowers Drukkor for a favour. Drukkor’s body is transported through shadows across the north of Illiam, moving across the hills of the desert, into the tundra of the north, the swamps of misthaven, even in shadows he couldn’t usually teleport in. Eventually, Drukkor is teleported to the northern frosts, coming eye to eye with a large draconic creature and shadowy figures, to which Obara says “got yah”, referring to this being potentially being the shadow dragon Erinyade Moras. He is then teleported back.

Zeglitine bursts through the norther family district outer walls. Carl offers to track it down and keep an eye on it, but the group refuses for his own safety. As they recuperate, Kiana also lands with her magical guard, and the group give the lowdown on what just happened to her, with Avon saying “ I may have made Kapri declare war on everyone”. As the conversation happens, Bruce is called upon by Obara into the sky. He empowers him as well and causes him to send a concentrated stream of fire north wards. Afterwards, it felt a little bit hotter in Boullini.

Breadgar teleports the gang home as the military start to stream into help the citizens of the two northern districts affected. Tix comes back and throws up. Dale resummons a fallen DJ by plucking his hair. Juniper offers Tix a potion to cure the nausea. As Tix drinks it, a four-leaf clover comes out of it and she hears the laughter of Itpat in the distance. Avon communes with Titania about the eldrazi threat emerging, and Titania expressed her concern through the mirror. That night, Drukkor and Breadgar cuddle extra tight.

When the group wakes up, Juniper slams a newspaper on the table about how war has been declared on every city state. Avon remembered the news of the goblins as well from Canplan and rumours of a hedron. The group hears the portal behind them activate, which is unusual to hear for anyone that isn’t MILF money. Coming out of that portal was Twain, with an armed guard. The group had not seen Twain, their once servant turned house manager now turned mayor of saviours district, in almost five and a half years since they left on their individual quests. Twain was also joined by a person with short-silver hair named Jordan, who was Twain’s architect and keeper, who claims to have helped plan and build much of the MILF$ district. The group also spoke about seeking an audience with the council, and quickly, Twain was able to take the group to the council where Aristern Fern (Leader of Spirituality), Kiana Kalesbane (Leader of Magic), Rala Abda (Leader of Economics and Infrastructure), Ariel Hardy (Leader of Entertainment and Guilds) Delilah Viewer (Leader of Foreign Affairs) and Justinian Fern (Leader of Justice, current dictator) were in audience with Kapri Fillhorn being zoomed in from the Eno.

The gang spoke about their concerns with the appearance of The Blood Witch, The Shadow Dragon and The Promised End.

Kapri raised concerns over every city state being alerted of war, and that while most would understand and not want to pursue war, the Summer Elf nation of Archul may be given motif to war, as tension and only increased after the Archul and Boullini Ball and Tulamires takeover of the city. The group also discussed the Chromatic Council, the council encouraged the group to make contact with Cerisbla who made the group aware of the council.

They also reflected on Obara and her chaoticness, allyship but also concerns that her and Zeglitine were heading north. With all the tensions brewing, including the possibility of Armageddon fuelled by the 3 beings, Ariel Hardy announced they would retire. However, Breadgar convinced her to stay, and Ariel Hardy was convinced and inspired to utilise the connections with the guilds to safeguard Boullini.

 Kiana suggested getting artificers to look at the Hedron and Tix suggested making a barrier from accessing the radioactive/toxic materials of Zeglitines wake as she left behind. Drukkor spoke about the vow of the blind eternities heard, and Tix’s hole started to shake. Tix revealed that she learnt under an artificer in Skimberi, and Kiana revealed she knew Terri or Terrance, as the magic community in Skimberi was tight nit.

The group finish up their conversation and left the building. As they discussed a brief plan, coming towards the group was a gnome man, which so happened to be Terri, Tix’s mentor. He explained there was no time and he would need the small hedrons, as this was out of Tix’s scope. He chose not to explain and the clouds parted above milf money, with a voice booming in the clouds. Time seem to stop for non-milf money members. Jordan seemed to be unaffected by this.

Bruce was requested to give the hedrons. While he initially tried to talk him down, he ended up providing the hedrons to him.

 As this happened, the group started to ascend into the parted cloud.


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