Boullini's Milf Money Squad

Session 81 - Chaos Beckons Order

The Gang Introduces Injustice and Lies to the Council

Prreviously on Milf$:

As the gang arrives back on the steps they were abducted from, another light lagged and the head of what seemed to be Drukkor fell behind them (it was alternate Drukkors). Breadgar screamed, though Dale and Breadgar tried to revive him, with Bruce asking Drukkor to stop pranking. Drukkor’s head is then kept by the group in the bag of holding. The group assumed some magic had went wrong with the teleportation.

Guards approached them and recognising that they were Milf Money, called for Kapri. Kapri would meet them there. Arriving came Aristern Fern who the group became a little bit suss of but then Kapri came revealed herself noting the group were trustworthy for they still had their wits about them. The damaged Logos and the confused Jordan were taken back and escorted back to milf money mansion. The group reveal to the council members what happened, also showing the head of Drukkor.

Bruce reveals what happened with him, and a flash back occurred. Bruce met an alternate version of himself who was loved so much by his parents, that they sent him away to a religious school south to a religion they did not even believe in and then that is where alt Bruce learnt to be a monk of Illiam, eventually joining Rabernica go to Boullini and take-over with Rabernica, but then rebelled seeing what he had done. Bruce was given an item a stopwatch and had to dispatch 4 monodrones.

Kapri talks about Justinian going off the deep end, organising a fleet to be sent to the country of Archul to prepare for (alleged) retaliation from the declaration of war, but Kapri is concerned that Justinian will instead provoke the already heightened nation. Kapri talks about how Boullini can’t handle a war and Justinian’s paranoia will doom the city. In a reversal of the Kapri and Aristern formerly being suspects for Ruman Talhini’s assassination, they request to figure out a way to deal with Justinian.

The group spend time debating on the ways to dispatch Justinian, but it was agreed a reconnaissance mission would be carried out to learn more in the southern docks which is where the preparation was happening. The group discussed a military coup as well and it was best agreed that blood shed would be avoided. Kapri noted that if Justinian was out of consciousness for at least 24 hours, powers would then default to the next longest running leader within the city/desert limits. This currently would be Kapri. Aristern broke a brief smile, one which only Avon noticed and later, he would ask his spy network to follow Aristern. Kapri instructs the group to not alert the city of Drukkor’s supposed death, as it would be too much given the current loses already experienced, including that of Arthur Edridge.

They differentiate the other Breadgar by calling him Bluey. Bluey explained what the Hedrons do, that they bound creatures to the blind eternities and the small hedrons were used to help prevent eldrazi conscription. The group then contact Terri (Tix’s old mentor who has the hedrons) via sending, but Terri denies meeting. However, a child of Avon’s spy network approaches him later and tells him that Terri is in the Southern docks.

At Milf Money Mansion, Logos is rebooted and remembers everything now, including his original assignment. Drukkors head is pickled and put in tix hole. Carl says hes been studying what remained of the eldrazi in the city, bodies still being cleaned up and speaking with guards, noticing Zegilitine was heading straight northbound.  The group also experience the great monodrone march which was theorised to occur due to whatever happened to Primus in the plane of mechanus, so beings from Mechanus started to run rampant on the streets of Boullini, though relatively harmless but a nuisance nonetheless.

 The next day the gang straight away head to the south docks via Bob Nash thopter claiming locals are calling Zeglitine the Angel without wings. The group get to an inn, and there find Terri who doesn’t want to give the group the items. Terri seems abit energised, bustily, quippy but stern. Terri says he doesn’t believe in the group and doesn’t believe in Tix. The group speak with Terri about the fate of the world and the anxieties of it. Terri doesn’t want to give up the small Hedrons.

The group let Terri go with the intention for Bruce to use gaseous form and follow him. Bruce turns into the fart cloud and heads outside, he sees Terri turn a corner into an alleyway and start to cry heavily. This goes on for five minutes and then Terri turns around, cleans himself up with magic and his various gizmos, and goes back inside to shake Dales hand to signify he will work with them and will set up his workshop at the Milf Money Mansion.

 Soon after, a guard of Justinian’s personnel comes into the tavern and orders a drink. The group quietly watch as he then leaves. He is then followed by Bruce and is found to be at a place called 5th quadrant with many merchant ships which is discovered to be military ships din disguise. The group then plan to watch at night.

At night, the group watch from alleyway as Breadgar turns into a seagull and explores the place. Justinian arrives I the cloak of the night guarded by specific guards also disguised. As the group watch on, Justinian enters a tent and he quietly plans something with his men. The group then start to feel an intense cold spot move over them. Suddenly, explosions rock the area and the group approach. As Justinian fights off some men, looking like dragonborn, he is then approached by someone from the shadows who puncture Justinian through the chest. He falls to the floor revealing the shape of who the group recognise as Drukkor, but this baffles them.

As they run away, Kapri is alerted by Breadgar. The next day, Milf money is summoned to the council building. They try to contact Kapri but there is no answer. They meet with Aristern Fern, Delilah Viewer (Foreign Affairs leader, friend of Gar’s from childhood in Viewers Rest, and person who saved Bruce from cage fight) and Rala Abda (Economics and Infrastructure leader), who explain the current chain of command falls onto Aristern Fern for now. Kapri would have been next but there have been accusations she is associated with whatever happened to Justinian so she must await trial and therefore, can’t be dictator. Kiana and Ariel are out of city supporting villages on Zegiltines path outside of Boullini’s domain.

Aristern Fern says he is sure it is not Drukkor who attempted Justinian’s life as he had seen the head. The group figured out that Aristern was trying to retain emergency dictator powers to himself. The group then left the council building having finished the meeting and questioning, with 12 hours remaining until Justinian Fare’s dictaror powers defer to the next in-charge, that being Aristern Fern.


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