Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 8 - All for a Knife

Gar Goes Bear

Previously on Milf$:

Dandrice Held down Ko’viel and Ko’viel pointed him in a direction while a really one sided duet at a tavern between artemis and drukkor occurred.

They spoke to Aristarn Fern about how things were going down at that night. They also spent the day preparing for the night.

When night occurred, you met up with the Halfling mafia. The leader, Clarence, discussed the terms with Ko’viel as appointed by Breadgar. After swearing fielty and laying the terms down, another Clarence appearead and the two bantered as Milf Money backed away.

With pride and success in his step Aristarn Fern walked away with confidence. Morris, someone trying to get Aristarn Fern’s attention finally got his attention by getting him to look up, to see the fullmoon. Talmain took a cowl from Morris and apologised for abandoning milf money with a Garr ready to turn and Aristarn Fern with a gaze stuck to the moon. The milf money hide garr away, as Aristarn Fern transforms in the alleyway and halfing mafia fighthing amongst themselves in a clash of swords.

On the rooftop, Drukkor’s life was attempted by Dandrice whom failed to push the dragonborn off the tower.

After an arduous night where Drukkor discovered the corpse of a halfing lady surrounded by coins, milf money was exhausted as they returned back to their milf money mansion.

Drukkor went to the ameria university with Artemis to get the weapons and dug another pit of lies.

On the final day before leaving for Skimberii and seeking out the help of Kiana Kalesbane,

Drukkor and Artemis went to assist the carvarn get saftely to the Killian Gyser, the rondevu point.

Nick bought a staff and used it on a random elf in the western districts whom divulged his mission to him, requesting assiantce and he , also visiting the dryad.

Speech bubble went to talk to Taxman at the Tavern Brawler in and witnessed the unsavoury nature of the place, and where unrequited strength did to a person.

Ko’viel went back to a burnt down building where a man with a tattoo on his neck watched from a far.

Gar taught Bearmy how to be a bear just a little more.

They all visited the cult of Imbris Yumen and devised a master plan to steal a cowl. When they arrived, the place was set set off with black smoke, the words “For Ingriss” painted in graffiti on the walls, and the statement from Talmain “The cult of Imbris Yumen is dead” was also what they discovered. Aristarn fern was not found and the Halfling mafia is depleted.

At the killian gyser, Artemis and Drukkor were attacked by Gnolls, knocking Drukkor out and leaving it up to Artemis to hold up inside the hut nearby.

As milf money killed them, a man unkown to them named Fernado came exhausted out of the desert, claiming that he is to also see Kiana Kalesbane about a new an upcoming position in Boullini called the magical officer. The long road to skimberi now awaits our milf money crew.



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