Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 80 - The Judgment of all Possibilities

Interuniversal Trauma

Previously on MILF$:

The gang are pulled into the realm of Mechanus as Terri takes the small Hedrons from Bruce and Jordan was unaffected. After a brilliant flash of light, the group are pulled into a room all together, and in the distance they can hear mechanical whirling of many of cogs like a machine all around them. After a few moments of querying where they are, the group are greeted with a bright flash of light.

As Bruce mustered through the suspension into Mechanus, he encountered and unknown obstacle (to be revealed in next session). The rest of the group were teleported to a largely empty room, individually where their magic was suppressed.

Tix appeared in a room with multiple platforms and a window. The sounds of the mechanical plane filtered through. A half-orc man greeted Tix, stepping out of the shadow with summer radiating off ofg them, naming himself Gar, Guardian of Summer and Ward of the fey wild in his universe. Among the room was a Belt of Useful items, and staff of teleportation (The Janus Staff).Gar watches Tix navigate the room to freedom but before Tix can escape a white light encompasses them.

Breadgar awakes in a room, where another version of Breadgar appeared, one with charred scale face who claims in his world his family was attacked by The New Frontier and that Jaunt completed his mission. Amongst this, Breadgar found a Bag Pipes of Learnt Haunting which he played that feared encroaching monodrones.

Avon awoke with his dagger once given to him charged with power word kill hovering in the centre. An alternate universe Avon appeared from the darkness, one shrouded in in the elemental magic of the Hellenics. Alt Avon summoned a wolf gang that charged at Avon, and Avon picked up the dagger, stapping the first one, blasting the heads of the dogs sending psychic shock wave out.

Dale is surrounded by an icy room where he hears the chanting of his Drukkor’s name. However, coming out of the ice was what was described as Giga Chad Drukkor. The two dueled as Dale picked up a weapon called the Eldritch Avenger. The two sparred and Alt Drukkor said he was raised by polar bears.

In the shadows of another room, Drukkor sees a half-elf step out of the shadows and greeting him was an alternate Ko’viel who had a dagger for Drukkor. There was a slight obstacle course to the window which involved some golems but Drukkor was able to simply navigate it. Ko’viel says the cimbrics lost a child that winter and took him in, an orphan of war.

The group then all ascended to the top of these towers, gazing at mechanical city in front of them and a mountain of gears with an observatory like structure. In front of them standing was a version of Bruce shrouded in a holy light.

The alternate versions of them stood in a line, with a hairless humanoid figure projecting from a Vat like machine, identifying himself as an avatar of Primus, the many clockwork God. The avatar explains that the alternate versions of them had placed the group under a trial them. They were:

  • Bruce, Illiam Savant
  • Gar, Guardian of Summer
  • Breadgar, The Reminder
  • Avon, Master of Eleemntrs
  • Drukkor, The Artic Wrath
  • Ko’viel, Shadows Mark.

These versions of milf money were handpicked almost 5 years ago by Mechanus as per Tulamire’s vision, in order to create their own safeguard against the Eldrazi.

They explained the eldrazi were a scourge on order and the existential threat of all time to every realm and universe. Mechanus was the original makers of the octahedrons to contain the eldritch chaos from leaking. Mechanus used to be a void and it is how they are linked to the blind eternities. The avatar explains that Zegiltine, a void as foreboding as death itself and a thought as provoking as life itself, that her figure, an angel like figure, is only due to what her mind can comprehend.

The avatar named the 3 Eldrazid Titans:

  • Zaminthun, Attendant of Plasma
  • Zozogod, The Unimagined Woe
  • Zeglitine, the Promised End.

They had summoned the group to take the oath of the blind eternities, but as Terrance (terri, tix’s mentor) had taken them last session, they were not able to do so. The small hedrons are the only items that can stop eldrazi conscription from setting in fast, and that is why creatures around Zeglitine have morphed. Many have taken the vow of the eras and many failed.

 Suddenly, Obara Imbra appears distorting the avatars visage and she announces herself that she is here and she has returned and she was going to Primus.

Alt Gar orders Alt Bruce to cleanse MILF$ and orders Alt Breadgar to take them home as the rest go deal with the blood witch. Alt Drukkor leaps leaving an impact crater, Alt Ko’viel creates a ball of shadow that travels and he teleports to. The Alt Gar gets butterfly wings and he flies over as alt Bruce and alt Avon surrounded by their radiant and elemental magic respectively, levitate over.

As Alt Breadgar takes them to the portal, they encounter Jordan (twains partner) who had been lost wondering this part of Mechanus. Jordan explains that they saw Logos being taken away into what looked like a disassembly plant. Alt Breadgar confirmed Logos had served his purpose, but the group were adamant on family.

The group went into the disassembly factory, the monodrone workers seemed largely dis interested in their presence. The group went through a corridor and crossed an impasse with Tix’s ladder. They came across a room where the was a large shelf of many different autonomotoms and warforged behind an area with 3 “surgery” desks. As it looked like Logos was being dissected, the group developed a plan to use the teleportation staff to get Logos out. They successfully teleported them and carried Logos out.

As they had Logos on their back, a duodrone police car came to stop them but they were quickly convinced that this wasn’t the warforged they were looking for. As they kept going, Logos body started to rattle and they heard Obara Imbras voice say “Even metal men bend to my will”. Emerging from his eye socket, blood started to come which seemed to take out an orb from Logos head, what looked to be some sort of recording device. The orb projected into a vision of the room where Primus was.

Obara approached Primus and started to sap his energy (Pov was from the eyes of Primus as if information was being fed from logos journey with milf money to mehcnaus).

Emerging from a dark shadow, Ko’viel came to slice her throat. Then stepp out of the darkness a bright sunbeam shoots down via Gar. Avon them comes in, using the earth flooring around and igniting it, turning it to magma. Finally, Bruces storms down from the roof like a radiant comet and splatters Obara.

Their victory is short lived as Obara reforms, lifting up Avon and cracking his body, tossing it to the side. As Drukkor and Bruce come to lunge at her, Obara shoots piercing blood bolts from her bodies  that decimate their bodies. Ko’viel, wounded from that teleports behind Obara and stabs her through stomach, but she disappears into one of Ko’viels wounds and Ko’viel panics as Obara emerges from the inside of him,pushing his body to the ground. Gar stands there in shock, dropping his weapon as Obara remarks him as clever, and tosses him to the side.

She announces to Primus and says “No More Hedrons” and the scrying vision ends.

Alt Breadgar looks shocked and says to go home to Boullini.

As the group head back to a teleportation device, everyone teleports back home.

Except for Drukkor.

A shadow beckons to him that calls for his time now. Before he can go through, Obara comes down and has the head of Alt Drukkor in her hand. She uses her blood magic to reshape lat drukkors face to Drukkors face and encourages Drukkor to go through the shadow portal.

He steps through the shadow portal and is greeted by Count Strahd who announces much time has passed since he came to Shadowfell and that a threat is emerging itself in Shadowfell. And that Drukkor’s next task is to assassinate Erinyade Moras, the Shadow Dragon.

In the material plane, as every is back on the steps of the council building another last shines and falling through, is the head of what looks like Drukkor.

Breadgar screams.


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